P060 – Exercise improves circulation and reduces physical pain

(Mata ji was struggling to straighten her legs after sitting on her heels infront of Dassan Dass ji. He had requested her to sit on sofa comfortably, but she wanted to sit low at his feet. Her face really squirmishing in pain. On seeing her in pain Dassan Dass ji spoke.)

DD: Mata Ji is 80 years old. Skin, muscles, bones – everything starts to deteriorate in old age and that is why exercise is so important. When you are young you don’t realise, when you get old suddenly it your health deteriorates but if you continue to exercise regularly, then that does not happen.

Preeto: Even just do daily yoga stretching. That is really good as it gets all the stiffness out of the body.

DD: Yes. When the blood circulation does not occur correctly, joints start to fill with water and that’s why you start to get pain in the joints.