English Transcript


With Satguru’s kirpa, here’s English translation of about first 20 minutes of the audio. We have tried to translate word to word to keep it as close as possible to Suleman’s actual words. There might be some misinterpretations.

G = Pir Suleman Ji in Ghost (Preht) form speaking through a child he possessed. Suleman ji refers to himself as “we” and “us”.
S = Different members of Sant Baba Isher Ji’s Sangat. (Not always the same person).
Maharaj = Sangat ji referring to Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji.

S We have come from far. We thought we must meet you.
G (Laughing). We have a relation with this person (probably referring to child he possessed) because through him we are to be liberated. We say “salam wa alaikum” to you. And today we are in this country (realm) to seek blessings (liberation) and because of this we are very happy (laughs).
S Maharaj (Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji) has blessed you infinitely.
G In our realm, millions of Hindu, Muslims and other evil souls living in abandoned ruins are screaming and wandering around. No one has the ability to hear cries of such tormented trapped souls. Because just like in prison, there are thousands of prisoners but only rare ones get freedom. On time everyone gets free but our time has come quicker and we have been freed much earlier*. And now we will go in our real body and after 10 births, we will get salvation in a Hindu’s house. (Clarifies further) We will have to come for 10 births to get salvation. We will not get it in just 1 birth.

*From other records available online, Ghost Suleman lived with 5 other ghosts, some of them were 5000 years old. Oldest ghost was 4“yugs” (eras) old and had been in ghost form since beginning of Kal Yug (Dark Era). In comparison, Suleman’s 1000 years punishment in ghost form is much less.
S This ghost form you have now, how many others are around in this form?
G In our realm there are millions of ghosts, many times more than you humans. We are telling you to make you believe how many ghosts are there. If you try to see them, but with your eyes you cannot see them. Laughs.
S That is right, we cannot see them. For ghosts like you, are there towns and cities etc?
G For us, there are old ruins, forests, jungles. Our souls can meet each other. But just like if a person is thrown out of a house in winter without any clothes, he’ll be miserable. In the same way, without a body, we’re also miserable. Laughs. Well, at this time what questions would you like to ask us?
S How do you eat food?
G We can take our food through animals or anyone. Our food is blood, “malich”, “Bishta” (shit), bones. Any ghost who died from bad deeds, who indulged in sinful deeds will be miserable and can envelope a human. He can suck energy through “Suksham” (Astral) body just like how a paper can absorb sweat.
Long time ago, at the same place, Mughal-Khera, where this child (possessed child) now resides, we used to do our 5 daily Namaz (5 daily Muslim Prayers). At that time at the same place, we used to make “taweez” (magical lockets, amulets). We did not have a “Murshad” (Guru), but we did our daily 5 prayers. (Counts the 5 prayers). We used to be called “Pir Suleman” and just like how you people belong to different faiths/beliefs, we belonged to “Pir” background. Women and others used to come to us to get “taweez” for their kids and we charged money for that service. And it is God Almighty’s “Hukam” (Divine Law) that whoever makes use of evil spirits, he too shall become one of evil spirits after death. So same way after our death, we were sent to Preht Junie (ghost life) and we were told “Hey Suleman! After 1000 years, when this person’s (possessed child) 10 births will be complete, you will attach to this person and you will meet Sant Isher Singh Ji. That will be the end of your ghost life and you will be blessed through this person.
S Who told you this?
G “Dharamraj” told us this. When one is given out their punishment, they are also told the time when they’ll be freed from their punishment.
S So this is all told? When you died and went to the other side, how old were you?
G 70 years old. I was an old man.
S And when you went to the other side you were given a ghost life because…
G Because we used evil spirits to make money.
S And how long has it been since then?
G 1000 years! Prince Ashok came, Sidharth, Gautum Budh, all came before Guru Nanak and powerful Muslim rulers like Nader Shah Khalifa came and attacked. We were in Muslim birth and were bound by strict Islamic religious rules. That is why we are in this problem because for such a long time our tormented soul who seeked from this Generous King God’s Own Friend (referring to Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji) the liberation that our soul received today. And today, that which we searched for such a long time, we have reached it. Laughs.
S What good fortune you have that you have received blessings from Maharaj Ji.
G Absolutely! Quran says…(recites verse from Quran and explains) that Allah is the entire world’s God. He’s the giver of blessings to all and oh man you exist because of his blessings. If his blessing was not on you, you cannot even live in this realm. Laughs.
S Why did you attach (possess) to this person?
G From about 1000 years before, we have some give and take with him (karma) and because of that we’re attached to him.
S What kind of give and take?
G We’ll tell some other time. It’s secret. We cannot share here.
S If you were at Guru Nanak’s time, so Guru Nanak didn’t liberate you?
G If our justice was written here and now, how could it happen during Guru Nanak’s time?
S Did you have “darshan” of Guru Nanak?
G We understand and go to Mecca and Guru Nanak was there. Guru Nanak was God and this too is God (referring to Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji). Both are equal, there is no difference. Only, what has already passed has more value and that which is in front right now, people don’t value it. Laughs.
S That’s absolutely true.
G That was Guru Nanak, came as embodiment of a “Mahatma” and “Wali Allah” (God’s Closest). The world slandered him too. Today we worry “Where’s Guru Nanak, where’s Guru Nanak”. This is him! (referring to Sant Isher Singh Ji). Second Guru Nanak is him. He has come as 2nd “roop” of Guru Nanak. Understand?! So it’s your duty to have full belief in his service and make your belief that God’s 2ndface is Him only. You should have faith because of me because I’ve been attached to a tormented soul for a long time and today I’ve been liberated. He (Sant Isher Singh Ji) could have liberated me in secrecy too, but to encourage you people, God’s Beloveds show a miracle so that world may keep following truthful (rightful) ways. Laughs.
You are wise Mister, keep your belief that the path you’re on and in whom you’re serving, no problem will ever come in your path, neither in this realm nor in the time after death. He (Guru) will keep encouraging you and in every way during the time of judgment, will protect you by being your “Dargahi Vakeel” (Represent you in God’s Court). I give you assurance.
S Definitely, Maharaj Ji will protect us and will not let us go to hell.
G I am willing to bet that you will return as human again (not go to any bad place). You do not belong in hell because you belong to a Guru (Murshad). Nothing can take those who have a Guru to anyplace bad. Otherwise a person has to go through lower level births, but not someone with a Guru.
S Let’s say a person with Guru commits a sin in this realm…?
G Whatever happens, he’ll surely get punished for it in human life but you cannot go to a bad place. Guru will still openly accept you as his own and take you out. What do you think Guru is made as a joke if he cannot carry you across? Guru always carries you across. A mother always loves her child and carries him across whether the child understands this or not, but mother knows that she has to take care of her child. A true complete Guru, God’s Beloved, is like a mother and always seeks the best for his disciple, even whether the disciple hopes for the best for his Guru or not! (Laughs).
S Then you must have had “darshans” of Guru Gobind Singh Ji as well?
G Listen to what I say, for I only have to say this, that the reality that I have disclosed in front of you, that we were to be liberated by whom it was written. Other than him, no one else can have the power to liberate us.
S That is true. No one else can.
S One more thing, about Guru Nanak Sahib’s words from previous “Janam Sakhi” (Life Story) that we have to go through 84 lives. Do you know how many lives…? (not clear).
G We’ve already told you Guru Nanak is him! (referring to Sant Isher Singh Ji).
S That’s right, but how many lives are left?
G Now look, Guru Nanak has said 84 in front of you. Do you know how many?
S (not clear) 10 as Guru and 70 as…
G 74 more! 74 means that He is in this realm and in different forms. One as Sant Mastuana Attar Singh, Sant Nand Singh, Sant Isher Singh; and others who are God’s Beloved and in complete Divine Light and are in human form right now, there are about at least 50-60 and 50-60 more will come. Understand?! It’s not like there’s only one of yours, there are many, but only those are considered complete True Sants, God’s Beloved, whom God himself sends from his Divider Court. It’s only those who have no shortage of any kind. (Laughs).
S Who is such a Divine Soul in Muslims in present?
G Moulana Yousaf Sahib Nizzamuddin who has passed away, Sheikh Ul Hadith from Saharanpur. They are definitely “Moulana” (teachers), but they do not have the power to reach true destination. You can get the thing that can take you from Religious Life to After Life only from Guru. Whether you’re a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, all is God’s Divine Light and to meet Him a Guru is needed. Guru unites his disciples with God’s Light just as He is already one with God. But this only happens when you meet a Guru. That is why it is the best to meet the one who is already united with God. Is it correct?!
S Absolutely correct.
G I know a lot of Muslims recite their daily prayers, but I believe that their prayers are not true prayers, it is only a formality. To think that they’ve gone to Mosque and done their prayers, but his heart is somewhere and his prayer is somewhere else. So God is not pleased by such a prayer. True prayer is that with which man’s mind, intellect, and heart are one. That is the true prayer. Rest is all for show. (Laughs).
S You’ve said the truth.
G Well, say what else you want to ask.
S Have you travelled around, like Africa or anywhere else?
G No, We have not. We’ll go in future, in next birth. (Laughs). This child, through whom we speak, he’ll definitely go. Because after 30 years he’ll go to where we desired to go with him. We’ve taken him out of worldly stuff and brought him closer to Generous King God. After 30 years he’ll reach the destination that many powerful “Rishi Muni” crave and make lengthy and difficult efforts to reach. That objective is reached by “yukti”, not by long and deep meditation (“tapasya”). A man can achieve great things with ease through “Yukti”. He cannot be successful by using his own power and intellect. (explains something which is not clear). We know everything, we know about our self, we know what to do, we know to what to ask for. We know not to ask for wealth, not to ask for empires, but only ask that we may be united with God and become God, no relations, no “me”, no “you”. Nothing should be left. May it all become as it was originally. (Laughs).

With Satguru’s grace, here’s another small section translated (almost halfway through now). Million times thanks to Satguru Maharaj for his blessings to understand this gyan and try to bring it in our life.

S One thing I want to ask is that it is said that when a person dies, his next birth is based on what his desires are during his last breaths. So the deeds that person has done all his life, what benefit does he get from those deeds?
G Look, when a person comes in this realm, he does good deeds and he does bad deeds too. So let’s say after death he’s put in another “junie” (life form), let’s say a cow or an ox. So mister, there are such dogs that people serve more than they will serve us or you. Do they or do they not?
S That’s correct.
G That’s why he gets what he’s sown, but he cannot get salvation. Salvation can only be received from Guru.
S Right, Guru is there. Maharaj Ji has told us that during a person’s last moments, wherever his attention is, that’s where he gets born.
G No…during your last moments, it is beyond your control. At that point your attention is under Guru’s control. Your Guru will point your thinking/attention in the right direction. That is Guru’s duty.
S So this is Guru’s job?
G “Insha’Allah” (God willing) you will remember only Guru, nothing else can come in your thinking. (Everyone laughs). This is reality that we remember him when we’re in trouble.
S But a person, instead of remembering his Guru, might start screaming in grief…
G No…during last moments, you Guru will take over your attention upon himself and you will take birth as human again. Understand? We give you our word for this.
S That’s very good.
S2 Maharaj Ji told us everything about our past and that we were here in our last birth. They told us that we burned to death in “bhatti” (clay oven). So Guru doesn’t let you go from him.
G (Laughing). You burnt…you were arrogant…
S2 When were we arrogant?
G However you understand, He (Sant Baba Isher Singh ji) increased your time by giving you this birth. Guru knows what you desire and he knows how to take care of you and how not to. A man’s power can never be successful in reaching God. Guru does everything on his own and his way is very unique, which a simple man cannot comprehend.
S So his last birth was here at Rara Sahib too?
G Well, he must have been here. You continue with your questions…
S No, no…for heart’s contentment and to get more belief. (Insists to know more)
G That’s alright, his birth is like this. You can presume from our birth; He (Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji) can give a human life to an evil ghost soul like us. This is correct , that all the separated companions are like this (probably means reborn again and are together again). This person (possessed child), through whom we speak, is like this too. He has also done a lot of “tapasya” (spiritual laboring) in past lives. It’s not like he’s starting from the beginning. He has done “tapasya” (spiritual laboring) with God’s beloveds for many births and he’s been getting closer and closer to his goal in all those births and then we got attached to him; and whatever give & take we had with him, we balanced that in 6 months by staying with him. (Laughs).
S When a person dies, “yam doot” (messenger of death) come to take him away…do “yam doot” come or “dharam raj” himself comes…?
G “yam”.
S So “yam doot” come and how do they take you away?
G Through “suksham” body (Astral body).
S And they cause a lot of trouble and pain to the person?
G Lots! Person who did not have a Guru, “yam” knows his reality and as if something comes and paralyzes you that you can’t even speak. You get a nightmare sometimes where something paralyzes you can’t speak and your eyes can’t open. How you panic at that time, tell me?
S We panic a lot.
G That’s it, it’s (dying) thousand times more painful than that; and you can’t speak.
S So at that time, our Guru protects us?
G That’s the reality, you belong to Guru, your reality is that “yam” will not come to take you. For you, God’s created “dev”, those that you call “dev’, will take you and will send you back in this realm.
S He will send us back in human form?
G “Insha’Allah” (God willing) in human form. You are in this birth now, you’ll be in next birth again, and like this until you reach complete divinity, until you reach true goal, until then you’ll keep getting reborn in this realm.
S3 Then you must know about our births too?
G Well, leave these things alone. Try to understand and do God’s worship on daily basis to reach salvation. At this time you are present in Guru’s service in this birth. In next birth, you will have to detach from all the worldly things and from there, except Generous King God, you will have to have no other desires left, only then everything will work out. Well, leave these things alone. You have understood about me now. Actually, people that come into this world, they carry out their worldly duties and then leave, but God has said in Quran…(recites a verse from Quran)…”Oh my people, when you were in your mother’s womb, I promised you food and gave it to you. And when you came into this realm, I gave you teeth and gave you different food. Oh my people, I sent you into this realm to do my worship, not to earn your daily needs (food, shelter etc) because earning and getting food is not under your control. I am the “Raziq” (giver).
S You (God) are the giver of food, that’s correct, but if we don’t earn it, then how will we get it?
G Look, example is in right front of you, when we remember God faithfully, when God’s beloved’s praise God, the proof is in front of you, how much food is needed here to fill your stomachs? Do you know?
S Oh yes, there is more than enough here.
G (Laughs). People believe your body and food is everything and turn away from God. God says to those people that do not treat food as your God, worship me too. Do your work too, but don’t spend all your time on that. Worship me (God).
S We do spend time on worship, but we have children and because of their education…
G That’s alright, you do your work, but God Almighty has said that do not get so tangled up in your work that you forget me. Do your work, that’s your duty, but the giver is me.
S That’s right, absolutely right.
G Do you know any “Qawali” (Sufi devotional song) because see the thing is that we’re going to Africa and a lot of people will listen to you. Your name will be famous; Maharaj Ji’s name will be praised. That’s why if you can sing a “Qawali” dedicated to God with Maharaj Ji’s name in it. So that people there may listen to it and may have faith on Maharaj Ji. Africa is a country far away from here.
S All that is OK, but actually the thing is that only God can give faith. Power of giving you faith is only in Him. We received the blessings of rebirth, that’s not something too big of a deal. God’s people, His beloved, can turn this realm upside down if they wish, we swear to God. They can turn “kal yug” (Era of darkness) to “sat yug” (Era of Truth). This is not a big deal, but to show you people this miracle is enough (Suleman’s rebirth). Understand?
S The thing is that when we’ll go to Africa and people will listen to this. They should listen to something that will make them believe that Maharaj Ji has so much power. There are some people who do not believe that Maharaj Ji has power and they think that he’s just like a normal person. (Heard in the back: some people ask what’s a Gurdwara?). So there should be something that’ll take the doubts out of their hearts and make them believe and have faith on Maharaj Ji.
G Faith, belief and all this will not form because of this idea of yours. Giver of faith and belief is God Himself and God makes him believe who has done good amount of “bhagati” (God’s worship) in previous births. It’s not in someone else’s hands to achieve this. Understand? You people take benefit of your opportunity. Whom God will like, He will pull him closer. You spend your time in God’s worship. Our hope from you is that during your last moments, you will leave this realm in comfort and peace and complete your worship in coming births and reach salvation. OK?
G This is all made from false…a false “dharam” (belief system) exists here and people are caught in this obliviousness, believe wealth and houses are “mine”, fight over it, die over it and then leave, but no one ever says that may I worship God have the desire to meet Him. We only come across very rare ones who are like this, the ones that God makes. Such people only become so because of God, not because of your or our wishes. (Laughs).
S That is correct.
G OK, now we ask your permission to leave. We want to go.