Experiences: Sunn Klaa – Complete Silence

To Guru Satnaam Ji,

                           You like no other understand our love for God, and you welcome it with open arms, I have found my Guru. 

You push me forward, then further, then a little more. Only to be at the edge of a cliff, still behind me breathing on my neck you keep pushing me. 

Dassan Das: Do you trust your Guru? 

Disciple: Yes I do.

My master pushes me off the cliff, and with the trust in my heart I accept without assumption only to learn I can fly.


Sitting in nothingness. The competitive repeating of Naam has turned its head. The mantra of truth has taken new form. 


…………………………………….. (Stone Silence)


This is my new naam, and embrace all that is the entity of the True King, All of One…One in All. I am in his court, Joh Satnaam de Hukam. 

I see nothing, I have no super powers to make me any different from my brothers and sisters, we are not different. All that we have to do is accept Hukam.

You ask for me to explain my naam: The Jaap is there it still exists, I accept all that IS as NAAM. I have embraced Naam. Naam is the creation. I can’t escape it, the mind heart and soul are now centered.

The Master can be witnessed within One-Self and in all that our vision and fantasy can create, Satnaam is ever-present, nothing is beyond him.

Muttering my words, I speak to define the shanti and love I have found, but the language I speak has no value to explain the height of the euphoria.

Come out of the Nothingness Satnaam Ji, I have seen you. There is no hiding place for you, change the picture/illusion as much as you want, I can see you, eyes open or closed, we are one.

The Illusion has served its purpose reveal your true self. 

Educate me, bless me for the game is at its pinnacle, I can see you. 

Speak my master, I am here to greet you, you sent me to find you and here I am, I see you and now I bow. 

I  am at your feet.

Please speak.


Your Sikh (hands pressed)




Satnaam Singh Jee.

This nothingness is everything, the entire creation has sprouted from this nothingness – Sunn Klaa – the highest super deivine power of Akal Purakh. And Sun Smaadhi is the highest Smaadhi – Sunn Smaadh Maha Parmarath, there are Gurparsaadi writings on the website on these divine superpowers, we will request Harjit Jee to send you the links to these writings.

But the most important thing is that the Gurbani is all coming true to you now, you are experiencing whatever Gurbani says and wants you to be. This complete silence is super divine power. We are indebted to your dedication and Bandgi, we wish everyone become like you, then this yug will become Sat Yug.

You have truly earned a place in the Dargah, please keep it up please keep enjoying this divine status forever now.