Pay Attention To Katha Of A Sant

God stands by the Thaakur Ka Sevak on a continuous basis.  Whatever He does is under the Puran Hukam and is for the benefit for the ones who form His Sat Sangat.  One thing we would like to say here regarding the Katha of a Puran Braham Gyani is that it is never planned as it is under the Puran Hukam of Akal Purakh Ji.  So whatever comes out of the mouth of such a soul is what is needed by the Sat Sangat sitting in His presence.  Only those words will be delivered by Him which are needed to be learned and acted upon by the present Sat Sangat Ji.  Therefore, whenever you go to such a Sat Sangat of a Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani please pay attention to what He is saying and follow His words, this will do wonders fo your spiritual life.