Experiences: Gyan had reached such depths, we became lost in words


           The Dassan Dass directed the name Sat to the disciple. 


This Sat is lost in familiar surroundings.


What does it mean: 


·    when we seek no want for the keertan
·    no want for performing jaap
·    no desire to fill chambers with amrit
·    no desire attraction for material
·    when Sat becomes A-sexual
·    no desire white lights for comfort
·    no want anything
·    no appreciate sound, sight, smell, taste or touch


How can one:


·    create amrit when it does not exist? 
·    desire materials, wealth, ambitions, goals, when they don’t exist?
·    climb the chakra field, when it does not exist?
·    how can one have Siddh Shakti, Param Shakti, any titled ability when they dont don’t exist?
·    appreciate pain, pain of what? What body? What Soul? What Hirda?


What is this game? This Game of Hukam.


How can anything the slave titles be it Param Shakti or even Bandgi have a title?


When within a single Hukam all can be changed. Where law of enlightenment will give salvation to the liar.


Sabh Kuch Tera Kuch Nahin Mera,
Jeve Jiv Hukam, Teve tiv Kaar



Sat chooses SILENCE over all including Jaap.


The Master is the Student, 
The Student is the Master, 
The Seperation is that of the Mind,
There is no physical in this game,
The Battle is matter of Mind.


Sat concedes the fight, the battle, the war.