Lifestory: Overall Comments



We were speaking to Satnaam Baba Ji, he was so happy to see the Truth take another Student to Surrender and receive the Gurparsaad accordingly (as deserved).


His State of Anand has gifted him the habit to continually praise his beloveds (bhagats), he won’t stop unless you cut in/interrupt (it is as funny as it sounds) and finally when he finished some 10-15minutes later, he educated us that our latest visions had called for us to show our self/ educate our story to the others.




We found our self in a large busy town deep in the mountains there we came across a Chinese Sant. We saw the truth in the old man, he saw a large lump on our arm, he got a short blade and cut it off.


He then walked us to his open restaurant/shop, he took some meat and then cut open the lump, White powder was within it, he used it and covered the meat with it- cooked it on a large wok- then told us to eat it.


We ate it (Trust) and we changed within seconds our muscles grew large of heavy build, skin changed shape and healthy, everything changed- we was a new image. He told us to carry on into the world- with his simple gesture.


We was standing at the top of the town looking across the mountain range.


Meaning that our Karam had been fed, we are now clean from within (Suksham Dehi is now in perfect balance), when having to face the world, the call was for us to serve it, by delivering Self.


Note: We may face an onslaught of slandering as-well as praise but this is the work of a Bhagat; to act out of love and realize the Truth (God) in every Karam- how else do we reach the unbreakable state (Sehaj Awastha), we must learn through experience.


Practice attains the Perfect State.


Over much meditation we felt we should include our First Janam, to clarify the Truth of the God race and the state of mind they carry.


We had to bring the past back to life so you can see it for yourself in our words and receive a personal insight and further recognize that they also live under the five faces of Maya, only difference between them and the Human form is that they are blessed the Siddha Shaktis from the first day, where the Humans works to acquire them.


The practice of the Siddha Shakti is foolish, it is not real, it holds no value to any being that lives in Humbleness, Simplicity, Earnest & in Truth.


Learn the story of Baba Nanak and The Great Sages who tried to take his power, Baba Nanak had surrendered to the Truth (meaning he is Truth), no power can override the creator, for all derives from the creator.  They lost all their power within a single act of foolishness- they thought they could override the Truth.


360 million Deities are in existence, they live in their own sanctuaries of Maya (desires/attachments/affiliations), they do not live according to the Truth, nor choose to seek out the Origin.


But they True to their purpose, they are the perfect distraction of the Truth, just one of many distractions the Maya Khel has to offer.


If anyone should have an understanding of these beings then we should, and that is why our message holds priceless value:


Seek the Source of Truth, by discovering Truth through the Truth Name, Surrender to it and never question it, let it take you and never chase it, earn the Gurparsaad through Sat Karams and Naam Ki Kamai and receive your Birthright to be liberated from this Maya Khel.


Hindus alone are not core of this message there are many Polytheistic Religions across the East & West.


The Sikhs of the modern time are just as lost in such convention, false structure & ritual has also taken the faith, the religion has become an open business, this is the story for all religions of today.


Whatever was originally issued by the Prophets, Gurus, Mahapurakhs, Jesus, Buddha etc is Puran Sat, what remained was the weak doctrines by Scholars, who shifted the Truth to their own Wisdom (Ego), eventually staining the message to gift a new meaning.


You or your community may feel this as being a direct attack- No, we seek for your betterment, we are gifted the Truth and follow the Hukam to pass it on to another, if you listen then it was Hukam, again if you don’t we accept.


As much as you can detest such words, we believe the God within you (life force of Truth) can find mutual reason to accept this Gyan.


Nothing is beyond Hukam, no matter how free you think you are- even if you take acclaim to not believe in the God, regardless all that you do is being accounted for.


God Bless all of you with the Sight of Truth, may you realize the Gyan behind our vision and may you be blessed with Naam Simran, Naam Ki Seva and the Most Beautiful Bandgi.