Karta Purakh (Creator Being)


Karta means creator, the one who is the creator of the whole creation. Purakh is the one who is absorbed in the whole creation. This means that Karta is absorbed in every creation created by Him. This means that the whole creation has been created from Sat which is the supreme power of Ik Oankaar Sat Naam and this supreme power which has the power to create has been called Karta. Thus, Karta is that supreme power which creates the whole creation, is creating it and will keep on creating it. Purakh is that part of that supreme power which is absorbed in every part of the creation and change that takes place in every creation is due to the presence of this supreme power Purakh.



This means it is the supreme power Purakh that is looking after and nourishing all the creations. That is why, Karta is that divine order which creates the creation and Purakh is that divine order which looks after and nourishes all the creations. That is why Purakh has been called a male form which means that only Supreme Transcendent Lord Father is male, the rest are females. Those females who are blessed with Gurparsaad become Suhagans (Brides of God) and after completing their bandgi become Sada Suhagans (Eternal Wife of God the Husband. The Braham Gyani). Other than Suhagans and Sada Suhagans, all the others are Duhagans (Unmarried soul; discarded bride).


In terms of female, the word Purakh has this meaning also: Pu means Narak (hell) Rakh means the one who protects (the protector), so Purakh means the one who protects from hell. That is why, Karta Purakh is that supreme power which is the doer of everything and in whose command all the events happen. This is the power that creates the whole creation and runs it. This supreme power is the creator, the carer and the destroyer of all the inner spiritual realms and outer physical worlds and the the 8.4 million life-forms.


Practicing this complete divine wisdom about this supreme power Karta Purakh, destroys ego and gives freedom from maya. Come, let us try to understand this divine essence of this supreme power in more detail. When we will discuss the following shalok (verse) of complete divine wisdom of Sukhmani Bani, then a glimpse of Gurparsaad of infinite power with which we can bring in our daily routine the practice of the divine essence of this divine power, will encourage us to experience the depth of Mansarovar. The human beings which are under extreme control of their ego will be successful in killing their ego by meditating on the words Karta Purakh Satnaam.


Karan-Kaaran Prabh Ek Hai, Doosar nahi koe,

Nanak Tis Balehaarne, Jal Thal Mahial Soe.



Fifth Guru, king of the kings, great, great Shri Guru Arjan Dev ji with infinite kindness is giving with grace that part of this divine wisdom about the working system of this whole universe which has no beginning. He is giving the wisdom about those out of this world powers of divine wisdom which are supreme powers and are working behind the creation and its running. The out of this world powers which are constantly running every creation, those supreme powers have been experienced and explained through this Ashtpadi (verse).


It is very important for us to understand the working system of nature. Once we understand this part of the complete divine wisom and practice it on daily basis, then we will be capable of finishing off our ego. Ego has been called a chronic mental sickness in Gurbani. Curing this sickness will lead us  towards Jiwan Mukti (liberated whilst still alive in the human body. Jivan Mukt is a Sant Hirda. Jivan Mukt is a Sat Hirda. Jivan Mukti comes while living on this Earth. A lot of people live in this illusion that Jivan Mukti comes after physical death,that is not true. Jivan Mukti comes while living on this Earth. It doesnt come after physical death, however, it does come with the death of Haumai and defeating Maya. Mukti (freedom) from Maya is Jivan Mukti.)


Ego is a very serious mental sickness because it makes us believe that we are doing things, we are the doer. Such type of ego thinking keeps us away from the line of Sat – Truth that does not have a beginning.

We need to realize that this is not our physical body that is doing things rather it is the divine out of this world power that is running this body of ours and makes everything happen around us. For understanding of this complete divine wisdom (for finding the answer to the questions of subject matter which keep on arising in our mind from time to time), let us pray with folded hands. Let us do dandauth bandna millions and millions of times and pray at the feet of great, great supreme transcendent Lord and at the Shree Charans (holy feet) of the Guru.

(Dandaut bandna-Greeting by prostrating i.e. by lying flat like a stick. By surrendering completely at the Charans of the one who has become Sat by Himself, we will become Sat too. Make it an integral part of our Bandgi to just look at the Charans of the ones who are Sat, and live at the Charans of those who are Sat. Whenever we meet such people who are Sat Saroop, do Dandauth Bandhna to them. By doing so we will earn the Punn Karam of the highest order according to the Shabad, “Kar sadhu anjuli punn wadda hai. Kar Dandauth punn wadda hai.” So by doing so all of our sins are washed away in the fraction of a second, our Hirda fills up with the Amrit, and our inside is cleansed tremendously, just do so and reap the rewards.)

Let us thank and pray at the feet of great, great Guru and great, great supreme Transcendent Lord millions and millions of times. Let us pray with Garibi Ves Hirda (humble heart), with utmost humbleness, faith, trust, belief, devotion and love. Let us pray for help for understanding priceless piece of this complete divine wisdom. Let us pray for help to bring this complete divine wisdom into our daily routine so that we can achieve Jivan Mukti (liberation) – the purpose of human life.

Please always remember that doing everything according to Gurbani is the key to success and not only reading Gurbani. When we pray in the above explained manner then we are sure to achieve the gift of Gurparsaad of earning the complete divine wisdom given by great, great Guru Sahib in the whole Gurbani . Even if we can choose one  divine verse and bring it in daily practice then it will open the door to Sach Khand (Reaml of Truth)  for us and will lead us to Jivan Mukti (liberation). The divine shabads presented in Shabad Guru Gurbani (Shabad Guru is the Gyan Saroop of Akal Purakh, the divine knowledge, the Brahamgian – Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Since it teaches us all of the divine laws it is known as the Guru. Also it is Guru because it takes away darkness from inside us and enlightens us with the true meaning of spirituality. It provides us with guidance to follow the Truth and become Truthful and serve the Truth. The entire GurBani is Shabad Guru.  Every Shabad of GurBani is the Shabad Guru), are not mere words or pious writings but it is a divine promise, a Dargahi Hukam (order of Gods court) of great, great Supreme Transcendent Lord. So, if we do as told by respected Guru in these divine shabads (words), then we will be deserving of getting and distributing their fruit and we will become what Gurbani tells us to become.


Earning Guru Shabad (words of Guru) is the key to Dargah, not only key but authorization letter to reside permanently in Dargah. The meaning of earning Gurbani is doing that thing which it is telling us to do. To bring in all the divine qualities and to eradicate all the vices inside us. The meaning of earning Gur Shabad is earning the Pooran Sachyari Rehat (Perfect Truthful Inner Compliance To Gods Word. Only by complying to Gods word do we complete our inner pilgrimage), winning over the mind, winning over maya, winning over five vices, winning all the desires and becoming one with God, merging in God.


Eradicating all the bad qualities in our hirdha and increasing all the divine qualities is the key to success. Holding firmly these divine qualities in our hirdha is what we called Bandgi. Completely filling our hirdha with all the divine qualities makes our hirdha a sant hirdha (Enlightened heart chakra i.e. the Divine heart of a Sant. A Puran Sant is born when the Sargun and Nirgun becomes one in all physical and divine senses in a person. He is then a Puran Sant Hirda ) A hirdha is Sant not our outer appearance, outer signs and customs. It is a thing of internal change not external change. Internal change means engraving all the divine qualities inside our hirdha which happens only if you practice those divine qualities in your daily routine. In true sense, Gurshabad is a divine order, which remains in tact  forever. 


The human which follows the divine order and does not fight with the divine order, becomes great. The human which does not obey the divine order and fights with it, loses. The human who obeys the divine order and remains calm and peaceful in all situations is a spiritual gainer and has great good fortune. The one who fights with divine order and complains again and again is a loser and remains a loser until he starts obeying the divine order. Obeying the divine order is Gurparsaad. This happens with Gurparsaad only. Understanding this fact that obeying the divine order comes with Gurparsaad only lays the foundation of the fact that there is only one doer, who is Karta Purakh and everything happens according to Gods divine order.


The key to spiritual success is recognizing the divine order and obeying the divine order. By doing so, we finish our ego and reach the supreme stage and become a complete knower of the Truth (Pooran Braham Gyani). This power to recognize the divine order is a Gurparsaadi supreme power,  that is why till the time we are not graced with the power to recognize the divine order by great, great Gur (God) and Guru, we should constantly pray before the great great Gur (God) and Guru. We receive the Gurparsaadi supreme power to recognize the divine hukam when our ego dies.

The best and supreme way of praying is doing Naam Simran, Satnaam simran (meditating on Satnaam). For receiving the supreme power of recognizing and obeying the divine order, we should constantly pray before the great, great Gur and Guru for giving us the Gurparsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamaai, Pooran Bandgi and Seva. Those human beings which have been or are being graced by this gift of Gurparsaad become great great and reach the supreme spiritual stage.


The key to Dargahi success can also be explained as completely surrendering body, mind and wealth to the Gur and the Guru. Give your everything to the all powerful Supreme transcendent father God and you will get the gift of Gurparsaad of naam, naam simran, naam di kamaai, pooran bandgi and seva, parupkaar and maha parupkaar. A true divine hirdha is a parupkaari and maha parupkaari hirdha- A hirdha full of love, devotion, humility and kindness (A Parupkaari Hirda is a Sant Hirda. A Parupkaari Hirda is the one who drinks the sorrows and pains of others and gives Amrit to the Sangat.Maha. Maha parupkaar-Seva of giving Jee-a Daan. Which is giving Daan of Bhagti and Jivan Mukti. This is the seva that a Sant Hirda does ). Such a hirdha is full of love for the whole creation because it is single vision and it does not have animosity. In this way, every Gurshabad (Guru’s divine word)takes us deep into Mansarovar.  Mansarovar is full of divinity, divinity and only divinity, nothing else. Mansarovar is Nirgun Saroop Param Jyot Puran Parkash, it fills the hirdha with all the divine qualities, and such a hirdha is called a sant hirdha.


In simple words, the key to spiritual success is accepting this in our daily life with all of our heart that there is only one Karta Purakh. When we see “One” in Gurbani, it means God, great, great Supreme Transcendent Father God. This is so because God is the only doer, that is why He is the one running the whole creation. The whole creation is being run by the out of this world powers and if we believe in and obey this Gurshabad then there is no place for ego. Ego is finished and when this happens, we reach the state of liberation. The reason of distance between us and God is our ego. Freedom from ego is Jivan Mukti(liberation).


Fifth Guru, king of the kings, with infinite kindness, is giving us the divine wisdom of surrendering everything we have at the feet of the one doer- great, great Supreme Transcendent Father God. Once we do that way and earn this divine word of Guru then we kill our ego and once this happens then we come under the complete order of  great, great Supreme Transcendent Father God. By doing this, we achieve the objective of our human life which is liberation.


For reaching the highest levels of spirituality, finishing ego is an absolutely compulsory divine rule. Till the time we are in ego, we cannot become worthy of achieving the all powerful God completely but the moment we break ego, destroy it, and earn the Tatt Gyan (highest divine wisdom)  that this rebirth is because of our ego, then we break all the barriers and merge back with the Nirgun Saroop of  great, great Supreme Transcendent Father God.


It is very important to earn this divine wisdom which tells us that there is life power, divine power behind every creation and this power is being run by Akal Purakh Himself and no one else. Great, great king of the kings fifth Guru with great kindness has explained this divine rule that there is only one doer. Come, let us again pray before the Supreme Power Supreme Transcendent Lord to bring in this divine wisdom into our daily life and benefit from its practice by doing our actions according to Gurbani.