Serve The Sant

A Puran Sant can help ferry us across this ocean of Maya.  Whenever we get a chance to see a Puran Sant never take it lightly.  Give our Tunn, Munn and Dhann to Him.  Follow His words and serve Him as much as we possibly can do.  Attend His Sat Sangat on a regular basis.  A Puran Sant is able to answer all of our questions, remove all of our illusions, delusions, Bharams, Dubidha and clear our passage to Puran Bandgi.  He gives us the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  However, our spiritual progress is based on our dedication.  How much can we dedicate our self to this Puran Sant?  How deep is our devotion and love towards our Puran Sant?  How strong is our trust and faith in Him?  All of this divine wisdom and guidance comes from within us when we dedicate our self to the Sat Naam Simran.  Removal of all doubts, illusions and delusions relieves us of all of the pains and sorrows and we are able to reach an everlasting happiness – the internal divine happiness