Sat Santokh

Divine quality of being contented, having no desires and being full of utmost humbleness.  When we reach Puran Awastha then our Hirda goes into Sat Santokh – complete divine contentment and all of our desires diminish.  The Panj Doots give birth to desires and prompt us to fulfill our desires, which is a continuous and never ending process.  There is no end to our desires.  One after the other they keep on popping up and keep us wandering in the wilderness of Panj Doots forever.  There is only one way to get out of the desires or end our desires and that happens when our Hirda goes into Sat Santokh – complete contentment.  Only then does there remains no desire.  This divine power of Sat Santokh is achieved only by those who become Puran Purakh.  When there is no desires left and the Hirda goes into Sat Santokh then there is nothing that can shake our trust, devotion and love for the Guru, and this divine blessing is available only to a Puran Purakh.  Therefore, the Hirda of a Puran Purakh is always and forever filled with the infinite trust, infinite devotion and infinite love for their Gur and Guru.