Seek it with utmost humility and you are forgiven, it is a very simple Transaction. 

But your story, nor your debts accumulated doesn’t end there, no matter what- you will face your deeds (Karni) as Hukam (Gods Will) commands. He the Great Script writer will create the perfect story for the debt to be repaid.   

Some of you may question and say that all you have done is good- so why do bad things keep happening to us?   

And that is where you fail to recognize- None of you began in this life, you have experienced many lives, it takes the passing of many life forms to reach the Human form.  

The World is not against any of you- all is in perfect harmony & balance.  

If you mess up the deeds will have to be repaid, depending on the action it could take a simple cut on the finger or many lives of punishment from experiencing the actual hell to then having to suffer many lives with mental problems and any other ailments your mind can conger up etc. Good deeds – truthful deeds will make your life sublime, bad deeds – untruthful deeds will make your life hell. Good deeds- truthful deeds will take you closer to the source of infinite divine power, bad deeds – untruthful deeds will take you away from Him and deep in to the scum of Maya.  

This is not your Khel (play) you are just his actor. Be grateful you got to glimpse it. – Why?  

Because there is no difference in Dukh or Sukh, all is there for the betterment of deriving spiritual balance so you may get a chance of spiritual elevation.   

Fools are to believe that they have only one shot at this Khel- that isn’t the case. Poor or Rich they are what they are for a reason, One may have a lifetime ailments and the other may have Supernatural Strength Feats. One can have a great business life and a repetitive failing love life, no story you bring to the table is outside the law of Hukam. It is all his writing.