Experiences: Mansarovar – Brahmgyan begins

To Guru Satnaam Guru Pita Ji


In the last 24hrs we have revisited the Mansarovar repeatedly, our head and body has become light. Adjustments have occurred in the body, we have hard sharp pains in the back of the head, but we welcome them regardless. Joh tudh bhave sohi bhali kaare. Jeve jiv hukam teve tiv karai.


And now we are full of amrit, heavily drenched, we are an ever vibrant mist of the Akal Purakh, even though we cannot see it, a White cloud is wrapped round the exterior of the body.


All pools of energy are full, the third eye is heavily drenched with sharp pains. We feel we will implode. The infinite energy has filled to the capacity of the insufficient student.


We can offer this knowledge of events, with his blessing of Gyan. But the concluding comments are left for the Master.


Please bless us with your education Master.

We will return to the Mansarovar/ Infinite sea as soon as we conclude this email.


God bless you master


Your student son & slave
Tanraj Singh


Satnaam singh jee.

 This is not knowledge, this is divine wisdom, the available knowledge of Gurbani coming true to you by way of these eternally blessed physical divine experiences and becoming your divine wisdom, you are in the process of earning the divine wisdom – puran braham gyan.

Gurbani says: ghat ghat pooran braham parkash; this is what you are experiencing, whatever gurbani says actually and physically happens, gurbani also says: har amrit bhinie dehurie; this has also come true to you; gurbani takes about mansarovar and you are in the mansarovar; gurbani says: gurmukh rom rom har dhyaaye; your rom rom is filled with satnaam; gurbani says: braham gyani ki drisht amrit barsi; and your eyes are filled with amrit and are throwing amrit every where you look, and the katha goes on; katha of a sant and bhagat never stops, never ends, it is infinite, so is yours, you are dhan dhan, your maat pita are dhan dhan, your kul is dhan dhan and we are thankful a zillion times with each and every breath to the Akal Purakh for giving us an opportunity to be a part of your bandgi. This is wonderful, beyond description, just incredible divine blessings.

Dassan Dass