My Message

I was once a betrayer to my Guru – Baba Nand Singh Ji Kaleranwale in my previous life, a Loon Harami if you will. Karmic Debt had to be repayed, I had to learn my lesson.


Baba Nand Singh Ji never gave up on me, for the Guru’s love is infinite and so he sent me back to be born to a member in his sangat. Hukam derived for me to be betrayed by the Guru and all I come to contact with in this life.


Our father Satnaam the Great Guru was testing how complicit I will remain even after being betrayed. For truly blessed souls possess infinite love regardless of life events, would a fool like myself be able to maintain such a path was the question that needed answering.


My heart bled for years, I lost all sense of life, but I continued Naam regardless. Many years later Hukam sent me in the direction of Dassan Dass.


I didn’t want Dassan Dass as my Guru, I didn’t like his title, and even tested him on it many times, continually testing him on many things, for I was a fool and an arrogant one at that. Its laughable looking back, but at the time I was suffocating. I didn’t want to breath anymore.


I took to his lessons without realising it. I still didn’t understand until one day at work I start speaking randomly in Sanskrit, I finally realised what this Divine Education was, the message came directly from God.


This Realisation proved Dassan Dass Ji is Truth, Pious Truth, I felt ashamed, and I bowed to my Master.

 See no difference between God and Pious Truth, there is no difference.

We are made in his image (Hirda) to attain Jivan Mukti and further earn oneness with the Supreme Being.

To be One with God, makes you God himself. Anyone can attain this, but you need to make an effort with the right guidance.


 Many people will find this concept hard to accept. But that is ok, not everyone was meant to understand it at this very moment in life. This is all Hukam, our beloved 10 Gurus were betrayed by many, never forget this, do not assume the many thousands who took to Khalsa were all Brahmgyani.


I was mentally scarred literually when Kal came in my home and took over my life, I still have physical scars to prove it, it had such a hold of my brain, until that day, my first realisation.


Then it began, all that you read on the website on the experiences attained through Naam Ki Kamai, the vibrations within the body, visions.

God taking different roop’s and blessing us with Darshans and delivering beautiful messages to the point where all I could do is sing Naam, a pure addiction derived.


Amrit rained in from the heavens, the dirt of past actions and foolery was washed off my body. The Chakra fields opened, I found peace, calm and focus, Satnaam blessed this soul with Anand. Baba Nand Singh finally smiled.


The Evolutionary process of Gurparsaad had transpired.


Now I sit quietly, the Being within sings it’s own song, Naam is continually spoken, and I dwell on nothing, Gurparsaad has been blessed upon me by the Satguru’s chosen by God.


Don’t count my blessings in the Darshans and physical powers attained through bandgi. Yes they are beautiful, but focusing on such events doesn’t bring you closer to God.


You need Trust, as I had for the Lady Sant who broke my heart, I was flying over the path rather than walking, but I had to be taught my lesson from previous Karni, regardless of how well I was doing.

Hukam was written for me to clear all my debts before consideration of Union with the One God.


My trust was also tested in this very SatSang, when learning of the slandering that had been put out there by society. The majority don’t understand Gyan, so they do what they know, they wage war on what they can’t understand nor comprehend.

But with Satnaam’s blessings I overcame this.


Recognise as I did, all that is being preached is selfless education to help you get a better life, to achieve what God destined all beings to achieve- Jivan Mukti, to become one with Satnaam Shri Waheguru Ji. This is Seva at its Greatest.


 Blessed Souls helping the lost souls, we don’t gain anything spiritually from this, we love our Creator so much it becomes our life work to spread the name of our Lord God Satnaam.


My Brothers and Sisters they know not what they do, not everyone was blessed to receive Mukti let alone Jivan Mukti in one life, look at the stories of the others in this Sangat, they have been on this path from many lives ago. You can’t just buy his love with the currency of Naam. You have to prove it. It is a hard path, which can be made easier.


Learn to the very core what Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar is, if you can do that and see how you yourself comply to all these evils, then do yourself a favour. Publish your findings to the world, be it on the Sangat Forum or to the very society you roam in wherever you are in the world. Tell them how you failed yourself by having/living all these evils.


Recognising your wrong doings, is the first step, confessing them is the second, committing (100% Trust) to this new understanding is the third, and then the Gyan will come.


It won’t be spoken, but it will be heard from within, in the same manner this world was created, via Hukam.
The Human Race is very special we have abilities to achieve what the rest of the animal kingdom can’t, Union with God, So seize it.


No matter how bad your secrets maybe, or how ashamed you feel to confess no one in this Sangat will judge you. This is the real SatSang, and to be in its presence is a blessing and Hukam from God himself. We all live within Hukam, in good and bad for better for worse.


None of you came here by coincidence or via the basis of your incredible research, it is all God’s Will, accept the blessings.


Take advantage of Kal Yug, all you have to do is confess and accept. The religion is Naam, this isn’t a new faith it has been here since the beginning of time, tragically modern scholars lack in explaining the divine scriptures of Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, for True Gyan comes from depth within your very being.


Seek the guidance of the Guru and the Satsang- we will be here hand in hand to walk you along the path. Regardless of your Religion or Creed, Love of this Sangat is infinite.


God is in no direction but Everywhere, he is Heaven, he is Hell, He is the Angel, He is the Demon, He is the Saint, He is the Sinner, He is One in all and All in One. Nothing! And I mean Nothing happens without it being his Hukam.


Take these words as Gospel today, will bring you closer to a better tomorrow.


God Bless you all


Tanraj Singh