Rakhri and Washing Feet

Q: We washed the feet of the sangat last week.


A: Dhan Dhan Baba Nanak took the signature of love (Rakhri) from Bibi Nanaki. Seva is the signature of love, devotion- Truth.  God is not just the image of the action, he is the love in the action.


Go further than washing the physical feet, become lowest of the low, and the most humble by realizing the love blessed to you, the Gurparsaad is at your feet, utilize, discover through the confession of Ardaas. This is all a discovery of nirvair, nirvair is bhagti, no nirvair then no bhagti.


Seva Seva Seva Love Love Love, choose to be nothing, seek nothing, desire nothing.


Sab Kuch Dhan Dhan.