Exercising The Divine Powers


Sarabh klaa bharpoor prabh birthaa jaananhaar.
Jaa kai simran udhree-ai nanak tis balihaar.  1.

Dhan Dhan Pancham Patshah Ji with His Hirda full of kindness and unconditional love for all of us, for the entire creation, for all of humanity, continues to give us the divine wisdom.  In this Astpadi He is describing the Mahima of Akal Purakh Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji. 

When we reach this level of divine wisdom which is called Puran Braham Gyan then our Hirda is filled with all of the super divine qualities.  Puran Braham Gyan is also called Puran Tat Gyan which is also called the Atam Ras Amrit and is the highest level of Amrit.  It is available only to Puran Braham Gyanis. 

Kindness, Daya, is one of these infinite super divine qualities and forms the basis of Dharam.  Dharam means union with God and it is the son of kindness, “Dholl Dharam Daya Kaa Poot.”  Where there is no kindness there is no Dharam.  The Hirda which has kindness is in Dharam.  The Hirda where there is no kindness has no Dharam.  We may do a million rituals, but if our Hirda is not blessed with kindness then we have not done any truly useful Dharam Karam.  A true Dharam Karam is one that is a Sat Karam and paves our way for achieving GurParsaad. 

Let us look further at the divine quality of kindness.  Is there any limit to kindness?  Can we measure kindness?  Can we say how kind a person is?  Is there any depth to kindness?  When we ask these questions then we realize that there is no limit to kindness.  It has no boundaries.  Its depth can’t be gauged,  it is infinite.  Kindness is an infinite super divine quality. 

Dhan Dhan Shri Sant Kabir Ji has described in GurBani that, “Har junn aisaa chaahye jaisaa har hee hoye.”  Dhan Dhan Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji has made it absolutely clear that, “Har junn har anter nahin.”  So what does this mean to us?  The meaning of these divine Shabads tells us that there is no difference between a Puran Braham Gyani and God Himself.  A Puran Braham Gyani is a living God on the Earth.  Those who believe in this divine wisdom and dedicate themselves to the service of a Puran Braham Gyani achieve GurParsaad which makes them realize the objective of their human life.  And that is Jivan Mukti.  Mukti from Maya. 

The real divine meaning of this human life is achieving Jivan Mukti.  That is the prime objective of this human life.  This is the only reason why we have been provided with this golden opportunity to go into the Charan Sharan of such a Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani and achieve GurParsaad of Jivan Mukti and be relieved of the cycle of birth and death and forever live in eternal peace.  

Kindness is one of the divine infinite super powers.  Look at the kindness of God that He fills the Hirda of such souls who dedicate themselves to His Bandgi and achieve the Puran Braham Gyan.  They are blessed with all of the divine qualities.  They are blessed with all of the divine super powers such as kindness, forgiveness, humbleness, devotion, trust, unconditional love, fearlessness, and so on.  There is no end to these divine qualities.  These super divine infinite powers. 

All of these super divine powers are called the Klaa.  Sarabh Klaa means all of the super divine infinite powers.  Please pause and focus on these powers.  We will find that we have all of these powers blessed in us as well.  Are we not capable of being kind to others?  Are we not blessed with the capacity to have unconditional love with others?  Without any wishes is unconditional love.  Are we not capable of trusting God, trusting the presence of God in its Sargun Saroop everywhere?  Are we not capable of being humble?  Humbleness is the most powerful weapon that we have been blessed with which will kill our Haumai. 

Being kind to others fills our Hirda with patience and contentment, which are again super divine infinite powers.  Imagine when our Hirda gets filled with contentment then we win over our desires easily.  That is a super divine eternal blessing.  Winning over our desires or becoming desire free is an extremely divine achievement and paves our way to winning over Maya.  In fact, when we become desire free then we have won over Maya.  So being kind to others fills our Hirda with contentment and patience. 

Just ask for a second, is there a limit to patience?  Is there a limit to contentment?  Can they be measured?  Do we not think that they are infinite?  The more we exercise these divine qualities, the more we gain in spirituality.  By exercising kindness we keep on enhancing our kindness.  Similarly being humble and continuing to be humble will keep on enhancing our capacity and capability of being humble.  Becoming more and more humble by the minute, a time comes when we cross that fine line and there is no longer any Haumai and only humbleness remains in our Hirda.  By doing this we make our self capable of defeating Maya.  Ego is Maya and humbleness is Divinity.  By leaving Haumai we open the door to the Dargah for our self and we eventually enter the Dargah and win it to stay there forever.

It is the same with fearlessness.  There is no limit to fearlessness.  And only a fearless soul can deliver the complete Truth.  Only a fearless soul can serve and speak the complete Truth.  Unless we become fearless we are unable to detach our self from the worldly things.  Fearlessness makes us capable of erasing the fear of losing our relationships, the fear of losing our worldly possessions and so on.

There are two divine infinite super powers that are born when we become fearless.  They are detachment from Moh and becoming completely Truthful.  These make us capable of delivering the Eternal Truth and serving the Eternal Truth. 

It is also the same with forgiveness.  This is another divine infinite super power that we have been born to serve others with.  By doing so we are eliminating the effect of any misdoings in the past of this life and previous lives.  It is the same with the powers of trust, devotion and unconditional love.  These are all names of Divinity.  Each of these divine qualities is an infinite divine super power that defines Divinity. 

Let us think for a second what would happen if we devote our self with trust and devotion to the Guru?  In fact, there is no devotion without trust, there is no devotion without unconditional love – love is only unconditional.  With condition it becomes a business.  There is no trust without unconditional love.  These are all complementary.  In fact, all super divine qualities supplement and compliment each other.  They are the various faces of the same super divine infinite power which we call God. 

By using these divine powers we are able to eliminate the effect of our misdoings in the past of this life and all previous lives and a time will come when our account of all previous deeds will be closed.  Not only that, but this will have such a powerful effect on our destiny that it will drastically change our destiny.  We are then able to achieve GurParsaad very easily. 

You may be wandering why we use the Shabad GurParsaad so often?  Please look at GurBani and count the number of times in GurBani this Shabad of GurParsaad has been used.  We will find that this divine Shabad has been used in every Salok and in some Shabads it has been used multiple times.  The Shabad  GurParsaad is the key to spiritual success.  When we understand this then our spiritual progress can go to unbelievable heights within no time. 
GurBani calls these super divine infinite powers Sarabh Klaa.  These are only some examples of these Klaas of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar Ji and it is practically not possible to describe all of the Klaas as Divinity is infinite and there is no end in sight so how can they be explained?  This writing gives only a glimpse of the super divine powers of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji.  The key is the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  When we work on our self and focus on Sat Ki Karni – truthful deeds, then a time comes when we are blessed with GurParsaad and then we go into Naam Simran.  Then our consciousness travels through Karam Khand and Sach Khand and we achieve all of these divine qualities and infinite super divine powers. 

Eventually we are blessed with the Atam Ras Amrit – Puran Braham Gyan – Puran Tat Gyan.  We then receive Jivan Mukti, thus reaching our objective in this human life.  When this happens we become a source of Amrit for others.  That is why Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah Ji is a sacrifice to us if we reach that level in spirituality.