Scared Of Doing Simran


Hi,I find myself reading/listening to Dhan Dhan Sant Baba ji’s wonderfull wonderfull divine gyan over & over again. So much love, compassion. I am totally hooked.

I dont know maybe this’ll sound silly but sometimes when I try to do satnaam simran and begin to get into it with eyes closed I get some frightening images/people appear which if im honest does scare me, I try to carry on with simran but fail to do so. Maybe you could help me on what to do. I just cannot get into daily naam simran.

REALLY look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for this great seva of yours.Please forgive my ignorance.


Guru Pyare Jee God Bless you.
Please don’t be afraid of any negative forces that try to disturb you while doing Satnam Simran. They can’t do any harm to you, Satnaam is infinite divine power that will protect you from all evil elements.

Basically, these evil elements living in your body – which we call doots or panj doots – kaam krodh lobh moh and ahankaar are getting disturbed with your dedication to Satnaam, that is why they are trying to disturb you fom doing simran. But we are with you, all the Sants bhagats and braham gyanis, satgur sahibans are with you when you do simran, they will all protect you from these evil forces, so please didicate more and more to simran and sit in long sessions of Satnaam Siran.

You can also do "Nirbhao Satnaam" simran if you feel too much fear from these negative forces, this will remove all the fears from you and these doots will leave your body. So please focus more and more on Satnaam Simran and you will come clean from all these doots. Feel free to communicate further as you make progress in your simran.
God bless you with the Gurparsaad.