Inderjit – Importance of Amritvela Simran

Inderjit is blessed with this divine wisdom
Dhan dhan mera satgur poora dhan dhan sare bhagats avatars brahmgyanis satgurus gurmukhs khalsa gursikhs Dhan dhan satnaam sangat Dhan dhan satnaam ki mahima Dhan dhan dassan dassji
Satnaam pitaji thank you for another blessed amritwela session yesterday night.
There was presence of paarbrahm ji in aapji form and the whole room was full of prakash. Aapji are always there to bless us all. Shukhrana anik baar we have done nothing to deserve it.
You have been telling us from many years now to sit in amritwela but we have been complacent about it and not earning it. We realised that you are the doer who is waking us up these days and making us sit for amritwela. With a click of a finger you have made it possible. Our efforts are useless. Earlier we thought that in this whole gurprasadi game atleast our effort/ udham means something but we were wrong. We observed that if our efforts without complete surrender were enough then we would have achieved sitting for amritwela long time ago. In this game the dealer is you and the player is also you. We are just a witness and have no identity or role.
Pitaji with aapji kirpa we started to sing yesterday
:Aukhi gadhi na dekhan daye apna birad sambhaal”
While singing first thought came maybe some more bad news is coming for Corona etc and that is why god wants us to sing this today. But then as we kept singing we were taken deeper into the shabad. We were shown that granthi/keertani etc have misused the deeper meaning of this shabd for their own business. This shabad is not for blessing the family/ humanity to save them from any obstacles or hard times in their lives but has a very deep meaning for surrender of the seeker on this path. This is the story of relationship between guru and disciple.
We were shown when a devotee does a complete surrender at the God’s feet then God is the saviour for him on this path. God / satguru/ true guru does not let a disciple fall from any obstacles or hard times. It becomes the prerogative of the guru to take care of the devotee. He guides, protects and leads the devotee and also protects from various tests of maya. He never leaves your hand in good or bad times.
In this journey when a soul does complete surrenders to God then God is the one who does the journey with you. From starting till the end when mind has no dubida / doubts the journey is completed very smoothly as all is entrusted in god’s hands. When there are doubts then there will be test on this path which can only be cleared by humility. These tests can only be cleared by grace of god and mind needs to be in state of humbleness. During these testing times God is the one who gives you wisdom and makes you chose rightly and takes you forward. Only he can save us from the bavsagar of the maya. Only he can decipher this game. No human wisdom or techniques will work there. All is done by him, from him to complete this journey.
Pitaji we were also then shown that how various shabad of gurbani are interconnected.
Prabh dori haath tumare is the ardas done by guru nanak devi in which he is praying that none of my worldly wisdoms is good on this path. I have fallen on your feet with complete surrender and pray to you to pls. preserve my honour on this path. You are my father, mother, teacher, guide on this path. Make me do what you want me to do. Pull my strings as you want to as my own wisdom will not work on this path.
When one surrenders and prays to god in humbleness and to take over our thoughts, actions and reactions is when this journey becomes easy and we can merge in the true light. Pitaji we pray to aapji to bless us with complete surrender, humility and take over our actions, reactions and our thoughts as we are not capable of walking even for a single second on this path alone. We are full of vices, our head is full of ego, anger and pride.We are quick to judge, do slandering and get upset quickly. Our efforts are useless and only you can make us ek drisht and nirvair. For us this is an impossible feat to be achieved alone.
Pitaji then we also got the following lines from gurbani
Soye sunandri mera tan man maula naam japandri lali Pand julandri mera andar thanda gur darshan dekh nihali
Pitaji With aapji grace only one can have darshans of paarbrahm ji. With aapji grace only can our man tan be at peace and total surrender. With aapji grace only can we always be a suhagan and then sada suhagan. With aapji grace only can we complete this journey and merge with the source. With aapji grace only can we move forward on this path. It is only your grace and only your grace that can lead us on this path forward. Pls. kill our vices and bless us to move further.
Pitaji dhan guru dhan guru kept happening in aapji praise in the dargah. Dhan guru Dhan guru Dhan dhan mera satgur poora
Pls. keep fools like us under your feet and always under your shelter. We are full of vices and cannot think straight. We continue to sin countlessly with every breath we take. Pls forgive us and keep our whole family in your chattar chaya.
Satnam bless all Nanak naam chardi klaa Tere bhane sarbhat da bhalla.