P059 – Preeto talking to Dassan Dass ji about losing job situation

Preeto: Swaraj ji gave us a good example in the car when we were coming back from the airport.  She said that her first master gave a good example that we are always trying to do things by ourselves, whereas we should just accept that Guru’s taking care of everything.  That its like a man that sits on the train and then he takes his luggage and puts it on his own head just so that when he gets off the train he can say that I carried my own luggage, but you’re already sitting in the train of the Guru!

DD: the Guru is carrying the luggage not you (laughing).

Preeto: why do we carry the weight on our head (i.e. worry)?  We still think you have got to do things yourself.  That applied to me in these last few weeks.  Because we have been worrying a bit about our job.  We have been thinking there’s only a few more months left, we haven’t definitely been told we will be let go but, probably.  So then we started thinking we need to study more, need to do longer hours, need to stay busy at work.  When we got home  we  got out the laptop to study till 11pm, but then amritvela starts getting messed up and we get over worked and tired.

Then the other thing the company did to annoy us further was to bring in some Indian IT company.  They bought one girl of there’s into our team, then I found out from someone else that they bought her in, to learn from us, so when they get rid of us they will be trained, they’ll be trained by us for free then they will take the job to India. But then I started getting irritated , about the company being really sneaky.  So in that case I need to NOT teach her things and be a bit grumpy, all the opposite to my nature.   Opposite of what Baba ji says to always help others eg if there is a burnt chapatti and and good one, then always offer the good one to the other person and take the one you don’t want for yourself.  So I am doing the opposite even in the work situation.

Then the lady from India got really upset that day because I took some work away from her and then I felt bad and confessed in sangat and then the next week we talked and cleared the air. And then after that we got to know her better.  She’s from South India, she’s muslim but grew up with hindus and she was quite a thirsty soul, she started asking about God and everything and how (she said)’I wanted God to come and meet me’ and ‘I want God to come inside me’  and that kind of ardas. And kind of reminded me of how our mum was when she came to UK n the 1960s and felt isolated? Then I explained everything I could with Baba Ji’s blessings and Dassan Dass ji’s blessings, she was so happy then and said ‘I am all tingling, I feel really happy.  I feel like all my questions have been answered, what I’ve been looking for.’


Then I felt really stupid  that I started playing all these worldly games with her at work, being political, worrying about my job and thinking that I’ve got to keep the work to myself and don’t teach her, then upsetting her for no reason then feeling bad, then in the end realising that God just sent her because she’s just an innocent soul and He wanted to give her some gyan, some messages. And then I thought just, just stick to Truth, Love, Compassion, service and humility.  Trust the Guru is taking care of everything. Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji have already given us the blessings, don’t worry job will sort out.

So then we realised that we are already in the Guru’s train, but by not trusting in his blessings, am taking the negative thoughts as the luggage on my head – “no I’ve got to do something, I have to do something or she’s going to take my job.”  I got into silly games, lost my peace of mind, lost my amritvela, hurt her heart.”  But with Guru ji’s bessing have made up for it now by confessing, apologising and helping her.

Roma: that happened to me a couple of years ago, but you know even if you are not here (at this company) you will find something better.

Preeto:  yeah, there’s no need to worry.  Even if we just look back over the years, so many good things things have already happened with Baba ji’s blessings.  Unbelievable really. (We were fed up in our last job and wanted to leave.  Baba ji said leaving would be following my desire which is not good and said to us to wait.  Six months later, they offered voluntary redundancy and gave us a good payout, we didn’t even have another job to go to, but with Baba ji’s kirpa we found another job in less than three weeks.  Actually two companies offered us jobs.  Baba ji explained to us afterwards, “see how things work out when you do them under Naam rather than chasing your desire!”)

Roma: yeah, don’t worry be happy.

Preeto: The mind just wants to go back into the animal part it wants to go back into the worry and the fighting and frustration and all that.  But, with the sangat coming today and everyone coming we just put it out of our head by saying “nothing else matters, nothing else matters, nothing else matters (except doing naam and seva).”  Just like when you do meditation and you say to your own mind that nothing else matters for these 10 minutes, so we said to the mind to cool it down that nothing else matters for these 3 or 4 days at least.

Susan: Its like what I’ve done with all my marriage stuff, just put it aside and get your thoughts out the way (in order to focus on naam and seva).

Preeto: its like this suitcase again isn’t it – all those thoughts are just carrying the luggage on our head.

Susan: Just put it aside, its amazing though with the sangat the mind goes still.  Otherwise you do still think about it, think about it, think about it again and again.

Preeto:  Then you think this is the real peace,  but Maya doesn’t let the mind rest, it then  gives you another issue to worry about – like the dog gets another bone to chew on.

Susan: yeah

Preeto: you go back into maya, maya gives you something else to worry about and then you get busy with that and you forget this (Truth, bhagati)