Experiences: Naam in Every Cell

To Guru Satnaam Ji,


Concluding Ardaas in the Gurudwara, I couldn’t help but extend the words of love to our Master, for Amrit came pouring in, in through my mouth down into the depth of the abdomen. 


I tilted my head far back to help the flow, while I stood performing jaap of satnaam, and sparks began across the whole body.


 Sparks like electric shocks randomly taking place simultaneously across the body.


 Remembering Harjits words, to release from self, and to finish with Dandauth, I let go of all muscles, and just let Satnaam do whatever he tends to be done. Hukam. 


It got so intense, I remembered the story of Baba Ji placing his hand on a member of the sangat’s head but she couldn’t handle the amount. Maybe one could say I was in the similar situation, but I choose not to complain and cherished and took more and more and more. I didn’t want it to stop, but it appeared as if I had fallen asleep on the Gurudwara floor, and I didn’t want to offend anyone. 


 The body will balance itself. Even as I type single dot sparks are occurring within. It is not some static electricity, it is happening with every cell. 


I await your education Master


Your Student, Son and Slave 


Tanraj Singh


Satnaam Singh Jee.

All your words and feelings and experiences are true, this is how Satnaam takes over eventually completely, and the individuality dies or Haumai dies.

When rom rom is enlightened with Satnaam, when rom rom is filled with Amrit, then what else can be there. This is a Gurkirpa and Gurparsaad of a very high order.

You are doing great, you are Dhan Dhan, we bow at your feet, dandaut at your feet, you have become another living example of becoming what Gurbani says: Gurmukh rom rom har dhyaaye.

These electric shocks and shakes are good, this is correction of the soul, mind and body, removal of all negative blocks from the body to channel the Amrit all around on a constant basis. It does become unbearable sometimes to absorb all this Amrit, but the capacity keeps on building and keeps on enhancing as time goes, there is no end to this capacity, it is basically infinite, Amrit is infinite so the capacity needed to handle is also infinite.

Your body is now getting filled with Satnaam and you are becoming what Gurbani says: Har Amrit Bhinnie Dehurie. When the body gets filled with Amrit and becomes stable then the Amrit will start to flow out of your body. Your surroundings will start benefitting from you, nature will be happy around you, being embodiment of the Satnaam, the truth around will be revealed to you by itself and so on, these divine powers are infinite, we don’t even know what else can happen, but staying in Hukam is the key, staying contained, staying calm and composed is always good and wonderful. Please continue to enjoy this state of eternal bliss forever.