Make Friends With Your Mind

Make friends with the mind.  By making friends with the mind we are able to stop it from thinking negatively which then allows us to focus on devotion and Bandgi.  As long as our mind is involved in negative thinking it is not doing us any good.  When our mind becomes our friend then it will start listening to us as a soul and we become able to focus more and more on Bandgi.  As long as our mind is indulging in negative thinking and wrong doings it is our enemy as its actions are hurting us.  As we don’t want our mind to be our enemy, friendship with our mind is a good deal, it will benefit us tremendously. 

When our mind goes into devotion and Bandgi then it is basically, replaced by Naam and divine Jyot and so it is purified completely.  The same purification process works for all of our senses and Hirda.  Slowly the entire body is corrected by Amrit and becomes a Kanchan Dehi.