The Way To Get Out Of Recognition

An ordinary person is always looking for happiness under the illusion that his worldly achievements will bring him happiness.  In this pursuit he keeps on working day and night to achieve recognition as well as happiness.  These deeds may be doing good to others, helping others, or serving the society or the humanity in general.  And by doing so every one keeps on finding happiness in their daily life in whatever we do.  They constantly keep on trying to win praise among society, family and friends.  All such deeds that they perform in daily life for winning praise and recognition amongst other people, are performed due to ego.  If the get recognition and praise then they feel good and happy, but when that doesn’t happen they get angry and disappointed.  They get angry and disappointed because ego is hurt.  All this is done to satisfy their ego and how can satisfaction of ego bring happiness to them?  The happiness they feel is short lived and after that again the same story begins.  Therefore, if we are looking for an everlasting divine happiness and divine respect then there is only one way and that is to dedicate our self to the Sat Charans of a Puran Sant and pray for the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  When we completely surrender our self at the Sat Charans of a Puran Sant then there is no way that we will not be blessed with the GurParsaad.  Our trust, faith, devotion and love will reward us this eternal divine peace and happiness.