Lifestory: 22 years – Present (Part 2)

We became very silent, intuition spoke to give Dassan Dass Ji a chance, we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.


We did not understand his Balanced Sight of Nirvair, because our worldly knowledge had led us to believe that we (as free spirits) inflict change on the basis of our choices for the greater good.


The Truth is we are actors, God works through us, we are just one of his many faces, all happens as he wills it (not as we urge it).


We would question and question but we could not understand.


Our conclusion: I am too thick to understand.


We made a prayer to God, please teach me to understand Dassan Dass Ji, teach me by making an example of me, that is the only way I will learn!


A Wiseman learns from a fool’s mistakes, a fool learns from their own mistakes.


We obviously are not as wise as we once presumed, so we took the fool’s way.


We had given up asking, we had given up on expecting anything, there was no desire, just do what you want God while I continue this Bhagti of Naam.


And then it happened a Random Simple Realization. We awoke, the logic of the mind had been faced head on, discovered through the simplicity of Puran Sat and now we are indebted to it forever.


With joy we contacted the Master (Dassan Dass Ji), listen to these words, listen to this realization, and the Master smiled within – he was happy to see the Truth taking course on this being, and that’s it -the Bhagti became Truth.


We say Truth because we did the Bhagti (devotion) and the Bandgi (salutations) to the expectations of God and not society nor self. We surrendered Mind Body and Wealth to him, there is no cost in this, only a test of the affiliation to Maya.


5 months in: We are now Jivan Mukt, earned the Gurparsaad of the Sant Hirda & sit comfortable in Sun Kalaa realizing the Brahmgyan of Puran Sat. 


Through the Hirda we receive the education of a Gyan in the simplest of tongues but when experienced we see the farthest depths.


When asked to pass on this Realization of Truth to others/ serving the Gyan to others, we would just laugh not knowing where to start first, for we had become an Encyclopedia to a whole new mindset, if we did not the know the answer, it would just derive out of nothingness.


7 months in: Now Blessed the Intoxicating Sat Ka Nasha of Atam Rus Amrit, God welcomes us into the Mansarovar, gifting us access to sit and continue to disseminate the Gyan in an even greater seat of comfort.


We live in Sehaj Smadhi 24 hours a day, the Naam repeats in every single cell (we literally mean every cell).


We cannot do Jaap anymore, when we do then we disrupt the natural meditation of the Hirda, so we conclude back to the Absolute of Nothingness (Original Conditions in which God derived Realization of Self).


Everyday brings a new test and new experiences, this path does not stop, we just keep going deeper and deeper, until we disappear.


Nothing we can say in this modern tongue, can explain the beauty of the Truth, and that is why we ask the world to go and experience it so they may grasp the words behind our Vision.


Our Heart has calmed and the Vision of deriving the Sat Yug has evolved, God has shown us his plans through the Puran Sat realized, it has already begun- it began in the creation, the sight of the Gyan has no boundaries, all happens to the Perfection of Balance, there is no need to learn patience once we have learnt to accept.


The Sat Yug will derive as this Khand earns the Gurparsaad to deserve it.


We are no-one to implement, he is implementing all onto himself, just let him play his khel and enjoy the great theatre before your eyes.


We have been blessed and blessed many times over that we have literally lost count all we had to do was give Tan Man Dhan to the Guru (which means you give up completely on Self).


We are going through the tests of the Unbreakable State – Atal Awastha/Sehaj Awastha, the last known written milestone, on passing this test, we as individuals disappear into the State of Truth and unify back into the Source.


All happens as God wills it.


We hope this story gives you some inspiration to seek your Birthright of discovering the Truth.


We are not some special case of the perfect son who had lived a comfortable luxurious life to then have the luck to just speak to God with little effort, in this Karam we began at 4years old, 2 decades of devotion under this name (Tanraj) earned the Gurparsaad.


We went through the Ups and Downs, we was never a special case, we all have to face our demons, some more so than others, we reap what we sow, and therefore have no regrets, all that happened is deserved.

 In the height of the Dukhi remember he is doing it for your benefit, give up on your ideals, and let his Hukam happen as he chooses- Just Surrender and all will be well, as we deserve it.


We can loose our self to contemplation (remain lost) or we can Surrender to the Truth Guru (and fly into the infinite).


If you can surrender and put in the hours to do Selfless Seva to Glorify Truth then you can only be a winner.