Feeling Like A Failure In Bhagti and Life

Q: please forgive us for all our bad thoughts, slipping a few steps back into maya last few weeks,  N has been blessed with your sangat, however we only get feelings of failure within ourself on hearing your story and hers.  So we know that is maya and expectation of ourself, you guys have surrendered, we have not – so how can this mind be disappointed with the results. so we turn it around that if you can do it and God is showing us infront of our eyes how you did it, then so can we. Also God is showing us that it is not that you guys are close to Him and have access to Him, but it is also Him coming to us through you. So then our mind feels happy and peaceful again that God is near to us as well, even though we may not expereince , see, or feel such things as yourself.


A: Bhagti is devotion- devotion of the devout.


The Bhagat has no thoughts, only to live in the Glorification of Truth.


Whatever the Satgur teaches him, he accepts. 


The Bhagat will earn His blessings to realize God, there are no exceptions, there are no shortcuts.  It is a rough narrow track where the horse cannot carry us, so we walk alone, we get a head start as we surrendered to a being who has already completed the never ending journey, (an owed gift of the Satgur from God).


We do nothing, we just Jaap in hope of Glorifying his Name.


What we achieve has no measure, Truly Immeasurable, the extent to what the realization becomes is far and great, the Bhagat responds “but I didn’t do anything to realize this.”


The Satgur explains “Now you see the Extent of Love recognized from being a Slave to the Truth, why else are we in Anand while being the Outcasts of Society, the search was more than worth it in the end”


Nothing in the Universe goes unjustified, all is Perfect, all is Truth, all is in Balance, all is in Harmony.


Can you accept this?


Sat is in every action, you know this, you see this, so accept it- we have said it before and we will say it many more times again, “no notion of thought, no action, no wisdom is beyond the Gyan of Truth”.


What he realized that day when he Realized Self as Truth was of no measure, he configured the plateau, and the Gyan imploded into the infinite, and that boundary was never seen or recognized again, it just flourished, and it never stopped, so powerful and immense the Gyan grew at the speed of nothingness and continues on this very day, even this very second. Why else do the Bhagats say he is Beyond.


This issue of worldly knowledge (your email) is not the way forward, take a deep breath and a step back, and look at the words you wrote. Dearest Brother tell us Truly do you not experience God. Before you respond, we are aware on what terms you issued the statement, so lets continue:


He is the Omnipresent, he is within all, he speaks through the animals, he speaks through the men, he speaks through the Satgurus, he speaks through the Karam, he speaks through the Hukam. 


He has written an individual specific story for you to realize him in a short time, for you to do his seva and distribute his name a millions times.   Do not just read what we have written, look at the paragraph above, his Gyan doctored for you to issue (realize) Him (God) as a result, that is if you choose to seek him.


What love is that, isn’t that True Love? He is fulfilling the Hukam to Gift the Truth to another, and that is what he is doing for you, there is no exception for any of his children, we are all treated fairly and equally.


Look at our story, you have it in black and white, we gave a glimpse, Bhaji I had the shit kicked out of me every single day at least 2-3 times, real pain, not spiritual pain, we became that insane we wouldn’t know who was real and who was of the spirit world, go get some 18 rated films that exploit violence, those 3 minute scenes you see, was a natural discourse to our daily living.


Yet when asked, when confronted, we told them, I choose you (God), and did we get a gesture to say he listening? Yes we did, we just had to look beyond our foolish worldly knowledge, and see that it was him who was beating us.


How many people did we kill, how many family’s did we not spare, how many people’s Kushi did we take away, killing men in battle is one thing be it 100’s or 1000’s but then to sack a city, we deserve everything we receive (Past Karni of Tanraj).

 And so he beat us (GOD), because we seek to end the Karam in this life, we could have been patient and done it one step at a time, but he was aware of our Love growing for him, in all the Naam we committed and yet we would be hit continuously, we was learning of the Truth, we was learning that our beliefs of the Perfect God is Truth.


One day we did Naam and they continued to beat us (Dark Spirits), they never left, if they could not be affected by Truth then they must be Truth.


Satnaam- Truth is His Name, and all live in the Name of Truth


You said it for yourself, he is showing you through his children, and yet you still listen to Maya, the jealousy, the foolishness & the desire.


Even the evolving Bhagat of Sant Hirda did not listen to us at first, her mind was pre-set to not really listen at all to anything we would tell her, she naturally contested to us.   Forward this email to her, she will tell you it is True.


And what did she do to wake up, we confronted her and told her Puran Sat, all we seek is betterment, all we do is out of Love.   He visits you all in the night, and will give you any light he will allow himself to give. He does this through us, there we sit at your bedsides, as you finally take rest from your infinite thoughts.


What Love, of what love immeasurable form, he does without warrant, he does without request, and yet we can still turn against the Truth within us to take the Glory from his Name.


We watch you like a Hawk, our Brother climbs and goes then astray.


Maya:  look at her, see her in the form of these thoughts, these ideals, these requirements, these petty needs, she is the one you should seek the battle with.  She is you, you created her, you designed her to your ideals, the God within you (Hirda) designed it’s own test, if you can design your own test then you can only have the answers to solve your own puzzle.


Maya is nothing, she is the feather on the path, with a puff of air you can send her off course, it is time you realize that. A battle of the mind, a battle of Self, do you choose Society and its strategic Illusion, or do you choose Truth.


The Infinite Divine Power is with you, so fortunate is our Brother he has the Aid of the Brahmgyanis. People are literally screaming out there pain/love to have what you have, but we cannot respond to them (Practice of Atal Awastha), they do not deserve us yet, not in this hour of need, they are repaying their debts, God Bless them all. So fortunate is our Brother, he forgot where he naturally stands.


The Truth is yours- take it.


Where Maya has no voice, the Bhagat realizes this is a path to Glorify his Name, his Love, his Discovery. The Bhagat seeks nothing for self, the Bhagat realizes his worth as nothing, for he is fortunate to glimpse the Truth.


God Bless you to realize his Love in all its Glory, God Bless you to overcome Maya once and for all, God Bless you with Greatest Naam Simran, Naam Ki Seva & Beautiful Bandgi (may you live in his name, in every action).