P058 – Talking with Bibi Ji (his past mother) and doing dandauth to her

DD: there is not just one Sant present here (in the sangat).  Its hard to find one Sant (in life) but just look how many Suhagans there are right here.  Do you understand Mata (how blessed you are?)  Now we are going to bow to you, to do dandauth to you.

Mata Ji:   (she is trying to refuse).

DD: we have called you our mother so why shouldn’t we do dandauth to you?

Mata Ji: (starts to laugh).

DD: now, don’t say no.

Om Ji: don’t move your feet back now (remember they are not your feet, but God’s).

Mata Ji: (laughing)

Om Ji: (laughing)

DD: see the power of SATNAAM (to bring joy into everyone through humbleness)?  You have seen it yourself now.  Do you have any doubts left?

Mata Ji: Ram naam (God’s name) has such magic!

DD: now repeat any shalok (verse) you want from the Bani and it will happen completely here.   Whichever shalok you wish to repeat, just say it, speak, speak, repeat any shalok of the bani.

Mata Ji: “Brahmgiani puran purakh vidhata (the God-conscious being is the Perfect Supreme Being, the orchestrator of all).”    You are Parmeshwar (Supreme Being) , you are Parmeshwar.

DD:  there is not just one sant here, there are many.  He is one as well (refers to Om ji).  He has complete knowledge of Brahmgyan.  This man has complete knowledge of brahmgyan.  Through his dassam duaar he can hear anhad shabad on a continuous basis (then asks Om ji) Can you hear it now, right now? Ask him Mata ji if he can hear (the anahad shabad).

Mata Ji: Can you?

Om Ji: we hear whatever the Guru wishes for us to hear.

Mata Ji:: (laughs).

DD: (asks Roma ji) get a banana for mata ji.

Roma Ji: yes jee

Mata Ji: I say to you ParBrahm give me anything you want to.


DD: Don’t call us ParBrahm you should call us a fool, a dog, a mosquito.

Mata Ji: (continues to call DD ParBrahm jee) Oh ParBrahm jee, oh ParBrahm jee…

DD: you want to call us more names then call us a bishta ka keera (worm in shit).

Mata Ji: continues to call (DD) ParBrahm.  Complete Parmeshwar, Akal Purakh, KartaPurakh

DD:  don’t say that about us.

Mata Ji: Ik Onkaar Satnaam KartPurakh

(Roma ji is singing Satnaam Satnaam in the background).

Mata Ji: ParBrahm jee (refers to DD) last night we experienced such pain (in our legs).  I thought, ‘oh no how will I endure the whole night like this, there are so many hours left of the night? Now what will I do?’  Then we started turning our focus towards Satnaam and we started saying, ‘Satnaam Satnaam jee, Maharaj jee, ParBrahm jee my legs are hurting what going to happen now?’   Then slowly slowly slowly, slowly, slowly (refers to DD) I started talking to you then I switched from saying some Satnaam and talking to you and then slowly, slowly, slowly, my legs got better themselves and stopped hurting.  As I focussed on Satnaam all the pain went?

DD: See, don’t focus on your legs then (laughs)

Mata Ji:  And ParBrahm listened to us (in our hour of pain) and he took away our pain and made it all right and now nothing.  The pain has stopped, it has stopped.

DD: We have told you from the start just focus on Satnaam.

Mata Ji:  (laughing) Yes, He (God) listened and they have stopped hurting.

DD: we have told you from the start just focus on Satnaam.

(Roma ji is chanting SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT in the background).

DD: you should have such strong faith and devotion.  When we told you that you will come (to the uk and Mata ji was worried thee wasn’t enough time to get her passport ready), then how soon did you get your passport?  Within how many days?  So didn’t you get your passport right at the last moment?  If we have said you will come then you WILL COME (so why worry?)

Mata Ji: ParBrahm jee, I did not have any problems all the problems were passed onto our  daughter (refers to Swaraj jee) who had to run around.

DD: What problem did she have?

Mata Ji: she had to sort all the passport issues out etc.

DD:  stop all this ‘me, my, mine’ now (God sorted it out and she is still complaining!)…nothing is yours anyway.

Mata Ji: nothing is ours.  ParBrahm jee Om ji says these feet are not mine.

DD: no they are not.

Mata Ji: So now I have left them (no longer feel attached to her feet), they are not mine.

DD: nothing is yours anyway and your just talking about just your feet not belonging to you (when actually nothing at all belongs to you at all) (laughs)


DD: nothing at all is yours and you are just talking about your feet! (laughing)