Q&A: 23 April 2010

QUESTION 1: I received amrit dee daat from the panj piaray 2 weeks ago.  The panj piaray requested that I do swas swas simran by saying Wahe on the in breath and saying guroooo when exhaling, by vibrating the tongue against the hard palate of my mouth. I have been doing this and paying attention to the sound (dhuni). However, I much prefer to do simran with the mind as it is so much sweeter and deeper. Before receiving amrit, I did mental simran and once, I had a very strange experience where I felt an explosion like sensation between my eyebrows, everything turned red and when I partly opened my eyes, the ceiling of the room was nearer my face. I have not had this experience since.
The intuition inside feels that the breath simran is an early phase. I feel that mental simran is a higher stage. How can one take the simran even higher than the mental stage and what can the devotee do to take it to higher stages to make the dasam duar open? For instance how do you make the change from mental to hirday simran, nabhi simran etc.
When I do my rehras sahib, I feel warmth crawling up my back…is this the kundalini going up towards my dasam duar?


REPLY:  Satnaam Jee. You are right the real simran is in the surat – mind, hirda and rom rom. We have written a Gurparsaadi writing on Simran Stages – please read. With that said there are a lot more articles for you to read on this website.  Truth vs Traditions is another section that you need to read which will enhance your understanding about what is prevailing in the society vs what is the divine truth. There are a lot of writings on Naam, Naam Simran and the Gurparsaad that will help you understand what you need to do.
But, yes your intution is right. But, at the same time this is all Gurparsaad and beyond the capacity and capability of a human being to take Naam Simran to Dassam Duaar. All this happens by itself and with the Gurparsaad. While you are reading as requested, we will request you to focus on Satnaam Simran as you said inside your Surat and focus for long hours of Simran everyday and then see what happens to you.
Please continue to communicate as you make more progress in your Satnaam Simran.


QUESTION 2:  I have been told that whatever I say will come true.


REPLY: Depending upon the Bandgi from the previous lives and your Karni from this life and previous lives, it is possible to achieve these kinds of super natural powers, which are known as Sidhis in Gurbani, and this kind of a power you mentioned is one of these powers. So if you focus on using this power then that will become a road block for your Bandgi in the future. At this point your Bandgi is more important than anything else. These supernatural powers serve the Puran Sants without even being asked to help them, they just do whatever needs to be done according to the Hukam and they live under the Charans of Puran Sants Puran Braham Gyanis.


QUESTION 3:  In one of the psalms of the Bible, it says to serve the Lord with joy. I have to admit that due to my depression and bad karma, serving the Lord almost never feels like a joy. It always feels like a big effort that has no joy in it.


REPLY: Please don’t worry about your previous karma and bad deeds, forget about them, they have all been pardoned off by the God, you must have also done some really divine Karma as well as a result of which you have been now blessed with the Satnaam Gurparsaad. Don’t keep on feeling the guilt of the bad karma, if this feeling still exists, then please ask for forgiveness and continue to ask for forgiveness as long as this feeling goes away. You are very fortunate one who has been so blessed, so there is nothing to feel bad about anything, just keep on enjoying the Satnaam bliss and peace.


QUESTION 4: Why do we need to share our experiences of Puran Sat – Perfect Truth?


REPLY: Delivering the Puran Sat and by doing so serving the Puran Sat is very important part of the Bandgi, probably the most important and powerful part of the Puran Bandgi Process. You are at present whatever you are because someone delivered Puran Sat to you, and so are we at the present moment what we are because some one delivered Puran Sat to us and this Puran Sat pierced through our mind body and soul and delivered the Gurparsaad to us which in turn made the complete transformation happen to our mind body and soul. Therefore, it is our job and responsibility and Hukam for us to deliver and serve the Puran Sat. This is not only important for the Sangat to receive the Puran Sat, but at the same time it is important for our own being as well as for the entire creation.


QUESTION 5: I want to ask that sometimes when i woke up in morning or anytime after sleep.  I feel that something is vibrating inside my body just like a vibrating cellular phone is place inside my chest.  Sometime i feel afraid. What exactly is that. Frankly speaking i don’t do much simran . I only do Nitnem. AI usually sleep at 12 at midnight so can’t wake up at amrit wela. Is that ok if i do nitem just after 12 or i have to sleep and then wake up


REPLY: God bless you. The vibrations you feel are great, please focus on these more and more and also focus on Satnaam Simran more and more, this should be your nitnem now and not reading Gurbani, this is the essence of all the Gurbani and is the highest seva of Akal Purakh Jee you can perform at this time. Yes you can do your simran after 12 mid night and then go to sleep, but it will be better for you to change your life style and go early to sleep and wake up early in the morning. There are a lot of gurparsaadi writings on the website www.satnaam.info which will tell you all about naam, simran and its benefits.


QUESTION 6: We had a question about doing ardaas. We feel like when we do ardaas for ourself or someone else, it’s like going against God’s will. It feels like saying to God that what he’s doing is wrong. Please advise ji.  One more question ji, when meditating on Sat Naam, we feel pulsating near our heart, betwen eyes and sometimes even near stomach. What are these vibrations/pulsations?  Please forgive us for saying anything wrong.  Dandaut ji. Always and forver at your feet.  Just a beggar at your door.


REPLY: it is nice to hear from you. Apologizing for your misdeeds is a great thing to do, accepting your misdeeds and confession is excellent thing to do, this helps you cleaning your Hirda. Doing ardas for other’s betterment is excellent thing to do, doing ardas for self and asking for naam bandgi and seva is excellent thing to do as well, only asking for worldly things is not good, asking for spiritual enhancements is a must do thing, cleansing of inside is a must do thing. The vibrations and pulsations are excellent, it looks like naam is now travelling inside your body, so please stay focused on Satnaam Simran and all the negativity will go away and your mind will go in to only positive thinking mode and then in to complete silence.  Please don’t hesitate to post your questions. God bless you with Naam Simran Naam Ki Kamai Puran Bandgi and Seva.


QUESTION 7:  I have been coming to this site for a litlle while now and have just recieved the new satnaam book which is totally amazing. I have been fortunate to have sangat of a puran sant and thank God for doing so, but as for a number of years I started to drift back to my old self but from your writings it has been another wake up call.  My question is that if I wake up during the night for some apparent reason I am fresh but it may not be enough sleep for my body, say 2-3 hours, but then if I nod off again I am forever in strange and weird dreams, sometimes meeting manmukh people and whatever meetings or scenes take place within the dream world it feels like their dirt accumulates onto myself from meeting these people and then in the morning I feel not fresh but totally drained out.


REPLY: When you wake up in the middle of night then please focus on Satnaam Simran, that is a wakeup call for you, if you miss it then your sleep is not good, that is why you get wiered dreams, because you miss the hukam to do naam simran. So please focus on Satnaam Simran when you wake up like this. This will bering a lot of energy in to yourself and you will not feel drained out throughout the day and instead you will feel fresh and light.