Live A Family Life

Girahst means living a family life – getting married, having children and living a normal family life.  Nirban means achieving Jivan Mukti.  “Girahst meh soee nirbhan,” means achieving Jivan Mukti while living and enjoying the family life.  That is right, family life is the easiest way to achieve Jivan Mukti.  That is what Dhan Dhan Guru Patshahs have preached to us in GurBani.  Look at their lives they also had families and lived a life of a Sant SatGur and so is that is what they have preached for us to do. 

We encounter Maya continuously living in a family life and Bandgi is nothing but fighting with Maya in order to win it over.  Fighting with Maya is fighting with Panj Doots and desires whilst in the family life.  We have been provided with an opportunity to fight with these enemies and defeat them.  It is in fact a GurParsaad that we have been blessed with this human life and the family life in this lifetime where we can defeat our enemies and win over them. 

Leaving the world and going into isolation is a very difficult way of exploring the Eternal Truth.  Giving up everything is much more difficult than living a family life where we have been blessed with GurParsaad and can achieve Jivan Mukti.  All we need to do is complete surrender to our Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhann.  Surrender with unconditional love, devotion, faith and trust and then watch the rewards.