Jap Ji Verse 2


Hukmee hovan aakaar hukam na kahi-aa jaa-ee.
Hukmee hovan jee-a hukam milai vadi-aa-ee.
Hukmee utam neech hukam likh dukh sukh paa-ee-ah.
Iknaa hukmee bakhsees ik hukmee sadaa bhavaa-ee-ah.
Hukmai andar sabh ko baahar hukam na ko-ay.
Naanak hukmai jay bujhai ta ha-umai kahai na ko-ay. ||2||



Blessed Satguru (Truth Guru) incarnate of the Formless Nanak Patishah Ji (Guru Nanak Ji), with infinite kindness gives us the complete divine knowledge about the grandeur of the Divine Judgement. Divine commands are the only divine laws created by the Timeless Being. The Timeless Being has created these divine rules to run His Creation. All of the Gurmat (the teachings of Guru Ji) describes only these divine rules. All of the Gurbani (the words of Guru Ji) describes only these divine rules. Therefore the grandeur of these all great and powerful divine rules has been described in this great and powerful Gurbani. The whole Creation was constructed, is constructed, is being constructed and will be constructed according to these rules. The word ‘Akaar’ means the construction of the whole creation. Not even this that the whole creation was constructed, is constructed, is being constructed and will be constructed according to these rules, but the development, administration and destruction of the whole Creation has taken place, is taking place, and will take place according to these divine rules.

Hukmee (the Cosmic Order) is the Creator, the Constituter, Blessed Truth Father of the Universe himself, and the constitution that He has created is Hukam (the Commands). At the time (the Beginning of the Creation) when the Timeless Being, Blessed Truth Father of the Universe, God Himself created His Creation, at the same time He, Blessed Truth Father of the Universe, also created these divine rules that have guided, are guiding, and will continue to guide the origin, the running, and the destruction of the Creation.

It means that when the Creation came into being, at exactly the same time the Truth Father of the Universe also enshrined the commands to administer the origin, the running and the ultimate destruction of the Creation. Just as the government of a country, state or city forms the rules and regulations to administer it, which is called the constitution, and then governs according to the rules and laws written in this constitution, in the same way the Divine Court has created these divine laws and rules to carry out the origin, the running and the destruction of the Creation. The constitution of the Divine Court is His prescribed way.

The laws and the rules of the Divine Court are His prescribed way. Therefore all the origin, the running and the destruction of the whole Creation from the beginning has been taking place according to these rules, and will continue to thus take place for all the ages to come. Just as the Timeless Being is “Truth from the beginning, is Truth now and will remain Truth”, similarly the divine laws and rules created by Him are also eternally true.  

Just as the Timeless Being is eternal, endless and all-skilled, the same way the constitution made by the Truth Father of the Universe is also the source of infinite powers. Just as the eternal and endless Blessed Truth Father of the Universe is indescribable, in the same way His commands, His constitution is indescribable. In essence those who conduct their lives according to this divine constitution, become part of this eternal and infinite great power, become eternal, and become the source of this great power.

Such great personalities, wherever they are, preach only Truth, they turn that place into the Divine Court.  In the company of such great persons, the Divine One becomespresent and blesses the audience with the spiritual state of Suhagan (bride of God)  and then to remain  forever-Suhagan.

These divines rules and laws, also called His Way (Hukam), is all that is Gurmat. Gurbani is all about describing this Way. The whole Gubani is all that is Gurmat. The whole Gurbani is the praise of this Divine Way. The God incarnates, the true sages, the true saints, the all-knowing persons, and the true Khalsa (pure souls) live their lives in this Way, and show this Divine way to the entire humanity, and bless the entire humanity with great powers of the Gurkripa (the Eternal Piety) and Gurparsaad (the Eternal Blessings and Eternal Grace) to follow this all powerful Way.

The true sages, the true saints, the all-knowing persons, and the true Khalsa are all keepers of His Way, they act according to His Way, and they distribute the Amrit (divine energy) of this all powerful Way to the entire humanity. The Divine incarnates, Satguru Patshaahs (Truth Guru King of Kings), the true saints, the all-knowing persons, and the true Khalsa have followed this all powerful constitution and have benevolently provided to all humanity this eternal power in the form of Gurbani. Therefore, those who toil to follow this Divine Way, they free themselves from the traps of Maya and become keepers of the Divine Way, become rightful owners of the Divine Way, receive the Gurparsaad to act upon this Way, become one with the Timeless Being, make their lives a success, and provide liberation to the people of the whole world.

 The real living is to follow the Way. The real enjoyment of life can be realised only by living according to this Way. All the joys and sorrows of our lives come to us as prescribed in the Way. The law of Karma is an integral and important part of this Divine Way. The law of Karma is the all-powerful prescription conducting the lives of the 8.4 million species inhabiting this Earth.  Our whole lives are prescribed according to the laws of Karma. Every moment, every breath comes to us according to the all-powerful laws of Karma. All our destinies are written according to this all powerful Way.  Our future is determined by what we have done in the past.

The all important fact that we need to understand is this – all the acts of our daily lives, pains and comforts, good and bad moments, happiness and gloom, meetings and partings, relationships, good and bad social relations, good and bad family relations, domestic happiness and strife, profits and losses, wealth and poverty, presence and absence of earthly pleasures, our conduct, our culture and habits, having a materialistic bent of mind, being of worldly or tempestuous nature, being a slave to lust, anger, greed, attachments, pride and temptations, being of virtuous frame of mind, having kindness, propriety, contentment, patience, our level of worldly knowledge and learning, our means of livelihood, our successes and failures, our devotion and service, praises and humiliations, the final word that whatever happens in our daily lives, happens according to this all power law of Karma.

Those people who understand this powerful Way, and bow before it, they conduct their lives according to this Way, and by doing this they erase their physical selves, end their ego, get liberated from maya, and make their lives a success. Those who understand this Way understand the tricks played by the temptations. They then leave the worldly and the tempestuous way of life, and lead their lives virtuously and turn all their acts into truthful deeds.

Thus conducting a life of good deeds, we start accumulating our good deeds and a time comes when we have accumulated so many of the good deeds that we catch the eye of the Timeless Being, and by virtue of his blessing, we become entitled to receive Gurparsaad. Gurparsaad truly changes our lives. There is only one way to come out of the all powerful Way of Karma and to turn our lives forever into an eternal joy, and that way is by receiving Gurparsaad and doing Simran (internal meditation upon God’s name – Truth /SatNaam), earning the name of God, letting the name of God light up our hearts, letting the name of God light up every pore of our bodies, overcoming the maya, and thus completing our submission before God, and by doing this we are able to square up the deeds of past lives, and we achieve the eternal joy, the eternal bliss.

Those who thus go about living truthfully, they by receiving Gurparsaad and serving Gurparsaad get liberated from the bonds of Karma. These persons, who are free whilst alive, lead a truly joyful life and do favours and great favours for whole mankind.

It is necessary to ask here how the lives and deeds of these great persons enter the realm of Hukam. This essential fact can be learnt by understanding the whole truth: the human beings have five organs of action (two hands, two feet and a mouth), that have as their basis the five sensory organs (the nose, the ears, the eyes, the tongue and the skin). The basis of these five sensory organs is the human mind, and the basis of the human mind is the human wisdom. It means that the based on what the five sensory organs feel, based on that experience the mind, according to its wisdom, directs the action organs and the action organs perform the deed.

The wisdom is called Manmat (self-wisdom). Therefore all the deeds of a normal human being take place under its influence. This Manmat is the slave of maya. This Manmat is maya. Therefore, all our deeds take place under the influence of maya.

The other essential fact that is very important to understand is that, over and above the mind, there is the Param Jot (Eternal Light), the sole cause for which a human being takes birth in this world. In this Param Jot lies the entire treasure of the infinite knowledge, what we also call the whole cosmic knowledge, or the whole essential knowledge. We also call this treasure of knowledge as Gurmat (Guru’s wisdom).  

This Param Jot is the storehouse of the infinite endless and eternal divine powers. This Param Jot is the infinite storehouse of the entire divine treasures. This Param Jot is the Truth, the Cosmic Creator Himself, who is inside our physical bodies.

When a virtuous person, having accumulated good deeds, having received Gurparsaad, having served the Supreme Power, having overcome the material world, having received the Gurparsaad of perfectly true living, and having reached the stage of complete submission to God, enters the Divine Court, he sees the Timeless Being, Truth-Creator and Father of the Universe, and he merges with the Timeless Being. In this state he receives Gurmat, i.e., the entire cosmic knowledge and the entire essential knowledge.  Having received the entire cosmic knowledge and the entire essential knowledge, his Manmat comes to an end, and the material world is there only to serve him. When one receives this gift, receives Gurmat, all the five sensory organs operate under  Gurmat. All the five sensory organs become subservient to the whole cosmic knowledge. That is to say, all the five sensory organs come under the cosmic constitution, within the complete Hukam. And thereby all the five action organs come under the complete Hukam. Therefore all the deeds done by such a person are under the complete Hukam, and are pure and good deeds. All the deeds of such a person are towards the benefits and great benefits of the entire mankind.

Those who live a  life full of slavery of Rajo and Tamo aspects of Maya – being a slave to the material temptations, continue in the cycle of births and deaths. All the acts of such persons are impure deeds, and these impure deeds form the cause of their inferior culture, misbehaviour, poor character, gloom, strife, discomfort, a filthy life, want and poverty. These impure deeds form the reason for all the problems in our lives.

According to this Way of Karma, we reap what we sow. Meaning, the acts that we do will determine our future life. This means we will get the future life as per our deeds. Those who go against this Divine Way, or Hukam, will suffer.

Therefore by grasping that the Divine Way made by the Timeless Being, the Blessed True Creator of the Cosmos, called Hukam in Gurbani, determines all events, we understand our ego. The ego is termed a grave mental disease in Gurbani. The understanding of the ego and the light of its knowledge gives us humility. Complete humility is the key to the divine court. The end of ego is the freedom from the cycle of birth and death. The ego meets its end when one submits completely at the feet of the Guru. Complete submission erases the existence of self, and leaves only the Param Jot and this Param Jot merges forever with the Transcendental Form (God).