Betterment: to Realize Truth

This Khel is not the conclusion- it doesn’t stop. This is just One of 14 Spiritual Realms with countless worlds and systems. In this Khand (realm) freedom of thought is the gifted virtue.  

You may feel uplifted to be gifted with the freedom, but on your own two feet you fail at the first hurdle.  It can sound harsh but that is your ego being offended, take a look around, men are enslaving men, it isn’t just a war zone involving guns- don’t forget the Egoist mind of Society.   

Life today for many is about living in fear, to seek ‘normality’ and acceptance as a good Bloke or Gal.   

You have been blessed to the false world with all the ability to taste what the creator experienced.   

The Unborn Self Realized Being who came out of the nothingness took to 36 ages of the deepest meditation Sun Klaa. There were no distractions there was nothing- Absolute Nothingness.  

The formless unborn energy of the nothingness recognized self as Truth and named self as Truth – SAT, this is Puran Sat.  

The Gyan blessed grew great and vast into the infinite and beyond.   

Out of Nothingness of Self the Universe was created.  

Why did he create the universe?   


-So he could gift another with the realized Truth,

-So they may become the realized Truth,

-So they may experience the realized Truth

-So they may deliver the realized Truth

-So they may serve the realized Truth   

Plant, Insect or Human it does not matter the life form, they are all just shells because beyond the false exterior is the True Heart- the Hirda.

You all are the entity of him- spawned from the Formless One. Your True image is the formless Hirda- has the capacity to become infinite, this is what they mean by “made in Gods image.” He mass-produced infinite copies of him-self to experience the life forms to eventually reach the Human form.  

For in the Human form does the test truly begin as the Human is born into the affair of Maya (illusion), because only in this form can the Bhagti (devotional worship) be done to begin the climb of realizing Divine Truth.   

You may sit back and think I’m not ready yet or I’ll do it when I’m knocking at deaths door, or even next life.   

But who said you will complete your path in this life or get the opportunity of being human in the next life.   

You must be a fool to assume the future, this is not your khel- it is his.  

Don’t squander the Gift of Truth grab it when you get the chance and run with it, experience it- solve it.  

Overcome the false and see only him- he is the only Divine Truth- may he bless you to return to the infinite.