Jap Ji Verse 30

Aykaa maaee jugat vi-aa-ee tin chaylay parvaan.
Ik sansaaree ik bhandaaree ik laa-ay deebaan.
Jiv tis bhaavai tivai chalaavai jiv hovai furmaan.
Oh vaykhai onaa nadar na aavai bahotaa ayho vidaan.
Aadays tisai aadays.
Aad aneel anaad anaahat jug jug ayko vays. ||30||


The blessed Satguru (Truth Guru) Nanak Patshah Ji (Guru Nanak Ji) has revealed the saga of the genesis of the Creation in the Saloks (verses) of Maroo Mehla 1 at Ang’s 1035-1037 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Before the origin of all Creation there was nothing except dark murkiness. An attempt is made to describe the Puran Braham Gyan (entire divine wisdom) about how the entire Creation came into being, with Gurkripa (divine kindness) and Gurprasad (eternal grace), in the Saloks of Pauri (set of verses) 5 of Jap Ji (Jap Ji Sahib; composition by the blessed Satguru incarnate Nanak Patshah Ji appearing at the very beginning of Sri Guru Granth Sahib) in this Gurprasadi Katha (the discourse graced by God and Guru). Before the origin of the Creation, Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar (Truth, the Transcendent Lord and Creator of the Universe) was instated in Sunn Samadhi (silent, deep meditation; a state free of thoughts, even free from the effects of time and space) for 36 Yugas (epochs), and it was from within this Sunn (void; complete, utter peace and calmness) that an insight arose of becoming “Ik Thon Anaek” (“Out of One, Many”). This insight alone caused the origin of Maya (the worldly temptations; all physical perceptions are nothing but illusions created by Maya), and Maya came into existence. It is very necessary to understand this supremely true fact wherever in Gurbani the word “Ik” or “1” appears it represents nothing but the eternal, infinite power of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Thereafter with “Eka”, meaning “Union” of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and Maya, Maya bore children and the three powers came into life. According to Gurbani (Gur’s words or God’s words; commonly refers to the verses of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji), these three powers are named as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

“Sunnahu Brahmaa Bisan Mahes Upaae.”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 1037)

In this Salok the blessed Satguru incarnate Nanak Patshah Ji describes the tale of the origin of the three disciples (denoting children having spiritual connections with their parents, rather than a blood-relationship) out of the relationship of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and Maya. A child is one that is born out of the concordance of the sperm of the father and the blood of the mother. Therefore a child is born only from the physical relationship of the mother and the father. However, there is no physicality associated with Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar as Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar has no form, figure or colour. Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is formless. Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is nothing but the manifestation of an immense supreme power. Similarly Maya too is without a physical body; and Maya too is merely an embodiment of power. As these two powers are the Suksham Roop (ethereal form) of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and Maya, their relationship too is Suksham; and therefore when Maya gave childbirth from the alliance of these two powers, what were born were the three powers. This is why these powers are called as the three disciples. In this way, it is a supremely true fact that the sperm of the father and the blood of the mother produce a child carrying blood-relationship with parents, and those born of the force of grace of Shabad (divine words) are the disciples, or the spiritual children. The union of two Suksham elements produces only the disciples. With the union of the Param Tat Sat Tat (supreme divine essence and the Truth element) of a Satguru and the Param Tat Sat Tat of a Jigyasoo (seeker of divine truth), the relationship of Guru and disciple is formed. This is why with the bonding of the divine essence and Maya, the three powers came into being that Gurbani denominates as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. These three powers, born of the union of the Suksham elements, are described as the three disciples by the blessed Satguru incarnate Nanak Patshah Ji.

With the childbirth by Maya, these powers that were born of the supreme essence of the supreme power were assigned by Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar with three important tasks: Brahma was empowered to make every creation in the universe; and thus Brahma makes every creation in the entire universe. Vishnu was given the responsibility to run all affairs of the Creation; and Mahesh, also called as Shiva, was endowed with the power of destruction of the Creation. The originator of these three powers is none but the infinite supreme power itself of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. These three powers function in accordance with the Vidhans (divine constitutions; laws) made by Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Therefore these powers are not boundless. These powers carry out their affairs only in accordance with the Hukam (Divine Will) of the One who is eternal, infinite. Since these three powers are born from childbirth by Maya, thus Maya is their progenitor. Therefore all material entities in the entire Creation are nothing but Maya. Every creation in the world is nothing but Maya. This is why the world has been called as Bhavsagar (sea of Maya’s deceptions; sea of ignorance). The blessed Satguru incarnate Arjun Dev Ji reveals the destructive aspect of Maya in this Salok:

Aasaa Mehalaa 5.

“Maathai Trikutee Drist Karoor. Bolai Kauraa Jihabaa Kee Foor.

Sadaa Bhookhee Pir Jaanai Door. Aisee Istree Ek Raam Upaaee.

Un Sabh Jag Khaaeaa Ham Gur Raakhe Mere Bhaaee, Rahao.

Paae Thagoulee Sabh Jag Joheaa. Brahmaa Bisan Mahaadeo Moheaa.

Gurmukh Naam Lage Se Soheaa. Varat Naem Kar Thaakae Punehcharnaa.

Tat Teerath Bhavae Sabh Dharnaa. Sae Ubrae Je Satgur Kee Sarnaa.

Maayaa Moh Sabho Jag Baadhaa. Haumai Pachai Manmukh Mooraakhaa.

Gur Naanak Baah Pakar Hum Raakhaa.||4||2||96||”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 394)

Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar has built Maya in the mould of a cruel woman, whose forehead is creased with the frowns of rage and who, in her rage, has deceived the entire world by manifesting herself in her enchanting looks. Maya is like an intoxicating weed that causes the human consuming it to lose one’s consciousness; and in this state of unconsciousness one spends one’s entire life under slavery of Maya. A human being, which is the finest Creation of Akal Purakh (Immortal Being; God), is left to fend for oneself in the alluring web of Maya. Only a being in the human Juni (specie) can attain the blessing of Darshan (vision with the inner, spiritual eye) of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and of Puran Braham Gyan. This is the reason that the human birth is described as a priceless gem, a diamond. But the human beings get entangled easily in the web of Maya – woven with lust, anger, greed, attachments, pride and Trishna (desires) – and thus Maya destroys the human beings by turning them into her slave. Only a human being that Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is kind upon is saved by Him from this slavery of Maya. Only the supreme power of the kindness of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar can save a human being from this deceiving guise of Maya. Even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva) are under Maya’s hold, allured by the entrapment of her slavery. It implies that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh too are slaves to Maya. Those human beings who seek and find the aegis of a Satguru become fortunate and receive the kindness of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar; and they turn into a Gurmukh, meaning thereby that they dedicate their entire selves including body, mind and wealth at the feet of the Satguru and receive Gurprasad; and by the force of its supreme power escape the grips of Maya. The 68 Teeraths (places of pilgrimages), observing fasts, abiding with religious discipline – are all outwardly symbols of religiosity and are all part of Baharli Rehat (outwardly observances and compliances). By adorning oneself with these outwardly signs of religiosity one cannot escape the wrath of Maya. With such Baharli Rehats a human being cannot triumph over Maya. Only those human beings who turn into a Gurmukh – meaning thereby those who renounce Manmat (own wisdom; as opposed to Gurmat or God’s wisdom), seek the aegis of a Satguru and adopt Gurmat (God’s wisdom; wisdom revealed in Guru’s words) – are the ones who triumph over Maya. Those human beings, who find the aegis of a Satguru and receive Gurprasad; Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar holds their hands and leads them out of this Bhavsagar of Maya and assimilates them in Himself. The Manmukh’s (self-willed; self-centred) continue in the slavery of Maya and squander away their lives.

In this supremely powerful Salok of Puran Braham Gyan the blessed Satguru incarnate Arjun Dev Ji has established that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are in subjugation of Maya. Mukti (liberation of soul from the slavery of Maya) is attained only when one transcends beyond the Trigun Maya (Maya of the three aspects: Sato – the goodness viz. charity, compassion, contentment; Rajo – the desires viz. hopes, expectations and yearnings; and Tamo – the vices viz. the lust, anger, greed, attachments and pride) and this is made possible only by seeking shelter at the feet of a Satguru; because a Satguru has transcended beyond the Trigun Maya and become one with Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. There is no distinction between a Satguru and Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. This supremely essential truth is revealed as evidence and as Puran Braham Gyan in many other Saloks of Gurbani:

“Brahmaa Bisan Mahaadeo Trai Gun Rogee Vich Haumai Kaar Kamaaee.

Jin Keeeae Tiseh Na Chayteh Bapurrae Har Gurmukh Sojhee Paaee.||2||”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 735)

“Brahmaa Bisan Mahes Trai Moorat Trigun Bharam Bhulaaee.”

Gur Parsaadee Trikutee Choottai Chauthai Padh Liv Laaee.||17||”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 909)

Trigun (Sato, Rajo and Tamo) are Maya; and when one arrives at Chautha Pad (fourth state) one’e Trikuti is illuminated; at this stage one receives Gurprasad and the Surti (consciousness) of the human being unites with Naam (the Name – representing God and all His Creation) of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Trikuti is the one centre of the Suksham supreme power (Suksham or Suksham Dehi is part of the human souls that is the source of all energy running the senses and the physical functions of the body. This spiritual energy comes from the Sat Sarovars) that is located at the middle of the forehead and where the Suksham nerves of Ida, Pingla & Sushmana (the three energy-channels passing through the spinal column – Ida channels the negative charge, Pingla the positive charge and Sushmana the neutral charge) meet. Ida, Pingla & Sushmana begin at the Kundalini (a Sat Sarovar located at the base of the spine) and passing through the spine reach the forehead of the human being. When Naam, illuminating all Sat sarovars and illuminating Ida, Pingla & Sushmana reaches the Trikuti then the powers of Ida, Pingla & Sushmana are awakened and, as these three powers unite, the Trikuti opens. As the Trikuti opens, one achieves the state of Liv Lagee (union of Surat and Shabad, i.e. of one’s consciousness with divine words; state of absolute absorption in Shabad) and the Bandagi (submission before God) of the human being arrives at the Chautha Pad. The implication being that attaining this state in itself is called as receiving Gurprasad. This is the state where one’s Bandagi commences, and this is where one accomplishes it. This is the state where the account of one’s Bandagi begins to be kept at Dargah (Divine Court) and one begins accumulating the wealth of Naam. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are under the domain of the Trigun Maya. They have not attained the Chautha Pad. They are at the service of Maya. This supreme and essential truth is made absolutely clear in Gurbani.

The Sant (saint) Satguru Kabir Patshah Ji has called Maya as equivalent to a serpent in Gurbani:

Aasaa Iktukae 4.

“Sarpanee Te Oopar Nahee Baleeaa.

Jin Brahmaa Bisan Mahaadeo Chhaleeaa.

Maar Maar Srapanee Nirmal Jal Paithee.

Jin Tribhavan Daseealae Gur Prasaad Deethee, Rahao.

Srapanee Srapanee Kyaa Kahaho Bhaaee.

Jin Saach Pachhaaneaa Tin Srapanee Khaaee.

Srapanee Te Aan Chhoochh Nahee Avraa.

Srapanee Jeetee Kahaa Karai Jamraa.

Eih Srapanee Thaa Kee Keethee Hoee.

Bal Abal Kyaa Is Te Hoee.

Eh Bastee Taa Basath Sareeraa.

Gur Prasaad Sehaj Tarae Kabeeraa.||5||6||19||”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 480)

There is no object more powerful in this world than this serpent-form Maya. It is so powerful that it has deceived Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev (Mahesh) with its force. This serpent of Maya has bitten the entire world, and trapped it in the web of its attractions. It means that under its alluring influence the entire world is a slave to Maya. Maya makes the whole world run after it and the human being, trapped in its web, constantly burns in the blaze of anxiety. Only by joining Sat Sangat (congregation with the presence of Sat, or of those who have attained Jeevan Mukti and thus are part of Sat) one is saved from its disastrous flames and its disastrous powers. Sat Sangat is the place of activity of supreme power where the Satguru is present. Sat Sangat is a Sangat (congregation) where Puran Sat (Absolute, Eternal Truth) manifests itself. Sat Sangat is a gathering where the auspices of Puran Jyot Prakash (illumination of the divine light or soul) Pargateyo Jyot (a manifested divine light; a soul that becomes the pure divine light of God Himself) Puran Braham Gyani manifest themselves. Therefore under these supremely powerful auspices the disastrous powers of Maya lose their steam; as Maya is a slave to such great beings and engages itself in the service of such great beings. The supreme power of Gurprasad abides in the Sangat of such great beings. Maya is forced to bow its head before the supreme power of Gurprasad. In this way those Sat Sangi Jan (humble beings participating in the Sangat), who receive Gurprasad and triumph over Maya, turn Maya into their slave. Therefore one needn’t be afraid of this disastrous manifestation of Maya. One should seek the blessing of the Bandagi of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar, pray for Gurprasad and focus one’s attention upon performing truthfil deeds. By doing this one will be able to join the Sat Sangat; and by joining the Sat Sangat one will receive Gurprasad and, by immersing oneself in Bandagi, one will bring Maya under one’s control. Then one’s slavery of Maya will come to an end, and Maya will place itself in one’s service. Then the entire force and strength of Maya won’t be able to do any harm to the human being. The human being will attain Jeevan Mukti (deliverance from the cycle of life & death; salvation). One will attain Sehaj Samadhi (continual state of Samadhi – awake or asleep). All of this is possible only by joining the Sangat of an accomplished, perfect Satguru. The blessed Satguru Sant Kabir Ji has described the Gurprasadi Katha of his Puran Bandagi through this Salok of Puran Braham Gyan in Gurbani. The supreme and essential truth to observe and to centre attention upon is that this serpent of Maya has turned even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh into slaves to her powers.Therefore it is a supremely true fact that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the three disciples, too are in subjugation of Maya. Therefore the entire world is nothing but Maya; it originates from Maya; is cared and looked after by Maya; and is destroyed too by Maya.

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the three disciples, run all their affairs under the Hukam of Sat Par Brahm. The divine power of Brahma originates all Creation in accordance with the Hukam of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. The divine power of Vishnu arranges caring after, looking after and nurturing of the world according to the Vidhan constituted by Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. The divine power of Mahesh administers the court of death in accordance with the Vidhan of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and annihilates every creation in the universe at its determined time. The power to constitute the Vidhans of Vidhi (the ultimate authority) rests with Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. This is why these three powers are called as disciples as they do not possess the authority to constitute the divine Vidhans, and they must function in accordance with the Vidhans made by Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Therefore all creation, administration and destruction in the entire universe take place only in accordance with the divine Vidhans made by Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. It is the Hukam alone of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar that prevails over the entire universe and over every creation. Sat Par Brahm Himself, manifested as “Ek Ton Anaek”, (from one to many) is present in all creations and abides in all creations.

Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is present in His Nirgun Saroop (the infinite divine power that is beyond the three attributes of Maya) within every creation. It is this divine power of Nirgun Saroop, which is present within every being and drives every being. But this divine power is not visible to any being; just as this supreme power is placed in Sat Sarovars, in Suksham Dehi within the human being. The Sat Sarovars installed within the human body, which are part of this supreme power, are all invisible. But when the Bajjar Kapats (divine doors that, once opened, channel Amrit into the body) of the human being are opened and these Sat Sarovars are illuminated with the Gurprasad of Naam, then the human being begins to hear the throbbing of Naam within one’s body. By the opening of Dasam Duaar (the tenth door; once opened, it establishes a connection between the human being and the Akal Purakh) one begins to hear the music of Anhad Naad (the divine un-struck music – played on divine musical instruments). The eyes are able to discern Prakash (the divine light; the Nirgun Saroop; the infinite divine power that is beyond the three attributes of Maya). One can discern Prakash emanating from within one’s own body. One gets Darshan of Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh. Puran Braham Gyan begins revealing itself. One begins to get Darshans of Satguru Avatars (Satguru incarnates; the ten Guru Sahiban), great being the Sants and great being the Braham Gyanis; and begins having such similar experiences. All these divine experiences are immensely astounding to the Jigyasoo. All these divine experiences present a clear evidence of the presence of the Nirgun power of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar within one’s body and driving it. But all of this is invisible to the human eye. All of this is experienced with Bandagi alone. Therefore for the human beings, who don’t have these experiences explicitly happen to them, all of this becomes an astounding discourse.

To unravel the mysteries of this astounding spiritual state and to enjoy it and to realize and enjoy all such experiences and make one’s life a success one must, at every moment and every instant, with every breath, and many, many times, humbly prostrate before Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and express one’s gratitude for Him. Only the supreme power of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is flawless. The supreme power alone of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is perfect. The supreme power alone of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is eternal and pure in its entirety. Only the supreme power of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is from the beginning Sat; in all ages Sat; and eternally Sat. By acknowledging this eternal supreme power of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar; and by believing in this eternal supreme power and by surrendering oneself with complete devotion, a human being can attain immensely high spiritual state.