Lifestory: Overall Comments

2010   We were speaking to Satnaam Baba Ji, he was so happy to see the Truth take another Student to Surrender and receive the Gurparsaad accordingly (as deserved).   His State of Anand has gifted him the habit to … Read More

Lifestory: This life aged 0-9

“It’s a boy”!  Cheers of joy passed through the community as if a young Royal had been born as happy as they all were the emotions of the mother could not be surpassed. Blessed with daughters she prayed for a … Read More

Lifestory: First Janam (Birth)

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  This first birth story is millions of years ago when the soul first came into creation.  It is also in a parallel universe (hell realm) that is run by Kali Mata (female destrucive force, as opposed to Devil … Read More

My Message

I was once a betrayer to my Guru – Baba Nand Singh Ji Kaleranwale in my previous life, a Loon Harami if you will. Karmic Debt had to be repayed, I had to learn my lesson.   Baba Nand Singh … Read More