Experiences: Realization of Super Powers

To Guru Satnaam Ji


I will continue the education of truth as per the request of links sent via Harjit Jee. You my master are indebted to no-one but Satnaam and I follow suit. I thank him infinitely for sending you to save the lost souls of this world, you are a diamond in the rough, beautiful &marvelous you are the reflection of truth sada Satnaam.


Master you couldn’t be any further from the truth, only before reading this email I spoke to my mother of you, telling her that you are taking me to new levels of consciousness. She also admitted she witnessed a re-birth in us several times over, she accepts you but doesn’t understand you. But that is her choice, all she has to do is sit down for 20minutes and wholly listen then she will understand.

The problem of Kal Jogh, men are too busy to listen of Truth.


The conversation was regarding an argument that took place earlier today at work. One man had taken liberty of the company in many ways, so he was confronted. He then turned his aggression and verbally attacked me because I agreed to his inadequacies. I listened until he shouted all he could shout. I read his every single notion, I saw nothing but everything. 


I retaliated with his very force, Ignore Ego, I saw truth in the Loudness of His actions, it was a game, so I responded in kind. Several minutes of discourse the man broke down and cried and hugged me and apologized telling me he loves me from the depth of his heart. It was as if his heart was singing a song of love, and somehow I knew all the words and sang with him. The blessings of Satnaam are taking such forms. These superpowers you speak are ever-present. But I learn of them as requested from Satnaam to please teach me by making an example of me. And Satnaam has blessed me more than this being deserves.

The Emotions take the colors of Blue, Red, Oranges, Violets, blotched on a fresh canvas, paint still wet, I can move his emotions and thoughts by smudging the paint with my hands, creating a new painting, with a new idea to its theme.


Who have I become Guru Satnaam to speak in this way, the word is their sitting in my head to describe it, but I wont say it. The divine status you have blessed to my name is too much already. 


Your Student, in this life and the next



Satnaam Singh Jee,

Every message from you is a divine blessing.

When you hear, speak, see, serve and deliver the eternal truth then these kinds of transformations are bound to happen, the space around you is purified and blessed, which leads to such transformations. This is how the knowledge becomes the wisdom, after physically experiencing it and seeing it.

This power of truth is super infinite divine power and there is no power bigger than this infinite divine power, this is Satnaam. Gurbani says “Nao Tera Nirankaar Hai” and becoming Satnaam is becoming one with Him.
You will not be born again. That is for sure, you will not be born again. Unless you want to come back to help others, which you will like to do for sure as well. But this birth is your last birth as a normal human being and has brought you unimaginable rewards with the grace of Satnaam.

You are very fortunate. Your mother will not understand until she starts doing Satnaam and dedicate herself completely to her Guru. But don’t worry about her, she is your mother so she will get the benefit of your Bandgi as well.

Please keep it up and keep on experiencing and enjoying the eternal truth – the infinite divine power.