Sat Sangat

Where there is presence of SAT – Param Jyot Puran Parkash.  This happens only in the Hirda of a Puran Sadh, Puran Sant, a Puran Brahamgiani. 

Sat + Sang + Gat.  Means "The company (Sang) of souls who have become Sat and attained Salvation (Gat)."  Akal Purakh delivers the Eternal Blessings and Eternal Truth in the Sat Sangat of a Puran Brahamgiani.  The Ridhis and Sidhis sit infront of a Puran Brahamgiani and whatever He says is obeyed by these Ridhis and Sidhis automatically and brought to a practical shape.  This is why such Puran Brahamgianis don’t talk too much because whatever they say is bound to happen.  We will find some Suhaagans and may be some Sada Suhaagans as well in the Sat Sangat of a Puran Brahamgiani.  There is no place anywhere in the entire universe better place than the Sat Sangat of a Puran Brahamgiani.  This place is Gur Sagar, Mansarovar, Dargah and whatever we can think of in spiritual terms.  That is why the Sat Sangat has been given a very high importance in the spiritual world.