Read Our Words Carefully – Dont Doubt Truth

Guru Pyare Jee, God bless you with Sat Budhi (true wisdom).

It looks like you have not carefully read our words in the last message. You need to understand Sat means Truth – "aad sach jugaad sach hai bhi sach nanak hosi bhi sach."  

Does Truth have different names in different religions? No, Truth means Truth. And Sat means Truth. It doesn’t matter wether you are from a Sikh family or a Hindu family or a Christian or a Muslim family,  Truth is Truth in all languages all over the world and the Punjabi word is Sat and that is the Naam and it is same for the entire creation.

Jivan mukti is Gurparsaad, Naam is Gurparsaad, Naam Simran is Gurparsaad, Naam KI Kamai is Gurparsaad, Puran Bandgi is Gurparsaad. And when you are blessed with the Gurparsaad then you can achieve Jivan Mukti. This is what Gurbani says.

Also please read Vaar 1 of Bhai Gurdass Ji posted on the website and you will understand the meaning of Sat and Satnaam.

Sukhmani says "Naam Sat, Sat Dhyavanhaar, Charan Sat, Sat Parsan Haar,"

Also,  "Jap Munn Satnaam Sada Satnaam,"

And, "Kirtam Naam Kathey terey jivha satnaam tera para purbla."

And there are a whole bunch of articles published on the website for your education on Satnaam, please take sometime to read these Gurparsaadi writings. This website is a Gurparsaad and all the writings on this website are Gurparsaadi writings, so do you think that these writings could have been written by a person who have no Naam Ki Kamai? This is all Gurkirpa and Gurparsaad. We have no authority to select Satnaam, it is the Gurparsaad, so we were blessed with the Gurparsaad, and we were fortunate to be so blessed, yes we do Satnaam simran nonstop day and night – rom rom simran, ajapaa jaap, every moment for us is Amrit Vela.
It is upto you wether you want to accept the divine truth or continue to follow what your family is doing or what the people around you are doing. We are not telling you to follow Satnaam, all we are trying to do is to tell the truth to you and take you out of the doubts and illusions. If you are destined to jap satnaam then nobody can stop you from doing it, not even your munnmat or sansarik mat. If you are destined to wander in doubts and illusions then that is your destiny too. But one thing we can tell you that there are answers to all your questions and doubts on the website. If you read it you will continue to clear them, and when all your doubts and illusions are gone then you will understand what is Satnaam and then nothing can stop you from meditating on Satnaam.