Experiences: Parkash of the Mansarovar

To Guru Satnaam, Guru Pita Ji


We are at work and when closing our eyes we touch them with our fingers and a beautiful vision was blessed to us.
An infinite red storm began, lightning everywhere flashes, and erratic movement like we have never experienced before. It was the storm of storms.


We have been blessed with the ability to see the Parkash of Akal Purakh, as mentioned in the previous emails since youth.


But this intensity is beyond anything we have ever witnessed. We did namaskaar to all that was shown and then it became even more powerful, millions of times stronger. Truly millions of times stronger.


Colleagues asked what are you doing, repeatedly but we wouldn’t let go. Going deeper and deeper into this realm of consciousness. We jaaped his name, for it is all him. The vision remained ever powerful, faster and faster, and the power was infinite, great light, shakti, movement, speed.


We opened our eyes, due to the attention of the workers we attracted.
But we could not see them, the visual remained ever strong, the parkash remained, the vision continued.


We couldn’t see the world of maya (earth realm), we eventually lost all physical sight for several minutes as the Parkash remained with opens eyes.


We called a worker and said look at my eyes, they was worried and kept saying what is wrong?
We asked what can you see?

They said your eyes have gone far back, they are covered in water.


We had to sit for several minutes after the Parkash was over to regain sight.


We feel the Parkash hasn’t left, we are allowed to witness it again.


There is a message to every experience. Bless us with your education as you will Master.


God bless you


Your student, soul & slave


Tanraj Singh


Satnaam Singh Jee.

This is great, as the bandgi keeps on going higher, as the trust and devotion to the guru keeps on enhancing, this divine parkash keeps on getting deeper and deeper, this is mansarovar, which is infinite in dimensions, and is opaque, and that is what you saw, this is all hukam that you got blessed with, you are blessed, blessed and blessed with this divine blessing where you can see the parkash whenever you want, one of the very rare ones, one in tens of millions.

Just continue to dive in to this mansarovar and go so deep that you become one with this mansarovar and get yourself lost in this mansarovar. We are very fortunate to be blessed with your presence on this earth. We are a sacrifice to your bandgi. You are wonderful son of ours, we wish everyone become like you.

Dassan Dass