Summary by a Devotee


Satnaam Jee this is a summary put together by Beti Raspinder jee, she told us that she is badly shaken from inside after listening to this katha, she has put this summary of the following points that she learned from this enlightening katha:

“Reincarnation of the Iranian Ghost”

For the good of the world, a reflection by Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj of Rarha Sahib

(1) Lust is a crime of very serious nature-
The lustful people are send to hell..and are made to embrace the women who is in fire and on the top of that they are beaten, the lustful women are put on fire and forced to have sex with men

(2) At the Time of Death-
Tears starts coming out of eyes. Tongue becomes so that one could not speak. At that time, messengers of death from Yamraj come to take away the soul of dead person. If we did bad karms and didn’t do simran they will come and stood all around us and then will beat very badly. Those messengers look very ghastly and scary. We will not able to use our tongue to speak. Those messengers of death did not have solid bodies so people could not see them. They are visible only to one who is dead. At the time of death person went through a great deal of pain. Imagine there is a shrub that has no leaves and is full of long, sharp thorns, and you put a very fine cloth of muslin on that shrub and then pull the cloth with a sharp jerk. The state that that cloth would be in, at that time, is our state. At the time of death there is huge terrible pain that cant be explained in words.

(3) When Yamrajʼs messengers of death take you to Dharamraj, what happens
on the way?
If we did bad karms then “Yamrajʼs messengers of death firstly took spiritual body out of physical body and then soul, the one which is pure and can not be seen by people. They took it away, hitting and beating along the way. About one year after taking me away, they presented me to Dharamraj.

(4) What happens when you are presented before Dharamraj-
When soul reached Dharamraj, an angel by the name of Chitar Gupt read out the balance of all the good deeds and bad deeds we have committed in my life, and told Dharamraj. After seeing and hearing everything, Dharamraj tells the punishment.
If committed bad karms/sins, Dharamraj puts us in Kumpipaak Hell, after that you have to live as ghost for many years.

(5) What is in Kumpipaak Hell?
Kumpipaak Hell is longer than one thousand yojun and wider than one thousand yojun.
One yojun is approximately equal to four koh. Its doorway is only nine inches. It is through that doorway that beings are thrown into Kumpipaak Hell. Until their term is completed, beings who have committed sins have to stay in that hell.
** 1 yojun is four koh and one koh is 2.25 miles.

(6) In Kumpipaak Hell, what kind of punishments do people get?
Kumpipaak Hell contains foulness, faeces, urine, blood, pus and many, many other dirty
things such as these. Sometimes the beings who have sinned are burnt in fire, sometimes they are thrown into pits of faeces. The sinners who are lustful are taken and made to embrace a woman who is in a fire, and on top of that they are beaten. There are many other types of punishments they are given. When the sinners have completed their terms, they are taken out of Kumpipaak Hell and put into other life forms.

(7) Only a Great Spiritual Being can liberate the Ghost.
Ghosts are aged 2750, the next one 3000, the third one 4500, the fourth one 5000 and the
fifth one was 4 yugs and so on. Otherwise at the end of Kaljug, Kulki God
will take on the form of an avatar. Then Kulki God will liberate him.”

(8) The Naam of God given to you by your guru is the only thing that can give you liberation nothing else.

(9) How Dharamraj looks like?
Dharamraj was very handsome with divine beauty. He had a long white beard. He also had white hair on his head. Half his body was like brass. He had very much character. He had the power to turn his body into anything.

(10) What is the food of ghosts? What do they eat and drink?
Ghosts suck bones, they drink blood, and they eat filth. They even suck out the juice from
burnt out pieces of wood. This is their food.

(11) Where do ghostly beings live?
They live in old ruins or they hang from trees. They use to screech and scream a lot, and
shout out, but no one could hear us. They get very hungry and thirsty. They live in a lot of misery. They drink blood, eat bones.

(12) Why do beings have to live as ghosts?
If you speak untruth to people, do black magic, and more wrong sins, if you capture other ghosts and make them work i.e. make them hurt others, you become ghost.

(13) Do ghosts get peace from hearing holy discourses, singing Satnaam Waheguruʼs praises and from holy assemblies?
Ghosts and ghostly beings are not allowed to go into holy assemblies to hear holy
discourses or to sing Godʼs praises. If a ghost forgetfully goes into a holy assembly, he catches fire. If a ghost goes into the body of a person and that person then comes under the protection of a saintly being, only then can the ghost go into the holy assembly.

(14) There are many different types of supernatural beings. They have about 400 000 different types of name. Such as fairy, demon, fiend, imp, ghost, jinn, and so on, and so one.

(15) When we get Guru ji and take Naam from them, then we need to stop doing bad sins because we need to realize how hard it is for our Guru to protect us from these things, they have to take all this on them to protect us.

(16) There is no difference between the God and the Guru. Guru is the God, the difference is just that Guru has taken body made of 5 elements to teach us on Earth, to communicate with us, to take us to right path, to save us.

(17) Human Life is very precious. You cant get liberated until and unless you do bhagti which is possible only in Human Birth. You have to suffer for Lakhs of years to get human birth.

(18) Your human body is a temple of god and don’t misuse it. It is to do bhagti, not lustful deeds.

(19) Jo cheez guzar jaati hai, baad mein uski kadar zaada parhti hai, jo samne hoti hai uski kadar nhi karte. Early many say bad things to Guru Nanak Dev ji when they were live, but now when they no more we remember them and search for Nanak Ji. Every Guru Sant is same, names are just different. Guru is God, Guru is Nanak. Guru is the second face of God.

(20) Your Guru ji will never let you go in Hell. If you will do bad when you have Guru , you will even then also not goto Hell because you Guru will take care of you even if you don’t take care of your Guru, they will save you. Your guru will bring back you in Human Birth to do bhagti again. Your Guru can only save you, Just your Guru.

(21) Guru ji can only liberate you, because your Guru know how they attained God, what problems they faced during their bhagti, how to overcome that, what path to be followed.

(22) Never ask God for Money, Things just pray that
“ Khuda mein mil k khuda he ban koi rista hai na rahe. Na mai
and na tu sirf khuda he rahe“

(23) How your Guru saves you from going to hell.
Whatever we think at the time of death we become the same.
Suppose at time of death you thought that you want to take revenge from someone, then you will come back on earth to take revenge. It may take lakhs of years for you to get a human birth, may be you become ghost.

What your Guru ii do is when you are gonna die, Your Guru overrules your mind/ your thoughts towards God at the time of your death, then you don’t goto hell. Your Guru saves you. Say Thankyou to Guru ji 😀 hehehhe

(24) God says to us, I gave you food when you were in your mom’s womb, i even gave you teeth when you were grown up have send you to do bhagti, not to earn only Rozi Roti, because you are no one to earn that, i am the Giver and you are the Taker. Rozi ko khuda na samzo, meri b Ibadat karo. Kaam karo hmara faraz hai, dene waala main.

(25) You can never understand God ever, we have no power to understand God, There are many more worlds,universe, khand, brahmands, you can never even think of. But you can find whole universe in ourself only i.e. inside you if you do bhagti.