Lifestory: This life aged 0-9

“It’s a boy”!  Cheers of joy passed through the community as if a young Royal had been born as happy as they all were the emotions of the mother could not be surpassed. Blessed with daughters she prayed for a son to complete her, for many years she performed penances in the name of having a boy. On the arrival of her son, words could not express the gratitude in her smile, thankful to God “ Thank you for returning my son to me.” She said this because her first pregnancy (male) died during labour.


A typical child born into a heavily westernized modern day Sikh Family, he applied his efforts to listen out for the religious stories and spend any free moment in consolidation looking at the images/paintings of the Gurus and Torture of the Shaheeds – it would trigger the sense of True Purpose to his being.


He idolized them He wanted to be them he was only 4 years old.


A boy like any other child only a little snobby – always kept himself clean and proper. There was nothing out of the ordinary about us, the naïve child-like innocence gave the best years of our life. Playful and mischievous we would strongly express that we didn’t like unjust actions and would clarify our opinions openly. The other children would never consider us odd but just a tad eccentric, we would become randomly passionate with our words although no-one took notice we considered Self to be the self appointed leader of a One Man Clergy.


What came across as eccentricity was far beyond that of any consideration. We picked up quickly on the differences in attitude that we shared to our companions, we believed we had more to offer and felt our intelligence was far beyond that of the average man.

  We would find our-self sitting in Complete Nothingness, legs crossed on the floor staring into a blank space. Not aware that the older human would regard this ritual as a form of meditation.


At first it was to contemplate on the thousands of topics that ran in this young mind, but it eventually became an addiction we had to spend a period of the day in this state otherwise he would become agitated.

Sitting alone in a room to a psychiatrist’s opinion would conger up the thought of a psychopath in the making. Only this child felt he would achieve more by sitting still, in comparison to a lifetime of education.


Several months into our fourth year we received blessings, a door was opened in the mind, such an event took a new toll for our life.

Within a Single look at people he would figure out there mentality, slowly the knowledge increased we would then see glimpses of past and future, and noticed our body interior was becoming stronger and leaner (Refer to Soul & Energy Movement).


But with these changes came uninvited guests, we began to see changes in the real world that upset us greatly. The world that we regarded as Heaven was a scary place, dark clouds and dark mist were ever present on the plains that we walked, evil spirits roamed we would pretend we couldn’t seem them until, they realised we could see all.  Ghosts would come and harass, tease, touch and scare us by shape shifting themselves into great beasts. We would try and sleep alone but always end up in between our parents at night.


There was one ghost we hated and wouldn’t dare move, she would be there on our bed, rubbing our legs, back or head as a motherly massage, stroke our face and run her fingers through our hair. We would lay still pretending that we are unaware of her presence. It was our mother from our first life, she couldn’t let us go, she never did and claims she never will. As scary as the nights would reveal themselves, it didn’t stop this body from becoming a powerhouse.


We would carry on trying to configure our body in Smadhi, we earned many gifts of Siddha Shaktis. We would discover such gifts through random acts.


We would go to diving lessons, to find out one day when we had reached the bottom of the pool there was no need to go back up. We was breathing underwater, we was in shock, we took a deep breath and then a deep breath again.

 One day we jumped up while playing reaching many meters off the ground to then slowly float back down. We kept doing this, going further by floating in the Wind or Breeze.


When in deep focus (usually when bad spirits were around), we would tense our body and all the bulbs would burst. One time we blew up the whole fuse box. We laughed and then immediately stopped-  realizing our mother would be upset of the costs of replacing the box. We never did such things on purpose, it just happened, only overtime did we learn to control them.

 We didn’t have any electrical problems in the house, it didn’t matter where we was, or which side of the country we was in, if we sensed them, our body would be irritated, and we would tense up in deep sharp focus, and then bang, all the lights would go out.


The Sense of Falses and Evil would stir us like an allergic reaction, we would grit our teeth and eyes would flicker, our hairs would stand on end, it is the most irritable feeling. The Maya is poison to us, we could never be part of it, we could never try to be part of it, we was designed to detest it, the body we wear can only live in Truth – that was Hukam.