Experiences: Detachment and Spirit of Death

To Dassan Das Ji,

                  Hello dear friend, since we last spoke I was visited while asleep and awake. I have been receiving doubts as I saw a spirit representing death. The death is my own. My teacher I don’t think I have long left in this life.


I learnt much of my family, and all those who share my last name (all my relatives) we are all spiritually gifted some more so than others. I may be the only one focusing on bhagti, but I see the inner light dwindling in all of them.

Don’t be caught out by my words, they are all products of Maya and Kal Jogh. They love their intoxicants and worldly pleasures, they care little for God, if at all. But I see they were all in high places once like myself.
We share the fault, we are TRAITORS in some form or another. I had god in front of my very eyes and I walked away from him (Baba Nand Singh Ji-when he tested my faith) I didn’t accept the godliness’.


I don’t seem to be affected by anything anymore, … even everything. I feel a little lost yet at the same time centered. I am in no way confused, I’m quite comfortable. The reason I say lost, is because the Ru Mind and Body have become detached to anything that holds a supposed meaning to the many souls of the earth. I can reason with Good and Bad actions rather than taking offence or opinion. 


My mind has shifted again into a new light. I feel closer to God. I feel like he’s right there in front of me. I know he is, he’s staring right at me, but I can’t do anything about it but jaap my love for his vision. For any change is his Hukam. 


I say "I" very much, don’t judge me on it. My vocabulary isn’t the greatest.  I think Satnaam is taking me away. I am not upset, I don’t feel anything, just inner peace.


I welcome your thoughts, your words are dear to me. I have a place in your heart also, I have seen it, your hirda smiles a very sweet smile. (You are truly dear to me, I love you for you love Satnaam, and that is all that matters)  


Best Regards


Mr Singh



Dearest Tanraj Jee:

God Bless you with all the eternal treasures. Becoming desire-less is a divine gift, it is a Gurparsaad of the highest order, desire-less-ness infact brings union with the infinite divine power.

This infinite divine power is hidden inside your body, this infinite divine power is basically running your body, the life element inside your body is the real you and this real you is the infinite divine power, the power that is running blood in your veins, the power that is running as breath in your body, the power that is running your heart and brain and every organ in your body is this infinite divine power, you will see this infinite divine power appear from within your own body.

How long this body lives is not important, the real divine blessing is the complete realization and merger with this infinite divine power, to let this infinite divine power take you over completely, and let this merger happen by loosing your own identity, by killing your own individuality. So please stay in there highly focused on Satnaam and this divine union will come.

One thing we can tell you for sure, you will not be born again. Exit from this human body will be your last exit. There is no spirit of death that can come near you. There is no such spirit of death that can come near a person who is focused on Satnaam. Such souls are taken out with all the respect and honor by Saint Souls who come from the Dargah. You are doing great, just stay focused on Satnaam Simran and don’t worry or think of such a death.

Dassan Dass