Questions On Drinking, Drugs and Simran


Sat Naam Ji Dearest Dassan Dass Ji,
Dandauth Bandhna Ji,
thankyou for your blessings at the sangat on Sunday ji, your presence was strongly felt and appreciated.  Susan Ji mentioned she had a full conversation with your astral form about getting up at amritvela, she wa asking for forgiveness for not doing it and god through you ji, was asking her to please to keep on making efforts "kawtious karo".
Couple of questions pls:
1) When we were talking with the sangat, some of the sangat mentioned they drink for various reasons.
Some were not aware that there are any restrictions on this path about eating and drinking, to which we replied that Baba ji has asked us to refrain from drinking and to give up chasing desires.
If you think it is useful , could you clarify about things we should refrain from.  We know you have mentioned many times things on the inside like five thieves, but people dont translate that very well when it comes to their practical actions.

Drinking is not good and should be deleted from the lives of those who are seeking spiritual progress, it is for sure a road block for them. According to Gurbani drinking means loosing seven generations. Drinking makes you weak physically as well as spiritually. Those who drink are week minded people. They try to either gain temporary pleasure by drinking or try to avoid their worries and sorrows for sometime. Pleasure goes away when the intoxication is finished and worries and sorrows come back when the effect of the alcohal is over. But you loose yourself with every sip of the drink.  Those who are blessed with the Gurparsaad and still drink loose everything they attain in spirituality. Doing Simran in the morning and drinking in the evening is like no gains but loosing health and healthy mind. When ever anybody is blessed with the Gurparsaad, he or she is also normally  told by the Satguru to what he/she should focus on and what he/she should do. Those who don’t follow the Satgurus words loose the Gurparsaad and the blessings of their Satguru. They may still be going in Satsangat but if they don’t act on the words of their Satguru they are bound to loose their Gurparsaad. There are a large number of people who fall in this category, there are only a few, very few of them they retain the Gurparsaad. We know a couple who has been going in to Radha Soami Satsang for over 25 years and also received Naam Daan over 25 years back. But their daily Karni is so bad that all their Karni is Asat Ki Karni. But the irony is that this poor couple don’t have a clue as to what they are doing and why they are doing and they still believe that they are “Guru Wale”, where as the truth is that they have loosed their Gurparsaad a long time back, they don’t have Naam anymore, they have nothing at all, there is no spirituality in them at all. So by not following the Satguru’s words have made them loose the Gurparsaad. There are millions of people who follow the Radha Soami Satsang all over the world, but these poor people don’t know that just by going to Satsangat they don’t earn much, and they can only earn their spirituality by doing what their Satguru is telling them to do. One thing more we would like to comment over here is about their eating behavior – they won’t let anybody use utensils used for cooking meat, their belief is that by cooking meat in a utensil the utensil is impurified and will effect their spiritual life, but these poor people don’t know their real “pot” – their Hirda is so dirty with so many holes in it and is lying inverted so how can any Amrit will stay in this pot. This is the kind of dangerous illusions all these people are living in and pretending over and over again that they are Guru Wale and they have Naam, but they are totally empty from inside. So focusing on your Karni and making it Sat Ki Karni is the key to spiritual success. Therefore, when the people blessed with the Gurparsaad don’t follow their Satguru’s words they loose the Naam and the Gurparsaad. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THIS DIVINE TRUTH. If this was not true then all the people who met ten Satguru Sahibans would have achieved Jivan Mukti, if this was not true then anybody who meets a Braham Gyani would become Jivan Mukt.  

Lot of young people have boyfriend/girlfriend relationships with a view to getting married in future, would you advise them to stop having sex before marriage – does it matter, is it just karma anyway?  Stop drinking and perhaps even doing drugs? We know you advised Baljinder paji in India to stop drinking and stop hunting.
We know you stress doing 2.5 hrs of simran and giving daswandh which we do emphasise to the sangat, but pray they can get to one day.  Would it be useful to have a list of practical do’s and dont’s once they receive the GurParsaadi Naam, or this making this into too much of a religion?


There is only one Dos – AND THAT IS FOCUS ON SATNAAM SIMRAN AND SAT KI KARNI AND FOLLOW YOUR SATGURU’S WORDS, there is only one Don’t – and that is DON’T INDULGE YOURSELF IN ASAT KI KARNI. SAT KI KARNI WILL MAKE YOU, ASAT KI KARNI WILL BREAK YOU. Lustfull behaviour obviously is Asat Ki Karni, drinking is obviously Asat Ki Karni. Unconditional love is the only love that is Sat Ki Karni, personal interest and lustful reasons are not Sat Ki Karni, relationships based on unconditional love and Sat KI Karni is acceptable, anything that is based on Asat Ki Karni is not acceptable. Everybody wants to meet God, but nobody wants to do what the Satguru tells them to do. So you draw a line yourself, you are your best judge, if you go in to Open Confession then you will realize how good or how bad you are internally – after all it is the internal pilgrimage and nothing external.


In the past when we were getting up early and doing amritvela we thought we were dozing off and having dreams as part of sleep.  But sometimes these dreams would be meeting Sant who gave us blessings, meeting yourself and baba ji too.  Othertimes they were just silly dreams.   Othertimes we would see relatives and hear the same SATNAAM SATNAAM chanting happening as part of the dream, as the CD that is playing when we sit to do simran.   Is this all just dream states?
After that we have started trying to be more alert and not to drift off into this dream like state and just to keep the mind focused on the satnaam & mool manter mixed in.

But on talking to Namjeevan ji, she said that the first way was better, to be a little tired, to get up at 1 am, to do our simran and to drift in and out of these "dream like" states – that was the best thing -whcich we can understand as we go into spiritual realms.
Last couple of morning we have been doing that again, and yesterday we felt like we were flying around everywhere in our dream – which normally hapens whn we feel our pressure has gone.  Also a nindak of ours and baba ji – our cousin from Luton, who has come into our dreams before as being angry, was actually giving us big hugs this time!!
This morning we saw the sangat of Luton gurdwara and some committee members talking at a wedding,  they had long hair growing on their hands ..bit like when you said in one of your visions the hair was growing on your leg and represented filth and was cleaned up.   But some young amrit-dhari singhs at the back where chanting with great joy "satnaam satnaam satnaam" after being sinpired by the website articles, chanting the just the same as the joyous SATNAAM track we play in the background.  Other people in the sangat were complaining they were too loud!   Are these just dreams because i have dozed off, or are they helping us to go forward spiritually?  We dont want to get lost in this kind of sleep/dreamworld.
Yesterday evening we sat alert and put kirtan on after work and did osome yoga followed by our simran and mool manter like we used to when going to the gurdwara after work.  After a while we felt more love and light than we have for a while, but we were alert and not drifting off into any kind of dream state.  This was also how we used to do simran when we were blessed with "seeing the light" in the kundalini expereince we had in 1996 – fully alert and focued.   The question is ji, is this a better state and way to do simran, than the dreamy state at amrtivela?
Please show us the right way ji.
Please forigve us for all of our mistakes known and unknown.
Please bless all the penjis in the sangat who found it very emotional in sangat yesterday.  One mentioned seeing the light, but at the same time she knows shee has done something very wrong but doesnt know what.  We adivsed that you always ask us to pray for forgivness for our mistakes – known and unknown at all times, for her to keep praying like this everytme those thoughts come and to keep on passing it up to God rather than keeping it within whcih will just make her sick.

We have shown you the right way all along, so many times, time and again, but the issue is that you don’t want to follow the right path – following is questionable, so instead of asking such questions, if you would have followed and done whatever you were supposed to do, the things would have been much better for you and all others who are reading this note. This is not for you only but for all of the Satnaam Parivaar. Naamjivan Ji did without any doubt in her mind abour anything whatsoever, even putting the worldwide slandering on the back burner and not caring about it at all, and so she achieved what was there to achieve, everybody else could do the same thing and be Jivan Mukt, but their own wisdom comes in the way at every step – that is why complete surrender is the way – the only way to win over the Maya, this is the shortest cut to the Dargah – and that is what is missing in almost all of the ones who are blessed with the Gurparsaad – as they don’t realize what they are doing by ignoring the words of their Satguru. That is why hundreds of Suhagans over here lost their Suhaag. You have to change your lifestyle to completely dedicate yourself to the Bandgi, you can’t watch TV late night and then do the Amritvela as well, focus on your Kirat, take care of your family and focus on Satnaam Simran, follow your Satguru’s words for achieving your spiritual objectives. Dreams are also a part of your Karni, seeing Sants and Sangat is dreams is great, but other dreams may be silly, are also a part of your Karni, and lot of your Karni’s effect is completed in these dreams. Whatever Naamjivan Ji has said is an absolute truth.