Refrain From Slandering

The slanderer of the Sant receives all his punishments in the court of the Lord, Dargah.  This is a mandatory divine law as described in this Astpadi 13 of Sukhmani Bani.  Every Bani has Puran Braham Gyan, but in the Sukhmani Bani Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji has very kindly explained this in great detail.  Please take this divine knowledge into your daily life.  Practice it and bring it inside yourself as divine wisdom by not indulging any kind of a slandering at all.  It is not just that you shouldn’t slander the Sant, you should not be slandering anybody at all.  We should never ever say anything bad, or hurt anyone or be negative to anyone.  Instead, we should be praying for the betterment and goodness of the people who are indulging in such activities. 

Going to the Charan Sharan of the Sant makes us a Sant.  Slandering a Sant leaves us with sorrows, sufferings, pains, ailments, mental sicknesses and with all of the punishments very kindly presented by Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji.  Therefore, we should never slander and we should go to the Charan Sharan of a Sant.