P057 – Sing from the heart and confess bad deeds

DD: (Swaraj Ji just sung a classical gurbani shabad so beautifully).   Listening to your shabad, Roma Ji has started dancing (in smadhi) because it came from your hirda.  Thats why everyone has become so happy and all the sangat have entered into smadhi.

(Roma Ji is laughing and clapping in smadhi and shouting SAT SAT SAT SAT…..continuously )

DD:  Ask the sangat if anyone can open their eyes. Nobody can even open their eyes. That’s all due to the intoxication of Naam (Naam Kumari),  wine of Satnaam.  People go to Sant sangats and just sit there tense and tight.  Poor ones, sitting so tense even in the Gurdwaras.

Romaj Ji: all the religious ones are concerned about is, ‘Bibi Ji can you cover your head.’

Swaraj Ji: they are more concerned about those things (rituals etc) (laughs).

DD: nobody has their head covered here in this sangat, (then points at Swaraj Ji) she has a hat on and Mata ji’s hair is all open (laughs)!

Romaj Ji: she is a modern Bibi (laughs).

DD:   Love is God (not rituals).   “Jin Prem Keeo Tin Hee Prabh Paaio – Only those who love God realise Him” (Guru Gobind Singh Ji).  Is there any limit or depth or dimension to love?  There isn’t, is there, because its infinite. And who is infinite? God.

(Roma Ji is clapping and chanting SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT).

DD:  everything is born or manifests from SAT.  Love also comes from SAT itself.  SAT is the womb, the entire creation’s womb.  The whole universe was born or manifested from this power and shabad SAT.  Don’t just say “Satnaam” as a word to remember Him.  It is a lot more than just that.  “Satnaam” itself is Infinite Divine Power.   (Roma Ji is clapping and chanting SAT SAT SAT at high speed.)  She is not clapping of her own accord.  “Aapay Taree laayiga – He Himself claps.”  She (ego) is not clapping, Dargah (God’s Court) is making her clap.  This is the clapping from Dargah.   He Himself is making her clap. 

(Roma Ji continues clapping and chanting SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT.)

DD: (Mata ji is crying in variag – feeling separation from God).  This is your time now Mata Ji.  Roma Ji clear all her past karmic filth by slapping her on the back.  Slap her back so that all her mental sicknesses reduce drastically. That she starts running and does a marathon (laughs)!!!  Roma Ji was your daughter in past life Mata Ji.

Romaj Ji:  (clapping and really shouting loud SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT then (laughing) and says) What’s happening (why so loud)?

DD:  (laughs) because Mata Ji doesnt  hear very well when it’s quiet.  So that’s why God makes you shout SAT SAT SAT.   She is Dhan Dhan (Roma Ji).  Mata Ji you are Dhan Dhan.  Mata Ji you are Dhan Dhan.  Mata Ji you are Dhan Dhan, your love, your faith and trust is Dhan Dhan.  Today we have made you a mother of so many sants (i.e. she has been highly honoured by God).

Romaj Ji: I also felt that.

DD:  Whatever is the Truth you will feel.  We didn’t say it, God did.   Mata Ji, becoming the mother of so many sants sitting in this sangat right now, do you think Dharam Raj can get hold of you (Mata ji is 80 yrs old , thinks about her death and what will happen afterwards)?  You are spiritual mother now of  Namjeevan, Om, Roma, Jaspal, HarJit (Preeto), Susan.  (sangat start massaging Dassan Dass ji’s feet)… carry on do whatever Seva you wish.  We will never say no to any of you. 

DD:  (Looking at Preeto) We are not going to let you go anywhere, we are going to keep you with us 24 hrs a day even if your wife wants to swear at us, let her, we don’t care (laughs). She’s going to say ‘the Baba has come again!’ (laughs) But, we have given your mother and father liberation (blessed Preeto’s generations including wife and family and coming generations).  

Romaj Ji: refers to (Preeto) He is a great soul Baba Ji.

DD: His seva is Dhan Dhan.  This child has done such a beautiful seva (website satnaam.info).

Preeto: We didn’t do anything, its all your grace.

Romaj Ji:  Yeah…really good, very good.

DD:  all this sangat that is here, or we have is because of his seva.  Even if he does Simran or doesn’t we have told him his Dasvandh is complete and everything else in his Bhagati is complete.

DD:  but he will just scream over and over in his emails about his misdeeds?   Who else has the courage to keep on criticising themselves?

Swaraj Ji: he does so much seva.

Romaj Ji: yes, he does so much seva. He is great.

DD: the first day he ever came to us (first email 8 years ago in 2002), that day we said when he joins the sangat he will inspire the whole world.

Om Ji: (asks Roma Ji) how is your mother..she still in india?

Romaj Ji: yes, she is doing good. She phones me from india and tells me that when she sits for Simran now, first she sees Dassan Dass ji ji coming, then Baba ji coming in her smaadi. Then she sees me come at the end to make sure she’s good! (laughs).  She’s been actually doing it for a long,  all her life she has been but you know in rituals.  All her life she’s been, you know, serving God and doing Naam Simran and everything, but never realising the real Truth until meeting Dassan Dass ji and Baba ji (last summer in Canada).  Even doing all that previous religious stuff, she just went into ego.  “Oh I played the harmonium, I am so good…(laughs).”

DD:  probably leanred kirtan just to feel proud or superior to everyone at her kirtan parties.

Romaj Ji: yes, exactly.  That “there is no one who can do kirtan like me” (laughs).

DD: (But in Canada, last summer when Roma Ji’s mother did kirtan in sangat) … first her kirtan was tense, but then she felt the blessings and opened up and her kirtan was so nice.

Romaj Ji: it is all your blessings.

DD: blessings are from God, the Giver of all.  The One who gives and does everything is Kartapurkh (Creator/Doer).  We are just the insect of the dirty sewer.  

Romaj Ji: you are great Sant Ji.  You are great.

DD:  your mother is Dhan Dhan (refers to Roma Ji’s mother).

Romaj Ji: we don’t realise.

DD: we have to slap you (with hard words) sometimes as well (laughs)!!

Romaj Ji: (laughs).

DD: now even with our lovable children we have to give them some slaps as well sometimes, what else can we do (to put them on the right track again)?

Swaraj Ji: we need those slaps.

Romaj Ji: those feel like nice slaps.

DD:  but even when I tell you you are doing donkey deeds, you just accept it and laugh.  (“Je gur jhirkay ta meeta lagay – even if the Guru rebukes me it seems sweet.”)

Romaj Ji: yes definitely

Mata Ji: I tell Parbrahm that inside me are so many dark thoughts.  I am always saying to Akal purakh Ji, “why is there such dirty thoughts inside me?  Make my mind ignite with the Light of Satnaam.”

DD: now we have given you the medicine of Satnaam, now your dark karmic filth has gone.  All the dirt inside anyone, that one who accepts it is in them and openly confess their sins, then that one’s dirt gets washed away.  Their karmic filth (from lifetimes and lifetimes) gets cleaned off their soul.