P061 – Have to accept Truth

(Previously Dassan Dass ji had a had a long conversation with a Sikh elder, J’s father. This was a conversation with J after his father had left.)

DD: They (religious hardcore) are filling themselves on the pride of Sikhism (pride of what the Gurus achieved) but they themselves are not practising it (earning what the words of the Guru). That is why we had to hit their faces (with Truthful words). That is why we were telling them what is written in the Guru Granth Sahib. However, this (Game of Love) is Gurparasad. Only that person is going to realise Him who He gives the GurParsaad to [not the ones who have just read sikh history books, recited prayers and filled with pride – they wont realise god without GurParsaad). How will a person be able to control their 5 thieves by themself (without the GurParsaad, even though they have read all Sikh history and sikh scriptures). Will they be able to? No. It is only done by Gurparsad. The Gurus themselves have written Gurparsad right at the beginning of Guru Granth Sahib. Forget about everything else. GurParsaad is the only power.

J: Forgive us please jee (for the pride of his father and stubborness to not accept anything DD was saying to him).

DD: No, no…(laughs), forgiveness for what?

DD: It was good he (J’s father) came. If a person is open it is good for him. It is good for everybody.

Om Ji: actually he (J’s father) was fortunate that he came (to sangat of a Sant).

J: That’s what I was thinking.

DD: That’s it. Its a turning point in his life.

Om Ji: Now he will realise.


DD: They slandered a saint, they will be forgiven for that (On J’s mother side, there was a Sant about 50-100 years ago, but the family did not accept him as Sant and slandered him. The whole family lineage on J’s mother’s side all suffer with ailments).

J: hopefully whatever you have said to them (parents) they will listen to.

DD: we even told your father that with some people you have to hit them less and with others you have to hit them harder (laughs)… by the way this Gyan is for you for all to apply not just for him.

JP: YES this was for all of us

DD: Yes

Om Ji:  J’s father is exactly like what my wife’s parents are like, exactly like that. (Om is from hindu background had a love marriage to his wife who is from a strict Sikh background, parents didn’t accept it at first).

Om’s wife: My father was like that but is a little better now. Slowly, slowly with time it happens.

DD: This is what we were saying that all these illusions are what the whole world is in. What the commitees (in Gurdwaras) are made from.

Om’s wife: That’s why people are running away from gurdwaras.

DD: The job of Dharam (path to Union) is to free the children from all bonds of maya. But, if the religion and relgious people just put even more shackles of maya on them, then how do you expect the children to become free? It doesn’t happen like that. Just because his children have cut their hair and wear western type of clothes he is in the religious illusion that they have gone far from Guru Gobind Singh Ji. But, God’s not going to look at what type of clothes you are wearing and what you look like. That’s what we told him. God’s going to look at what you are like from inside. Look at what your inside (soul) is like. That is what God is going to look at. But, whatever was discussed was good for him.




Mata: I don’t know why the Divine Light doesn’t ignite inside me. I don’t know what am I supposed to be asking for.

DD: There is no need for you to ask for anything. We told you don’t ask for anything.

Mata: OK I won’t ask for anything. Then what should I do?

DD: Nothing but saying “Sat naam.”

Mata: When I think of all my family troubles I just start crying … (she starts recounting all her woes and sorrows).

DD: OK stop this story now! Go and eat dinner now. Stop thinking about “what happened to me.” Start thinking about what is happening to me today (sitting in sangat of Sant).

Mata: …(Laughs in acceptance).



DD: (Look at the sikh hardocre religious vegetarians illusion …) The ones that are living, their own family, they have no mercy or compassion towards them if they eat meat. Those (religious vegetarians) people swear and curse those living people who eat meat. They think by cursing the living they are somehow being merciful (showing Daya) to the dead animal. But, look at the facts. We haven’t killed the animal, so why curse at us for eating it? The one who killed the animal is the ones who has karma with that animal? No point taking out his frustration on the one who is eating it. Truth is that he has to accept this is the Truth and get out of religious vegetarian logic.

NJ: Baba ji said he won’t accept the truth until he is very old.

DD: He thinks we told you to take your turbans off and eat meat.

J: Yeh, that’s what he thinks.

DD: We told him we didn’t even know when H took his turban off. We didn’t know either when you took off your turbans.

J: Yeh, that’s what his problem is. The reason he came here to confront you was because he was angry that you took us away from the path he is following.

DD: We told him that too, (that was the real reason he had come to see us, not to discuss or to get blessings, but to show his disapproval.)

JP: Yes and he did admit that.

DD: Yes. That’s the real reason why he came, but it is all of duty to show him kindness. We should all pray for him.

J: He purposely tries to get us into an argument then says “you have gone into krodh and you swear – is that what your guru teaches you?” In reality, he himself is like that – angry and swears.

DD: Only a Puran Brahmgyani is above it all (5 thieves and Maya) and remains in One Khand (Sach Khand = realm of Truth).