The State Of Nothingness

Guru Pyare Jee. God bless you.

The state of nothingness is great, no thoughts, complete silence of mind is incredible, when you sitdown and try to focus on Satnaam and you go in to this state of nothingness which is complete silence of mind then you will not even know how much time has elapsed since you sat down, this is a highly blessed state, this is called Sunn Smaadhi.

Sometimes while sitting in this state you do travel in to various realms as well and you have various kinds of visions, they can be about your previous lives, or they can be what is going to happen in future, they can be about yourself or they can be for others, sometimes you have visions of the Gurus, Sants and Bhagats, and so on, once Naam goes in to Rom Rom, then these kinds of visions are not essentially dreams, but they can be one of these states as just described. That is why we tell the Sangat to share their experiences so people around get motivated and learn from these experiences as well.

In the state of Sunn Smaadhi some people do have out of body experiences as well, sometimes you will be in complete senses and you will watch yourself leaving your body – means your Suksham Dehi leaving your physical body and travelling to various realms and see different things as was explained by Naamjeevan Ji in one of her experiences. Out of body experiences are same as what happens to the person when he/she dies – soul leaving the physical body when the body dies, but for a person having out of body experiences the physical body still remains alive as it is still joined by a divine cord that keeps it breathing, however, the breathing rate might go very low. Sometimes such people are kind of declared dead when found in that state by the family members, and then all of a sudden the body comes back to life, when the soul returns. Some of the Sants and Bhagats are blessed with this divine power to leave the body at will and travel to various realms, and then come back.
It looks like you are doing great, just keep it up and keep on enjoying and keep on filling yourself with the Amrit like this.