Questions and Answers

Questions And Answers: Q1. Satnaam Ji. Please clarify the following for our understanding and learning :- 1. Sulaiman Pret sinned by misusing his powers (Ridhi / Sidhi) and was sentenced to hell like circumstances for 1000 years or say 10 … Read More

Summary by a Devotee

SUMMARY BY A DEVOTEE Satnaam Jee this is a summary put together by Beti Raspinder jee, she told us that she is badly shaken from inside after listening to this katha, she has put this summary of the following points … Read More

English Transcript

ENGLISH TRANSCRIPT With Satguru’s kirpa, here’s English translation of about first 20 minutes of the audio. We have tried to translate word to word to keep it as close as possible to Suleman’s actual words. There might be some misinterpretations. … Read More