Nirbhao (Without Fear)


Nirbhao is the next supreme power of Sat Paarbrahm Pita Parmeshar (Supreme Transcendent Father God-‘Sat’ ) . This supreme power is also called the supreme virtue of  Supreme Transcendent Father God –Sat’. Nirbhao means fearless.


The question arises “fear of whom”? As Supreme Transcendent Father God –Sat’, Karta Purakh is absorbed in every bit of His creation, so whom will He fear?. As there is no power above Supreme Transcendent Father God –Sat’ and He Himself is the owner of all His powers, that is why He is Nirbhao (Fearless).


As Supreme Transcendent Father God –Sat’ is beyond the three aspects of maya and He Himself has created all the creation, is creating and will keep on creating.  As He Himself is taking care of the whole creation and will keep on taking care that is why He does not have any fear of anything being lost. Nirbhao means He is free from all the shackles. In our human life, if we want to see our devotion in complete state, then it is infinitely important to understand this aspect of Bhao (fear) because only Nirbhao can go into the completely truthful state of the Hirdha. Only Nirbhao can merge into the absolute and complete Sat.


Only Nirbhao can win aya and go beyond the three aspects of maya and merge with Supreme Transcendent Father God –Sat’. Only Nirbhao can serve the absolute complete Truth. Only Nirbhao can distribute the absolute complete Truth. That is why the human life has the order from God’s court for achieving the Nirbhao state to merge with Akaal Purakh (Immortal Being) and for complete devotion. As the power of creating the creation is beyond the reach of a normal human, that is why there is an important place of fear in human life. As the whole creation is created and run by the divine order of Karta Purakh, that is why there is nothing under the control of a human being and that is why a normal human being is always engrossed in fear. That is why for a normal human being to achieve the Nirbhao state, it is infinitely necessary to understand this fear factor.


The question arises fear of which thing? Fear of losing, fear of misplacing, fear of snatching, fear of a thing being taken away. Fear of breaking of worldly relations and engagements. Fear of losing the worldly wealth and treasures. Fear of one’s death. Fear of worldly relatives going away. Fear of our desires remaining unfulfilled. Fear of our works remaining unaccomplished. Fear of not curing of physical ailments. Fear of not curing mental sicknesses. Fear of losses in business.


Let us have a look at our daily life, our every moment is being spent in fear. Fear is a result of Moh (attachment).  Our every moment is being spent under the influence of this vice of attachment. So, being Nirbhao means setting ourselves free from this vice of attachment.  Akal Purakh is beyond maya and its three aspects, He is the creator of maya, and hence is free from this vice of attachment and thus is free from fear and hence is Nirbhao. Just like this, when a human achieves the Nirbhao state, he can get freedom from these shackles of maya and he can be capable of serving the Puran Sat (absolute and complete Truth), distributing the Puran Sat (absolute and complete Truth). Only a Nirbhao human being can get the gift of Gurparsaad (Eternal Blessings) of Parupkaar (helping others) and Maha-Parupkaar (greatest gift of giving the Gift of Naam to others). Only a Nirbhao human being can do Puran Bandgi (complete their devotion) and get Sada Suhaag (full acceptance as a wife of God).