Meditation – Naam Simran

Meditation – Naam Simran Questions

Purpose of Simran (Meditation)
QUESTION: What is the purpose of simran (meditation) and what is the best way to do it?

ANSWER: Purpose of Naam Simran (Meditation) is to bring God inside your mind, eventually the objective is to eliminate our human mind and replace it with Param Jyot – God and when this happens then all your senses will come under the control of God himself, you will go into an auto pilot mode – Ajaapa Jaap, simran means always remember and never forget. Meditation is always done inside, concentrate on your mind – on the middle of your forehead, above and between two eyes and continue to recite Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam in your mind.

Sunn Smadhee (Deepest Meditation) and Sleep
QUESTION: Most respected Dassan Daas Ji,
Please accept this sevak’s Kottan Kot namaskar, pranaam, dandaut bandhna and sukhrana at your lotus feet. Could you please tell us the characteristics of Sunn Samadhi and how can one ensure it was a sunn samadhi experience and not just a mere sleep.

ANSWER: Sunn Smadhee means complete silence of mind, thoughtless stage, the mind goes into complete rest, but the simran goes on and on auto pilot in the mind, heart and in each and every cell of the body. Basically the simran in mind and heart and all over takes over and mind goes into complete silence. This is a very high spiritual stage and happens to those who go into ajapa jaap. These are the signs of sun smadhee, the entire body gets filled with amrit. When you come out of sunn smadhee, then your eyes will be very light like a flower, your entire body feels the lightness, but if you go into sleep then your eyes will become heavy and difficult to open, as we sometime say to a person who wakes up from the sleep that he is still in sleep as he is unable to open his eyes. When you go higher and higher in the spirituality then a stage comes when the frequency of naam vibrations in your physical body become very prominent, and when you come out of sun smadhee then for sometime this prominence of the vibrations remains and you can feel them physically in various areas of your body in particular the vibrations are felt in the spine, brain and heart areas more often. Gurbani says: Sunn Smaadh Maha Parmarath, so it is a very high spiritual stage and those who are blessed with this gurprasad are very fortunate to be so. So please keep it up, this is a very high stage of naam simran. The longer you sit and go into sunn smadhee the faster you will be able to merge in the nirgun and the faster you will be able to see nirgun in sargun..

How to do meditation (difference between chanting and simran)
QUESTION: I’ve read in articles posted on the website about the difference between reciting Naam with tongue and with swas and in surat. It would be great if we could get more information on reciting Naam loudly with tongue and reciting on the inside quietly. Is one easier than the other in terms of concentration and focus on Naam? Is it must for a beginner to start reciting with tongue first? The way I understand it now is that it is harder to concentrate while doing it in munn quietly, but once able to focus completely, the rewards are more. It is easier to focus with tongue but rewards are less?

ANSWER: Reciting with your tounge is the jaap, and not simran, reciting inside the mind is naam simran, for more details please read the gurprsaadi writings on stages of naam simran. The objective is to win over the mind, the objective is to purify the mind and heart, the objective is to glorify the mind and hirda, the objective is to plant the naam in mind and heart, then only you will be able to reach the salvation stage, then only you will be able to win over your mind, then only you will be able to purify your heart and fill it with all the divine qualities, this is a part of the puran bandgi process and that is what we have been trying to preach, to win over maya and desires is puran bandgi and for achieving that naam should go into surat and then hirda and so on as described in simran stages, so reciting naam with rasna will purify your rasna, reciting naam in mind will purify your mind, reciting naam in hirda will purify your hirda, reciting naam in rom rom will purify your rom rom, reciting naam with tounge doesn’t require any concentration, but reciting naam in mind will focus your mind and will start controlling your mind, that is what you need to do, all your thoughts should be replaced wby naam, which you cant do by just reciting with your toungue, because while doing so your mind will still be wandering around.

How to do simran whilst working?
QUESTION: Guru Ji, Thank you for all your many blessings and for the opportunity to ask questions. I would like to pose the following question: While at work or while taking care of routine daily maintenance, I strive to recite SATNAAM, however, oftentimes, it’s quite mechanical due to my need to concentrate on the task in front of me. Does the reciting of the name have power without actual remembrance?

ANSWER: Please dont worry about Naam Simran during the time when you are concentrating your mind on the job related activities – job is also pious thing, its purity is beyond doubt not questionable. It is the will of God as well, so when you are working you are physically and mentally dedicated to God as well, provided your job related activities are truthful. So just focus on the truthful actions and activities and there is nothing to worry about naam simran during work related activities. However, whenever you get a break then you can focus on satnaam again.

Waking up at Amrit Vela for people with busy lifestyles
QUESTION: You asked us to wake up at 1am which is best time for Naam Simran but I am a family man and have to go work in the morning so what time am i suppose to go to sleep and wake up?

ANSWER: The best thing to do is to pray to God and God-Guru to bless you with the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Puran Bandgi and Seva, basically you have to beg for these divine gifts, become a beggar and do ardaas suggested at website and start praying because it is not possible to make these things happen by yourself. We are also a family a person with a full time job and when we started focusing on Naam Simran in the early hours of the morning then we used to get filled with so much spiritiual energy that we never felt tired on job and absolutely no yanning or any signs of tiredness while at work and so will happen to you folks, when you start concentrating on Satnaam simran then you will be filled in with so much of spiritual energy, eternal bliss and happiness that you will feel no physical or mental stress at all. Satnaam is as powerful as Shri Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji so where is the question of feeling any signs of physical or mental stress. So, please focus on satnaam simran and you will do great and you should do so with faith, believe, trust, devotion and love and there will be no obstacle in your way. Innocent heart is the biggest winner, so please keep on enhancing these divine qualities of love and devotion, commitment and belief, faith and trust and you will do great.

Difference between “Satnaam” and “Waheguru”
QUESTION: I was reading the articles about Satnaam, Waheguru. Please correct me if i am wrong. I think it does not matter what name we recite . It can be Satnaam, Waheguru, Ram, Allah or Hari

ANSWER: Shabad “Waheguru” is the mahima of the satgurus of Satyug, Treta yug, Dwaper yug and now Kal yug, Sat is the naam as described in the mool manter by dhan dhan guru sahib guru nanak patshah ji, which is aad sach jugaad sach, hai bhi sach and nanak hosi bhi sach – which has been so from the begining that means that all the braham gyanis before guru nanak patshah ji’s coming also knew about it, it was never a secret to any of those satgurus or puran brahm gyanis. So Sat is the naam, Sat is the guru, Ikoankaar is Sat and this Sat is his naam and the one who is Sat is karta purakh, nirbhao, nirvair, akal murat, ajunie and saibhung and this is gurprasad.

Doing Meditation with the tongue of the soul
QUESTION: Dear Dassan Dass Ji, I wanted to know how to do the simran with the help of Tongue Of the Soul?

ANSWER:  Your mind is the tounge of your soul, so focusing on your mind and reciting Satnaam in your mind will help you to get where you want to be and where you should be. Bandgi is all about bringing the mind in to complete silence – complete peace, completely thoughtlessness stage, this is when God will appear within in your ownself. In other words elimination of mind will bring all your senses directly under the control of divinity and then all you do will be truthful. Therefore winning your mind is the Bandgi. This mind is run by Maya so winning your mind will be winning Maya and winning Maya or mind is Jivan Mukti. Please feel free to ask more questions as you feel.

QUESTION: What is the best time for Naam Simran and what is the true meaning Amrit-Vela?

ANSWER: Earling morning dawn hours (starting from 12am onwards to 6am) is perferably the best time to do meditation because at this time, your concentration is better due to the fact that you just woke up refreshed from your night’s sleep and the enviornment is peaceful and no one to disturb you. However, for a person who has reached the spiritual heights and has been blessed with GurParsaad of rom rom (every cell) naam simran then for such a person every moment is Amrit Vela – sleeping, awake, eating, walking, talking or whatsoever he may be doing and this is the meaning of Sada sada – forever, non stop, continous – this is the true meaning of Akhand Kirtan where every bit of your physical body recites Satnaam on a continous basis, when the Anhad Shabad is being heard in the Dassam Duaar on a continous basis, when all your divine doors have been open and amrit is flowing from inside out of the body,  the body becomes a source of Amrit for others when Sat Sarovars are activated and become one with Nirgun Saroop Mansarovar and this is all God’s grace and gift that can make these things happen. At this stage, this becomes the Nitnem.

Meditation Postures
QUESTION: Please guide me on meditation postures.

ANSWER: There is no particular posture for meditation, when the naam goes into the Sat Sarovars (Seven Lakes of spiritual energy) inside your body and are activated then you will go into Samadhi postures automatically. When the Kundalini awakens and rises then you will go into Samadhi postures automatically.

Benefits of Naam Simran
QUESTION: I have blood pressure and other health problems so my doctors have advised me to get good amount of sleep every night, so how can i wake up at Amrit Vela (earling morning dawn hours) and get sufficient amount of sleep?

ANSWER: Concentrating on Naam Simran will bring your blood pressure to normal and when it stabilities then you may be able to stop the medication altogether. Several years ago, before we started our Bandgi then we used to have high blood puressure too but after we started concentrating on Satnaam Simran then the blood pressure dropped down to normal limits. Not only that with Naam Simran and collection of Naam Ki Kamai all your mental ailments – lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego and desires will also get cured. Naam Simran will make you win over all these chronic mental sicknesses as well. When these mental sicknesses go deeper then they bring depression and eventually this depression changes to physical ailments, so Satnaam is the prescription for all these ailments. When you get a control over these mental sicknesses then it is needless to say that you will have a good deep sleep – the real sleep.

Visions of Saints, SatGurus, Bhagats in Meditation
QUESTION: Recently, I have been getting some visions of Hindu God – Shiva, I got a bit scared at first. Could you please tell me why he came in my head while I was doing meditation?

ANSWER: Having visions of God Shiva is good, this is a good sign, this is very normal to have darshans of Gods and Goddesses while moving on this path to eternity, it is nothing to be scared about. They come in to see who is dedicated to the Gur Parsaad and doing Bandgi in this age of darkness – Kal Yug. All you have to do is that just keep on reciting satnaam. Please also keep in mind that whenever you see any Sants, Brahm Gyanis, Gurus and Bhagats then please do Dandauth (Prostration Greetings) to them and kiss their feet.

Seeing Divine Light
QUESTION: A friend of mine has been seeing this light which reaches near her and explodes when she closes her eyes.

ANSWER: This light is divine light so she should do Namaskar to this divine light, this divine light represents God himself and this divine light wants to come into her heart and enlighten her – enlighten all her chakras – Sat Sarovars, There is nothing to be afraid off, This is the divine super power, divine grace, God’s gift, she is very fortunate to be seeing and experiencing this divine light.

Simran (Meditation) and Seva (Selfless Service)
QUESTION:  I have few doubts  about Seva and Simran.  Which one is higher Simran or Seva?

ANSWER: Prabh Kaa Simran Sabh Tey Ooncha – Simran is the highest of all, but at the same time along with doing Simran, Seva also helps a good deal. So doing simran and seva as well is really good.

Power in Naam Simran (Meditation)
The entire population on this earth is suffering with some kind of a pain and sorrow – Nanak Dukhya Sabh Sansaar. The one who has achieved the eternal truth and have become one with the eternal truth is the only one who is beyond these sufferings – Jo Jo Disey So So Rogi, Rog Rehit Mera Satgur Jogi, which means that only a Puran Sant is the one who is beyond these sufferings. Therefore, only achievement of the eternal truth is the way to go beyond these sufferings. Dedicating completely ourselves to the Satnaam Simran will eliminate these pains and sufferings from our lives. When all of you dedicate yourselves to Satnaam Simran for atleast 2.5 hours a day, everyday without a break then this Satnaam Family will become very strong spiritually. When this happens then there will be a unbelievable divine effect on the new Sangat who join us, not only that it will have an unimaginable divine effect all over the globe. This is the best way we can help others and the people around the Globe in diminshing their sufferings and pains and make this earth a more livable and clean place. There is tremendous – infinite divine power in the Simran – Har Simran Meh Aap Nirankaara; therefore, this dedication to the Satnaam Simran will have an unimaginable effect on spreading this divine message of eternal truth.

These are some mantras that we can recite in our meditation, the foundation of all being:
“Sat” – Truth.
“Ik Oankaar Satnaam” Simran will take you to Sach Khand.
“Karta Purakh Satnaam” Simran will end your ego – ahankaar – haumai.
“Nirbhao Satnaam” Simran will make you fearless.
“Nirvair Satnaam” Simran wil make you single vision and fill your heart with unlimited love.
“Akal Murat Satnaam” Simran will take you beyond the effect of death, space and time.
“Ajuni Satnaam” Simran will make you free of the cycle of death and birth.
“Saibhung Satnaam” Simran will enlighten your inside with Param Jyot Puran Parkash and will make you self contained – in complete silence.
“GurParsaad Satnaam” Simran will bring in all the above GurParsaads.

Saas Giraas Naam Simran
QUESTION: Does “Saas Giraas Naam Simran” used in Gurbani means doing repetition of Lord’s name by focussing on breaths:?

ANSWER: The modern day preachers have misunderstood and misinterpreted the meaning of “Saas Giraas Naam Simran” which is a very high spiritual stage and only happens with Gurkirpa. Saas Giraas Simran is Akhand Simran – never stops, continous, auto-pilot mode when each and every cell of the body does Naam simran on a continous basis. This is when the entire body gets filled with Puran Parkash and amrit starts to flow out of each and every part of the body. This is a supreme eternally blessed stage that only a puran sant, a puran brahm giani who is fully absorbed in Akal Purakh only. Saas Giraas Naam Simran is not mechinal repetition of God’s name by concentrating on breaths. Saas Giraas Naam Simran happens when the soul goes into Karam Khand and Sach Khand where as mechanical repetition with breaths happens in Dharam Khand.

Frustration At Lack of Spiritual Progress
QUESTION:  After being inspired by your divine writings and your spiritual experiences I have been getting up early and sitting for Naam Simran for the last 6 months, every day without fail, with your blessings.   It has not been easy at all.  My real frustration has been that for the first couple of months of getting up early and doing Simran I got really frustrated and angry at not getting anywhere.  I became very irritable and intolerant due to lack of sleep and unfulfilled spiritual desires. 

ANSWER: As you know every one’s Bandgi is unique, everyone’s destiny is unique, and so is yours, so the best way to follow is to earn the words of the Guru. Desiring for spiritual experiences is not something that you should target when you are doing Simran. Comparing with others is also not a good thing to be in your thoughts. Your Ardas should be to become the Charan Dhool of the entire creation.

Never mind or think if you don’t get any spiritual experiences, it doesn’t really matter, the biggest and the most important spiritual experience is to be in peace. Visions and those kinds of experiences are just to teach you some things in a different way, the ultimate is the peace – complete peace. So never mind or even think of any such thing that you are reaching nowhere, every time you say Satnaam you do go higher, there is no doubt about it, but without desiring for anything. Becoming desireless is the key to success, not even desiring to have Darshans of Akal Purakh, when you merge in peace and achieve complete peace God is forced to appear by itself.

So fighting with the situation around you doesn’t help, it basically means  going against Hukam. Not fighting with the situation is staying in Hukam, and staying in Hukam means no disturbances, and staying in peace. Therefore, complaining should be eliminated. Family things will continue its course, but when you stop fighting with the circumstances then the family things will automatically calm down.  
When you go in to peace then obviously the things around you will go in to peace as well. That is the infinite divine power, so when realized brings peace to others sitting next to you as well. Counting your Simran and good deeds is not something that you should deliberate on, but keep accepting and confessing your bad deeds and staying focused on not repeating them is the key to peace.

Bhagti is very simple – complete surrender – earning the words of the Guru, and that is what exactly we did. Whether you can do the same is up to God and His Grace so please continue to pray for it.  But one thing is sure is that you don’t need to worry or even think about Jivan Mukti and if you continue to stay focused on Satnaam – especially when you see that the mind is going out of peace. You are bound to make it one day in this life, this is our divine promise to you.

Too lazy to do simran
QUESTION:  My dearest and most precious Satguru Dassan Daas jio, we wanted to ask something regarding thoughts that we encounter during Bandgi.  We are too lazy and mostly can’t do Bandgi in Amrit Vela as advised, whenever we wake up, take a shower and sit for meditation, are in a dreamy situation and finally sleep gets better of us so first of all please forgive us for not obeying your Hukam and bless your Sevak with Amrit Vela.

ANSWER:  First, of all we are not a Satguru by any means, we are just the Charan Dhool of the entire creation. This is all the GurKirpa and GurParsaad of the Infinite Divine Power that does everything and makes everything happen – the one KartaPurakh. It is Akal Purakh’s Hukam and not our Hukam, we don’t give Hukam to anybody. There are some people who call us a Satguru out of their divine love and humility but we have never accepted this title and we have never told anybody to call us like that.

Secondly, achieving the GurParsaad is a divine blessing of the highest order that you can receive, and not saving this divine blessing and doing what you need to do to save this divine blessing is not a good thing at all. Asking for forgiveness is a good excuse people make, but that will not elevate you spiritually. Complete surrender to the Gur and Guru is the key to success – giving Tunn, Munn and Dhann to the Guru will bring you the GurParsaad of Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.

God bless you with the Gurparsaad.  Please continue to read the GurParsaadi writings on the website.  We suggest you read the Sukhmani Katha in this book as it will help you a great deal.

Feeling drowsy when meditating
QUESTION:  It hasn’t happened to me once but a lot of times whenever i start meditating i start feeling drowsy and tired because of which i couldn’t sit for more than 20 min. Please give me suggestions and guide me on my path to sprituality

ANSWER (from Pritam Anand Ji):  If you are doing meditation and can not sit more than 20 mins fine. Practice makes man perfect. Slow and steady wins the race. Just stay positive and don’t bring this phrase in your mind, “I am getting tired.”  Just request the Gur and Guru to keep His lotus feet in your heart and mind and to keep you as a beggar of his house 24 hours no matter what.  Do this and it will happen one day.  He will keep you with His lotus feet more than 20 mins.  On this path stay positive and do Satnaam.  Gur and Guru will help you to keep continue on this path.