What Do We Learn From This – Dassan Daas

What do we learn from Preht Suleman’s Katha ? There are many things that we learned from this divine incident that happened with Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj’s Gurkirpa and Gurparsaad. The most important thing is that this Katha shows a hard evidence of various things and points of divine wisdom that we all know, but have not experienced, and most importantly all these incidents or points of divine wisdom support what Gurbani says. Here are some of the points, which we think should be taken in seriously after listening to this Katha, which will help us all in our spiritual journey. This was the objective and main purpose of making this incident happen by Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj.

1. The first and the foremost point is that this HUMAN LIFE IS PRICELESS: look at Suleman had to wait for 1000 years and go through so much indescribable pains, sufferings, killings, through the realm of hell, eating blood, bones, vista, and what not, to finally come back in to human life, with which only he could correct himself after going through so much agony. SO PLEASE ALWAYS KEEP IN YOUR MIND THAT WE ALL ARE SO FORTUNATE TO BE BLESSED WITH THIS HUMAN LIFE, and we should use this life for only truthful deeds. There should be no place in our daily life for untruthful deeds or bad deeds.
2. The second point is that YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL YOUR DEEDS, you will reap what you sow, so keep a close watch on your daily deeds. This is evident from Suleman’s own words that the reason for his 1000+ years of indescribable severest punishments were a result of his misdeeds. Not only that the person whose body he used (Manmohan Singh) also had to suffer so much due to his lustful deeds with Suleman’s daughter.
3. The third point is that there is a REALM OF HELL present, and people do have to go through it depending upon their deeds. Some people argue that the heaven and hell is in this life, which is not true, there is life after death and people do have to go through this REALM OF HELL if their deeds are two bad. Suleman has highlighted what happens in hell, how the suksham dehi is treated badly in hell, how it is beaten up and what it has to eat in hell, how long and wide the hell is (according to Suleman it is 1000X1000 Yojun, which is approximately 9000 miles wide and 9000 miles long, which is probably the size of the earth, that he has seen, where these suksham dehis are trapped and kept in there with continuous punishments. It looks like for those deeds for which it is not possible to pay in the human life, you are forced to pay for in this REALM OF HELL.
4. The fourth point that comes in to our thoughts is that the PREHT JUNIE is there and it is the worst junie which a man has to go through. The people who use these kind of bad spirits in their current life for doing bad to the people, namely black magic or use of tantric things to harm others and make money of such deeds are the ones who are awarded this most dangerous junie. As Suleman tells his story that in his previous life 1000 years back when he was known as Pir Suleman, he used these kinds of bad spirits to falsely help people. These kind of deeds are Asat Karam of a very high (negative side) order. The ones who do so are made to join these kind of spirits after their death as he had to. However, in the community he was regarded as a holy man (Pir means a sant), but instead of giving the right direction to the people who trusted him, he used these kind of bad spirits to fool them. So in the name of god he misguided the people, that is the most serious crime he committed, and for this crime he was given a sentence for a 1000 years to live in PREHT JUNIE. So it means that those who do things like black magic and tantric things are destined to go in to a PRET JUNIE FOR A LONG TIME. Suleman also mentioned that he lived with 4 more PREHTS and each one of them had a much higher sentence 2,500 years to since inception of the Sat Yug. Please keep in your mind that 1000 years of such severest punishment means over ten life times of a person who lives 100 years in one life. (We have been wandering with the thought that those who are sentenced for such a long time as 2,500 to 5,000 years and for all Yugs what kind of crime they must have committed, must have been some very serious one’s, one thing that comes in to our mind is SANT KI NINDYA, those who slander a Sant and mislead people with this kind of dangerous deeds must be given this kind of punishment as well, or may be killing a Sant, or punishing a Satguru such as Satguru Tegh Bahadur Jee and also Pancham Patshah Jee had to bear these kind of sufferings or Shaheedi of the Sahib Jadas are probably the most serious crimes that may be punishable with such long sentences in to PREHT JUNIE.) He also mentions that the Pret that is trapped for all ages and for indefinite period of time can only be liberated by a Kalki Avtar. He also mentioned about the beginning of next Satyug will be the time for his liberation from Pret Junie.
5. The next thing is the IMPORTANCE OF A SATGURU IN YOUR CURRENT LIFE. Suleman tells that the ones who don’t have a Satguru in the current life do have to go to the realm of hell. He says that only Satguru (or Murshad) can save you from going to hell. Only the one who has merged in God can help you merge in God. When your physical body dies and you exit from the physical body at that time Satguru helps you and gives your thoughts the right direction so at least you get in to a human life after death. He also emphasizes that there is no difference between a Puran Sant and God himself. A Puran Sant has the power to do anything just as God has it. He also emphasizes that there was no difference between Satgur Nanak Patshah Ji and Sant Baba Isher Singh Jee, he calls Baba Ji as Guru Nanak of that time, but people don’t trust it. That is the problem that people don’t trust the one who is presently sitting in front of them, but when he passes away then they start regarding his words. The sangat questioning Suleman repeatedly ask him for advice as to what should they do, and every time the answer is: DO WHAT YOUR SATGURU IS TELLING YOU TO DO, he means that the word of the Satguru is the word of God, because there is no difference between the Satguru and God.
6. It takes a long time in bandgi to achieve salvation. According to Suleman, even being born in to the Sangat of Sant Baba Isher Singh Jee and with his divine blessings, and having an opportunity to be a disciple of such a Satguru, he says that it will take him 10 life times to reach the salvation stage. But when you meet a Satguru who is Pooran himself then your countdown for salvation starts. He also emphasizes that we should focus on our bandgi along with leading a normal human life. He says that we should not worry about our materialistic needs as everything is pre written for us, we should just accept our fortune and focus more on bandgi. He says that all of the people of world are wasting their life just working and not doing any bandgi.
7. Souls trapped in the open have to go through a lot of pains, which means souls without human body have to go through a lot of pains and sufferings. This trap is a result of your own karma. Some of the asat karams are responsible for this trap after the soul leaves the body and body dies. So the soul must move to the next life after it leaves the body and body dies. These trapped souls are very large in number (thousands of times the people living on earth). There is a whole new parallel world of these trapped souls. From the number of trapped souls it seems like a lot of people when die and when their soul leaves the body, it gets trapped due to some kind of Asat karma. So the best thing for a soul is either to be free and merged back in to the source or be in human body.
8. Those people who don’t have a Satguru are bound to go in to hell after death. Suleman explains that he did not have any Satguru and was involved in doing such activities using the bad spirits so that is why he ended up in this punishment for a 1000 years. If he had a Satguru then Satguru would have taken care of him by showing him the right path and also protecting him. He says that the Satguru is your advocate in Dargah when your soul leaves body and your physical death happens then your soul is taken to the court of Dharam Raj where your Satguru protects you from going in to hell and helps you come back in to human life again and continue your pursuit for achieving salvation. He also emphasizes that the Satguru is the one who has merged in God and become one with God, only such a Satguru can bring you salvation who is POORA. Less than this a Guru can be a teacher but doesn’t have the ability to give you salvation. He also says that everyone in this realm of world has to achieve salvation finally. But you have to work towards it, it will take several life times to reach salvation but eventually you will achieve it.
9. When the soul leaves the body it can see everything happening in the universe, but when the soul is in human body it can’t see what is happening in the universe. When in physical body you only know what you know and what you have, but a soul outside the human body in the space knows everything. Suleman knew that Gautam Budha appeared on earth, Guru Nanak appeared on earth, Guru Gobind Singh appeared on earth when he was going through his punishment as PRET, but he could not get near them and achieve freedom from this punishment because his punishment was supposed to end in 1000 years and his freedom from this punishment was destined to happen with Sant Baba Isher Singh Jee’s kirpa. He also mentioned about the truth that the souls in Pret Junie are unable to go to the Sangat of such souls, and if by any chance they go there then they can’t bear them and they are burned like in a fire if they go there. The only way they can go in such sangat is by entering in some one else’s body as he did, but that too can happen only if it is in your destiny. As a Pret he also knew that the universe is infinite, the creation is infinite, he mentions about stars and planets that there is no end to these creations. So when your physical body dies and you leave your body as a mukt atma then you merge in god and sitting in there you can see everything happening everywhere in the universe.
10. It is evident from Pir Suleman’s conversation that there is only one God, and that the hindu, sikh, muslmaan, isaai and all these are man made boundaries. His previous janam was in musalmaan family and his next janam after liberation from Pret Junie was in a Sikh family. He mentions that soul has no such boundaries, it is all one and same. He mentions that soul is a drop of amrit or a part of the infinite divine power and it has to go back and merge in it. It is only a matter of time and destiny of a person when he will go back and merge in this infinite divine power depending upon his destiny. He also mentions that the human beings are supposed to live a truthful life and do bandgi of God and this is the only way one can go back and merge in the source.
11. It is also evident that the soul after death of physical body is taken back to the court of Dharam Raj as he was also taken there, where all your deeds are examined and based on that your future is decided. The ones with bad karma are pushed in to hell, the ones with good karma are sent back in to this realm of world to pay for their deeds. This continues until you achieve salvation.
12. The death of a person is very painfull. The Yam Doots do come to take your soul out of your body and when that happens you have to go through a lot of pains, it is hard for a person to imagine how much pain you have to go through. Imagine your body is torn apart to take your soul out as the soul doesn’t want to leave body or the man doesn’t want to die. But those who have a Satguru Poora are treated differently at the time of their death, their death is not painful as they are carried out of their physical body by saint souls, the Yam Doots don’t come near them. Their transition in to next life is very smooth and painless.
This Katha of Pir Suleman is hard evidence of what we hear and listen as written in Gurbani and also as all the Satgurus tell. This is a real life incident that happened with a person “PIR SULEMAN” covering his last janam and future 1000 years after death life he had to go throuth. This IS AN EYE OPENR for all those who are drenched in Maya and are indulging in untruthful deeds every moment of their life, and also a source of building trust devotion and love for their Satguru, who are fortunate to have a Satguru in their present life and tells them what they should be doing to make their current life meaningful in meeting the objective of achieving salvation. WE WISH ALL THOSE WHO LISTEN TO THIS WONDERFUL KATHA OF PIR SULEMAN TAKE A HARD LESSON FROM IT AND TURN AROUND THEIR LIFE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER LIFE AFTER DEATH AND LIFE AFTER LIFE AND ACHIEVE THEIR SALVATION.

Dassan Dass