Questions On Doing Simran


My dearest and most precious Satguru Dassan daas jio, we wanted to ask something regarding thoughts that we encounter during bandgi. we are too lazy and mostly can’t do bandgi in amrit vela as advised, whenever we wake up, take a shower and sit for meditation, are in a dreamy situation and finally sleep gets better of us so first of all please forgive us for not obeying your Hukam and bless your daas with amrit vela jio.

First of all we are not a Satguru by any means, we are just the charan dhool of the entire creation, this is all gurkirpa and gurparsaad of infinite divine power that does everything and makes everything happen, there is only one Kartapurakh. It is Akal Purakh’s Hukam and not our Hukam, we don’t give Hukam to anybody. There are some people who call us a Satguru out of their divine love and humility but we have never accepted this title and we have never told anybody to call us like that.
Secondly achieveing the Gurparsaad is a divine blessing of the highest order that you can receive, and not saving this divine blessing and doing what you need to do to save this divine blessing is not a good thing at all. Asking for forgiveness is a good excuse people make, but that will not elevate you spiritually. Complete surrender to the Gur and Guru is the key to success – giving tunn munn and dhan to the guru will bring you the gurparsaad. The gurparsaad of naam simran naam ki kamai puran bandgi and seva.


 we get time to do bandgi in day hours and sometimes doing bandgi thoughts of our childhood come to the mind, thoughts of old friends, classmates, teachers, other relatives and other events which had made their mark then in our mind come back.  this happens when reciting SATNAAM, we completely try to concentrate on it and for a few seconds are succesful but then these thoghts come and disturb the peace.

You have to do it everyday without missing a day, in the morning and evening, cleaning up the mind is what bandgi means, bringing mind in complete silence is bandgi, you have just started, so please focus more and more on long sessions of simran and your concentration will improve with time and your devotion, trust and unconditional love for your guru.


from last 2-3 days, we have noticed that we first do simran loudly, then a liile slowly and finally just sittng without reciting and feel great anand but after few seconds again the peace is disturbed with strange thoughts.

You should only be doing simran in your surat or mind, not using your rasna.

QUESTIoN 4) also sometimes we hear our heartbeat and start SATNAAM with it, is it fine or not ?

kindly guide this kookar at your door, how to concentrate for more time and also bless with your dhan dhan GURPRASAAD jio.

Simran with heart beat is OK, but focusing on your surat or mind will bring you much better rewards. You should stay focused on Satnaam on a continuous basis day and night.


All is ur grace jio, otherwise this wanderer could never sit for over an hour for bandgi.


God bless you with the gurparsaad of naam naam simran naam ki kamai puran bandgi and seva. Please continue to read writings on the website. We will suggest you to read the Sukhmani Katha posted on the web, this will help you a great deal.