I’m Attached To This World Again And Have No Feelings For Guru


First of all i want to thank you to share such precious information in your site .
Secondly i want to discuss my spiritual problem with you.
Actualy i was doing simran of  ‘ waheguru ‘ from apprroximataly 5yrs  and in these 5 yrs i use to feel very good and also detached while doing simran , As problems sometimes inspire me to do more and more simran , at staring there was no "rass or Anand" but slowly it kept on increasing , i felt like loving with waheguru , love and lot of lot ‘.During that days i was having my exams . i was not able to study , so i failed . now due to this problem i felt like bairaag in heart but i was not able to do much simran ..time passed but i keep on thinking of waheguru loving and again my simran started in good state ..but recently from approximataly 9 months .. i met with some one in sangat  he also do  simran very strongly , i felt him very saintly , but he is very detached (attached with guru sahib only ) . and i wanted to talk with him but was not .. so every feeling remained in with me which resulted in frustration , Actualy i dontknow while doing simran how and when i m attached to him ,  and not with guru ji …i dont know how and now after 9 or 10 months i m not able to simran at all .. i m not feeling the same ‘rass or anand ‘ in my simran . I m feeling like i m not able to think anything good as if something has blocked my thought process , my brain has stoped working , and the " bhukh and pyaas for guru ji is finished in me . I’m attached to this world again and have no feelings for guru .
Now how can i had to start again it is not possible with so many vikaars in me .

Now even i m not able to cry also like i a stone heart .

My gurmat, gursikh love my Tadap for guru  has gone far away from my thoughts now and my heart is not able to realise it . this fear  i m not able to think same way i used to , as if i lost my consiousness ‘ . My thinking is not as wide as before .You dassandas i feel that when a person falls from such a stage , he neither remains of this ‘Lok nor Parlok ‘
Will guru sahib  forgive me .Its difficult to do come out of this fall  It feels like i have gone 5 yrs back in my life . and now how can reach that simran state again coz i m not able to think or concentrate now .

now i dont have same strength .

As if guru sahib’s nadar  is far now
Please help me .. please tell me "Kavan sumat Jit preetam Dhiaaoon"



Guru pyari beti jee, God bless you with the gur parsaad.
Gur fateh parvaan karna jee.

The highest wisdom “sumat” is Satnaam – and satnaam simran will take you to where you want to be and where you need to be. There is nothing to worry, there is nothing to be concerned about, it is all your destiny, and your destiny is the highest sumat “satnaam dhiaaoon taan preetam paaoon” – so please focus yourself on satnaam simran and all your fears and illusions will disappear.


The only way to achieve puran bandgi is the complete surrender to your guru – with tunn munn and dhan, this will open up all the channels for you and you will be blessed with the gurparsaad of naam naam simran naam ki kamai puran bandgi and seva.


Vaheguru is gurmanter and sat is the naam, sat is the guru, so please focus yourself on satnaam simran.


There is a book on sukhmani published on the website www.sukhmani.info.  Please start reading this book and as you continue to read this book satnaam will go in to your surat, hirda and rom rom. Your shardha and preet, your trust and devotion will take you to the heights of the spiritual world. Your surrender has to be coupled with sachee preet, sachee shardha and sacha vishvaas for your guru – satguru. This will pave your way to puran bandgi and seva. Please feel free to ask more questions or communicate as you feel.