Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

Law of Karma
QUESTION: We live our life by our sanskars and karmas and in the process create new karmas,
how to come out of this vicious circle while living a very active life. My second question is whether occasional drinking is an hurdle in path of spiritualism. I read an aticle on your site and am approaching you for your guidance

ANSWER: The sanskaras are a result of your karams – so Asat Karams(untrue deeds) will bring your sorrow and pain and Sat Karams(true deeds) will bring you happiness and smoothness, when you keep on accummulating Sat karams and stay away from the Asat karams or when your Sat Karams keep on outweighing your Asat karams and you keep on accummulating more and more Sat Karams then a time comes in when your Sat Karams reach that level when the God is pleased on you and gives you the Gur Parsaad – this Gur Parsaad is Naam, Naak Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva, and when you get this Gur Parsaad and you dedicate yourself to the Seva of this Gur Parsaad with Tunn Munn and Dhan – complete surrender to the Guru and Akal Purakh Ji, with faith and trust, love and devotion then a time comes when your Bandgi goes in to the Puran Awastha and recognized by the Akal Purakh and at that time all your lekha Jokha is finished and you come out of the cycle of life and death, what to talk of the vicious circle of the Karmas and Sanskaras – then all your Karams become Sat Karams and you can live a life of SAT – Sat Karams. Sat Karams are those which are not performed under the influence of panj doots and desires. Anything that distorts your mind and body is not good for you, weather it is tobacco or alcohal or anything else. So drinks don’t go along with the Bandgi or Bandgi doesn’t go with the drinks, tobacco or any such things which will distort your mind and body.

Negative Thinking
QUESTION: How should i control my thinking which is negative thinking, thinking stupids things e.g. what others think of me and other negative thinking under the panj doots and desires.

ANSWER: It is very simple to do so – Just dedicate yourself to the service of satnaam by doing satnaam simran as long as as you can do and as much as you can do. Whenever you get a stupid thought just kill it by reciting satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam. Just stay focused on satnaam and the stupid thoughts will diminish

Stress over financial problems
QUESTION: Over the past few years, I have been experiencing a lot of financial problems and I am going through a lot of mental stress over this issue. Please give some advice.

ANSWER: Losing of worldly posessions is not the real losing, the real losing is to lose this human life – Manukha Janam, if you lose this manukha janam, this will be the biggest loss, so please take this as an eternal divine blessing and become aware of the real divine purpose of this human life – objective of this human life of yours is to achieve jivan mukt and unite with Akal Purakh. So basically you have not lost anything and you are well on your way to realise the eternal truth – Ekonkaar Satnaam. The worldly success doesnt mean much, the real success is the success of winning the maya – winning over your mind, winning over panj doots and desires, which will lead you the union with almighty and achieve jivan mukti. The real divine grace of the guru is when he becomes so happy on you that he gives you the gurprasaad of naam, naam simran, naam ki kamai, puran bandgi and seva. So please keep praying for this gurprasad, focus on truthful deeds, satnaam simran and seva which will take away all your sorrows and pains and gives you eternal happiness.

Family Problems
QUESTION: Satnaam Ji, I have family problem Baba jee. My family is very disturbed, they are not together, they tend to fight over very small issues and use very stupid words against each other, please tell me what to do in this case

ANSWER: God bless you and your family with eternal peace, gurprasad of naam, naam simran, naam ki kamai, puran bandgi and seva. God bless you and your family with the sant hirda. “Nanak Dukhia Sabh Sansaar” – Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah Ji has very kindly made us aware about this divine truth, the only one who is not dukhia is the one who has become one with God, the person who has achieved the self-relisation and have merged in God has found mukti from all the pains and sorrows and achieved an eternal state of internal happiness, there is no other way to get yourself relieved of the pains, sorrows, sufferings and depression. There is only one treatment to all these pains and sorrows and that is only naam – Satnaam. Only satnaam can cure you and your family from these mental sicknesses – panj doots, desires, slandering. So please focus on satnaam simran, whenever you see anybody in the family fighting then just go into your room, sit down and start reciting satnaam inside your mind and your satnaam simran will start to bring peace around you and your house.

Importance of love, devotion, faith, commitment and trust in spirituality
Commitment, belief, faith, trust, devotion and love, humbleness, fearlessness, kindness are all divine qualities and have no limit, basically they are all infinite, it is not possible to measure or quantify any of these divine qualities, they are all infinite like God, because they are a part of the divinity, as divinity is infinite so are the divine qualities. So to answer the question of our ownself, are we there yet, doesn’t make any sense, there is no yard stick to measure anything that is infinite and all these qualities are required in order for God to reside in your heart. We have to regularly pray and meditate on satnaam and keep on watching our own daily deeds and keep on making sure that we didn’t do anything untrue, and if so beg for a pardon from inside, and kep on working like this until we reach a level where we start to get the divine wisdom from within, when all your questions will be answered from within and you will reach a point where you will have no more questions left to ask, this is when all the illusions and delusions disappear, everything becomes crystal clear and we reach a level where we become one with the almighty. When the heart goes into a completly truthful stage and gets filled with all the divine qualities then the divine wisdom starts to flow from within your ownself.

Suffering, Sorrows and Pains bring us closer to God
QUESTION: Recently, sometimes I’ve felt very low and sad. But I’ve learned that this kind of sadness is good, because I felt much more love for God and Naam Simran was much more enjoyable. I am not referring to being sad on purpose, as in keeping a sad on face on all the time. But the sadness I’m talking about seems to be of rare kind – it’s hard to explain in words. May be it’s Gurparsaad also. I’ve been praying for that kind of sadness. When we’re going through that sadness, we always remember God..always, just repeating SatNaam. But once it goes away, reciting SatNaam becomes harder, it goes on and off in a mechanical way without much conviction and love. I’ve been longing for that sadness. Please share your views and experiences of this kind.

ANSWER: This kind of sadness is called Bairaag and Bai-Raag means detachment from maya and detachment of maya means attachment with God which is a gurprasaad. It is beyond our capacity and capability to do naam simran, it is only the gurparsaad that can make this happen, that is why we write gurprasad of naam, naam simran, naam ki kamai, puran bandgi and seva – parupkaar and maha parupkaar, this is all gurparsaad. Detachment makes you fearless, where as attachment makes you fearful by giving fear of losing what you have such as material posessions and relationships in karam khand. Detachment enhances your love, devotion and trust in God and brings you closer to God and attachment is the root cause of all the pains and sorrows, sufferings and ailments, depressions and disgust in your life. You should everything that is available to you for use as a comodity and not try to attach yourself to it, use it and move on, don’t keep on clinging to it or or keep on collecting it. Detachment breaks all the barriers between you and god and attachment brings in all kinds of illusions, delusions and dubidha in your mind and pulls you away from God. When you become a Bai-Raagee which will mean you are fully detached from maya then you go beyond maya and become one with God. So whenever you feel difficulty in doing naam simran, do the prayers before naam simran that are included on this website on “How to do simran” section. This ardaas helped us when we were facing similar problems, please take some time to read it and understand and then bring it into your practise. Eventually, you will not have to stress yourself to do simran, once naam goes int your mind and heart then you will go into an auto mode called ajapa jaap and then naam will go into rom rom, every cell of your body will vibrate by itself with satnam and then you will have amrit bhinnie dehurie. Whatever we have written are based on our own personal experience only, basically we have shared everything and will continue to do so in future as well all we pray and all we want is that you should mege in sat naam and become one with god, become a sant hirda and go beyond maya. These are not views, these are hard facts that have physically happened to us with the gur parsaad and gur kirpa.

Advice on Meditation and Spirituality
QUESTION: I am very happy to read the material on your website with regards to Naam Simran. I would like to discuss more about this with you. Can I contact you over the phone?

ANSWER: Please send your questions to us via e-mail at DassanDas@gmail.Com  and we will try to help you. There is a lot of information posted on the website www.satnaam.info that describes the Naam Simran. There are a lot of Gurparsaadi writings on all auspects of naam, Bandgi and Seva and you can find answers to your questions when you read these writings. At the same time please feel free to send your questions to us and we will respond to your questions appropriately. In the meanwhile please focus yourself on Satnaam Simran, which will pave your way to Bandgi and Seva.

Issues doing loving devotional worship to God
QUESTION: I am trying to do SatNaam Simran as much as i can do. But i feel my effort is not sufficient unless i get help, push, kirpa from outside from an Enlightened Guru. I am surrounded by negative energy right from my birth, all my efforts have failed, all my prayers have been unanswered.I am burning inside every moment, the desire to retain this body is also diminshing. All hopes from this world have diminshed, I am feeling totally BEBAS. My heart beleives that  remedy of all my problems is Naam. I beg you with folded hands, tears in my eyes for blessings of Gurprasaadi Naam. Please ignore all my shortcomings and bless me with Naam Dhan.

ANSWER: God bless you with the Gurparsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar. Please focus on Sat Naa. You need to surrender completely to your Guru – with Tunn Munn and Dhan, this is the only way you can reach where you want to go, complete SAMARPAN to your Guru, your progress will depend upon how much you surrender to your Guru. It is true that you are destined to achieve the ultimate in this life time and you will be able to do so with complete surrender.

Benefits of open confession
Accepting your internal weeknesses, all negative things, negative thoughts, misdeeds, untrue deeds in an open manner, open up yourself more and more in the Satsangat – Satnaam Parivaar, this is what we call as open confession and this open confession will do wonders to your inside cleansing, focus on Satnaam Simran and open confession will pave your way to the complete realization, all your negative energies – of Maya will disappear and will be replaced with Amrit – a continuous stream of Amrit – give your tunn munn and dhan to your Guru which will open up all your divine doors and activate all your internal sources of spiritual energies – which is what we call Amrit. Focus yourself on Satnaam Simran at least 2.5 hours every day without a break and see what happens to you.

Alcohol Addiction
QUESTION: Dearest Dassan Das Ji, a friend of mine is a alcoholic. He really wants to get away from this bad habit and find peace, please help him

ANSWER: God bless him with the strength to come out of this habit of drinking and go into the habit of drinking naam amrit on a continous basis, please ask him to start doing satnaam simran and then he will pick up the courage to communicate with us directly, just give him a good hud whenever you meet him and ask him to start reciting satnaam – satnaam is his destiny satnaam will not only free him from the drinking him but also free him from all the mental sickness of the human mind as well.

QUESTION: What is Reiki?

ANSWER: Infinite life force is Reiki – which is nothing but Satnaam – Nirgun Saroop – Suksham Dehi and all the sat sarovars which are again a part of the Suksham Dehi containing all the infinite super divine powers are the complete reiki in itself. The true absolute pure form of life energy which is beyond the three phases of maya is reiki, all the eternal treasures are a part of this system and is contained within each one of us and by doing meditation and following the divine knowledge obtained from God and God through the Guru, we can go beyond this three phases of maya and realise this infinite super divine power.. Love is the key, devotion is the key – Remember you have this infinite power available to you – you can love God and God becomes the slave of those who love him – Loving him will make you nirvair – single vision, full of seva, parupkaar and maha parupkaar which will make you a real divine spiritual healer, your presence alone will start to eradicate the physical and mental ailments, your prayers and just a thought will make others heal from inside out, your love and devotion will make everything good around you. In the end Reiki is the infinite force – God himself that keeps the entire creation running.

QUESTION: Does meat-eating have any effect on spirituality? Does one have to be a vegetarian to realise God?

ANSWER: There is no restriction as far as diet is concerned. One should not be desiring for eating meat however if it comes on dining table it is just a type of food and should be respected as food. Killing is bad but if you did not kill the animal, you are not affected. Moderation is the key, a well-balanced diet is important for good health. However, eating meat can bring some animal instincts within us such as lustful behaviour and that is why some bhagats (lovers of God) avoided meat. So it is your personal choice whether you want to eat meat or not, the main purpose of this human life is to realise God and the only way to do so is by complete surrender with body, mind and wealth to God and Guru.

Meat is a Tamsik Bhojan – it promotes Tamo Birti – which is Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Loh and Ahankaar, other than that there is no othere disadvantage of eating meat. Milk, butter and ghee is also Tamsik Bhojan, so what you should eat and what not is a very controversial subject. Tamo Birti can all together be killed with Naam. Half of the Brahamand (world) is eating other half of the Brahamand. So much so plants also have life and tearing them apart is also equally hurting anything with life. Moreover, there are millions of bacteria and living organisms that you kill everyday through your body, so how will you explain that, which is all built in to your system and can’t be avoided at all. So as we said it is a very highly controversial subject, the ones who eat meat can do bandgi as well as the ones who don’t. If you eat that is OK and if you don’t eat that is OK as well, the best thing is not to indulge yourself in this controversey and do what you like in this respect. The main thing is that killing animals is not good, hurting animals is not good, but once it is dead then eating it will not make you a sinner in anyway. So do what you think is good for you, but don’t make it an issue and debate on it. 

How to be a Good Parent
QUESTION: As a responsible parent, it is our duty to tell our children what  is right and wrong for them however children fail to listen to these, what shall we do in these situations?

ANSWER: Building a relationship of unconditional love and naam will help a great deal in solving parent children relationships. Parents should be idols for the children – the truthful deeds of the parents will greatly influence the life of the children and help them march on the path of truthful living which will help them in accummulation of truthful deeds which will bring them God’s grace of naam, naam simran, naam ki kamai, puran bandgi and seva and help win over the five thieves and desires thereby making one family – God’s family.

Our True Identity
QUESTION:  Hi, I am a student and belong to sikh background. I keep my hair which we believe to be our identity however a lot of my friends in my class make fun of my hair which i dont really like and often end up in arguments. Please give some advice.

ANSWER: Do you really know what your true identity is? If yes, then please tell us what your identity is and what we are talking about here is your true identity, which is that your are the soul which is part of the infinite divine power and not the mind or the body. Any other identity which is connected with the outside world is man-made. So, please start working to seek your true identity which lives in your very ownself – infact it is your self and only God’s grace of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva can help you find your real divine identity, so please pray for this gift on a constant basis, and we promise you that the day you findout and realise yourself from inside then all your questions will be answered from within your ownself, then the people who tease you will become your praisers – your disciples and they will start to follow in your footsteps.

Health Issues and loss of confidence
QUESTION: I am suffering from acute body diseases, I have eaten a lot of medicines but nothing has worked. I know God can do anything, please help me, I feel very ashamed and have lost my confidence. Please help me out, I will be very thankful for your this act of kindness.

ANSWER: There is only one way to get yourself relieved of all the pains, sorrows, mental sicknesses and achieve the ultimate objective of your human life – God himself and this is only possible through complete surrender to God and Guru with body, mind and wealth with faith, trust, devotion and unconditional love and full commitment and belief and start focussing on Satnaam Simran. Satnaam Simran on a continous basis will take away all your ailments, so just dedicate yourself to Satnaam completely and all your sins and misdeeds from this life and previous lives will be washed away, just dont ask for anything and give everything to God. Pain is a blessing because that is when we turn our face towards God so give yourself completely to God and focus on Satnaam simran and your pains will turn out to be blessings for you.

Ghost and Evil Spirit (Black Magic, Posession by Ghosts)
QUESTION: My family belongs to a background of black magic, some members in my family seem to be posessed by evil spirits which are making their life hell, please suggest something that will free them from black magic and evil spirits.

ANSWER: Please focus on Satnaam, give yourself to Satnaam and these ghosts will run away. Start giving daswand to the Guru, charity or a good cause and focus on Satnaam Simran. So from now on start focussing on Nirbhao Satnaam simran and these ghosts will run away.

Overcoming Doubts, Illusions and Delusions
QUESTION: I have a lot of questions that I need answers to. These questions often put me in doubt as to what truth is and how one should devote themselves to God. There is so much tradition today, everyone seems to have their own views which put me in confusion sometimes, can you please give me some advice?

ANSWER: It is a real good thing to speak out and seek for the Truth – the eternal truth – which in itself is God’s gift to you. Hiding is not good, striking a balance between the inside and outside based on the Truth is the best thing that can happen to you, this is all bandgi (loving devotional worship) is all about. Being what you are from outside as you are from inside – Inside is pure pious truth and outside is same as inside. So taking out your illusions, delusions and doubts is Bandgi. The one who kils all his doubts, illusions and delusions and gets out of dubidha – Duality becomes dhan dhan. We can say such a person becomes a Brahm Gyani, a Sant – Jivan Mukt. So unless you realise and start working on deleting your doubts and overcoming your illusions and delusions, you cannot get there. These are great obstacles on the path to eternity because they blind you from the truth. Overcoming doubts, illusions and delusion is only possible if we listen and believe in the words of the complete God-realised soul 100%, because such a soul is completely absorbed in the truth, such a soul can tell you difference between truthful and untruthful and only such a person can take you away from illusions, delusions and doubts and bless you with complete eternal truth. A normal person who hasn’t yet realised God, cannot give answers to your questions because they themselves operate under the mind however a Saint, a Brahm Gyani has defeated the mind , is living God on earth and has complete divine wisdom about eternal truth.

Innocence – A divine quality
QUESTION: Dear respected Guru Ji, recently in our meditation we have been seeing a new born baby, I think Akal Purakh is teaching us a lesson through these visions, why do you think I am getting visions of a new born baby?

ANSWER: Your heart has to be as innocent as a little child, innocence is the winner, self wisdom is maya, so this is just an indiciation that as long as you stay in innocence then you are like a child and in chad di kala, the moment that innocence is side tracked there is an attack from maya, a completely innocenct person becomes a winner, the one who has given everything to the Gur and Guru, the moment we stop giving there is some kind of a lock put onto the spiritual progress, Spirituality is all about giving, giving and giving only, caring about others, Parupkaar and maha parupkaar is the way of real divine life, even after winning over maya, there is only giving, giving and giving. It nevers stop, It is a unlimited quality of God.

Kidney Problems
QUESTION: One of my uncle Jaswant Singh is suffering from kidney failures, his both kidneys are not working and on alternate days he is dyalisis, please pray for him. Please bless him so that he does not lose heart and goes in hukam of Paar Brahm Pitta Parmeshar Jee with a smile on his face. Please pray that he gets Gur Parsaadi Naam dhan with which he gets real peace and joy and his mind does not get distracted by this disease which is extremely painful.
ANSWER: God bless Jaswant Singh Ji with Param Gat. Please write down Sat Naam on all four walls of the room in which he stays – Write it in big bold letters on a piece of paper and paste it to the walls. Ask him to just keep reciting Satnaam on a continous basis, Satnaam will take care of him. This should be done by you and only by you.

Guru loves all unconditionally
QUESTION: I think Guru doesn’t love me. I always try and do meditation or read Gurbani but i always fail. I love guru so much but it seems like he doesn’t love me. I have so many problems that doesn’t seem to end.

ANSWER: The guru loves you tens of millions times more than you love the Guru, never blame the Guru, love is the language of the Guru, Guru only talks in terms of trust, devotion and love, the only difference is that Guru’s love is unconditional, and your love is conditional, you love the Guru for solving your own problems, you love the Guru for making your own life easy and smooth, so there is a condition attached to your love for the Guru, which becomes a road block to your spiritual progress. Real divine love is the one where there are no demands or conditions attached, it has to be pure, pious, sacrificial and giving instead of demanding something in response. When we have demands attached to our prayers then that becomes a business and not love. You are responsible for your own situtation and not the Guru, you need to understand this thing. Guru or God doesn’t cause anyone to suffer, we suffer because of our own deeds. This is the divine law that prevails, you shall reap what you sow. Therefore, leaving all untruthful deeds aside, and focusing on truthful deeds is the only thing that can help you. Complete surrender to God and Guru and focussing on Satnaam Simran will turn your life around for sure.

Sharing Experiences
We have always encourage all the Sangat to write about their own experiences, but somehow they have not got the message or they are shy to do so. If everybody start to write his or her story that will make a lot of difference. There will be a lot more Gyan that will come out and at the same time the people writing their experiences will progress more and more fast. Giving the Gyan which you have earned is a boon for the givers, and it will greatly benefit others. Sharing will enhance divine wisdom, sharing will enhance your ability to fight with Maya, sharing will make your treasures grow in unbelievable proportions. So please share your experiences, because we are all going through the same battle and sharing experiences will help each other a lot.

Wisdom is greater than Knowledge
QUESTION: You say that wisdom is greater than knowledge, what do you exactly mean by that?

ANSWER: Knowledge is accumulated information that we can obtain through reading holy scriptures. Please note that all of the holy scriptures were actually physically experiences of people who were writing it. So for them it was wisdom because they experienced it but if we haven’t experienced the same thing then it remains only knowledge for us. This is why we preach that Gurbani is to be practised because reading over and over again doesn’t help, however if what Gurbani is saying is practised in daily life then it becomes our wisdom because we get experience it and find that it is true. Therefore, whenever we get new knowledge we should earn it by putting into practise so that it becomes our wisdom.


Wasting My Life

QUESTION: Guruji, I the SOUL which resides in the body ,literally wasting my time on this planet.just doing what, the panj doots of this body are asking me to do ,feeling really helpless as i tried to do different types of puja, Archana, meditation and so on, but still inner satisfaction and peace was missing I don’t know which path to follow which can take me to the ultimate God "THE TRUTH"

ANSWER: You are absolutely right, unless the mind goes in to complete silence there is still something missing that needs to be done, but the bottom line is that the Bandgi is a Gur Parsaad and it is a part of the destiny, and the destiny is shaped by your Karni, so basically you write your own destiny, if you focus on Sat Karams then your future will be bright an dshining, and if you involve yourself in Asat Karams then your future will be dark and full of sufferings. The sufferings and pains are self inflected wounds and they come to remind you that there is something you have done stupid in your previous lives. But at the same time the pains and sufferings are good because they bring us closer to the Almighty.

What Is The Key To Sach Khand
QUESTION: Guruji, I have read Loads n loads of spiritual books of different religions and faiths, however.I still can’t the get the key, which can open the locks of the golden door from where the spiritual journey of mine is supposed to start………but from these books i got an idea of the source which is powerful enough to takes us to to our True home (Sach Khand) and that source is NAAM …which we can only get it through a BRAHAM GYANI….

ANSWER: You are right the key is the Gur Parsaad of Sat Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva. The Braham Gyan doesn’t come in by reading books, it comes from with in your ownself, it is all about internal cleansing, internal compliance, compliance of Panj Doots and desires – basically winning over Maya, winning over your own mind. And this all happens with the Gur Parsaad.

True religion

QUESTION:  What is the true religion?

ANSWER: There is no Hindu or no Sikh or Muslim or Christian and so on, we are all human beings.  There is only one race and that is humanity, relgious labels are are all man made boundaries in this world.  But, there is no such religion or division in the spiritual world.  For God everyone is same, for a Sant everyone is same – the entire creation. So please take that notion out of your mind, you are just a human being and destined to meet the Almighty in this life, and that is your destiny.


Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu And The Demi-gods (Devi-Devta).

QUESTION:  I use to worship Shiva,Vishnu,and all other demi gods, but there were questions which used to trouble me at that time which were that if they are the Ultimate:

1. Then why they are meditating?
2. On whom they are meditating ?
3. And if they are ultimate and if they have all the powers then why is there a need of three instead of one?

It means there is someone else who is Supreme,who is greater than them, who is playing behind the curtains, who is formless and to whom they are answerable to, whose Hukam is unchangeable and whose authority is unchallenged.

ANSWER: Your questions are all real divine questions and basically these questions have paved your way to the discovery of the Eternal Truth.  Sat is the Naam, Sat is the Guru, Sat is Akal Purakh’s Nirgun Saroop and that is what these beings meditate on but ironically for them the achievement of a higher state of spirituality, according to Gurbani, is available only to the human beings.  So even the Devi-Devtas pray for going back in to a human life. Your discovery of the Sat Naam is a remarkable milestone that you have discovered in this life.  You are really blessed soul and destined to progress further on your spiritual journey to the One – Ik Oankaar – for whom you have been desparate to know. The divine wisdom comes only from within and it is the result of the Gur Parsaad of Braham Gyan and the Gur Parsaad of Braham Gyan is achieved by those who dedicate themselves with Tunn Munn and Dhan to the Gur and the Guru. Gur operates through the Guru. The Amrit of Braham Gyan is the highest Amrit – this is also called Atam Rus Amrit. The ones who are blessed with the Gur Parsaad of Braham Gyan are evven looked for by these lords.


Please guide me and show me the path
QUESTION:  Guruji, I always pray to Sachae patshah to give me the Holy Name,I always beg in front of Him to provide me the link,which can take me to his Sri Charan.  I am just stuck in this vicious circle  I always ask from Him that, “Is there any fault of ours due to which He has seperated us from Himself? Why do we have to face so many sufferings? I believe that  during the time when we were seperated from the ultimate we were innocent because no soul can commit any sin as the soul is the part and participle of the God head and God can not commit any sin.   Then why we are in this hanging situation? Why is it so difficult to find the way out? What is aur fault?  I am tired,but still hopefull and have an urge and desperation to meet the one and only SAT NAAM..  I am in a fix, I want to come out, I need help and I am expecting help from your side.  Please ! Please ! Please guide me and show me the path which leads to SAT NAAM

ANSWER: The path to Sat Naam is Sat Naam only, so focus on Sat Naam Simran. Dedicate yourself to the Guru with Tunn Munn and Dhan and go in to long sessions of Sat Naam Simran starting anytime after midnight – Amritvela starts at midnight, take advantage of the premium time and sit in long sessions of meditation on Sat Naam and start moving on this path to internal pilgrimage, internal compliance and winning over the Maya. So please from now onwards focus on Sat Naam Simran:


God bless you with the Gur Parsaad of Sat Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.