Family of Sat Naam

Dhan Dhan Guru Pyare Jee,

we don’t have any Sevak (servant).  There is no sevak in our sangat, they are all our parivaar (family) and we call them "Satnaam Parivaar – Family of Sat Naam" – they are the ones who are blessed with the Gurparsaadi Naam. Our sangat is all over the world and we have an internal spiritual connection with them. 

There is no physical satsangat being held any where by us. Whatever you have seen on the website is all satsangat. The real divine satsangat is the Naam ki sangat – “harnaam hamari sangat att pyari,” “har naam kul harnaam parivaara,” “harnaam pita harnaam mata,” “harnaam sakhaai mitter hamaara.” 

So far this is our Satsangat jee, who knows in future what will happen, so please stay focused on satnaam simran and everything divine will happen in your life.  Spiritually we are always with you.

We also speak to the SatSangat through these e-mails or sometimes by phone or yahoo messenger .  These e-mails are written by us only. We live in central part of the State of Illinois, we are a family person and have a full time job, engineer by profession.

We deeply appreciate your devotion, love and trust and would for sure like to continue our association with you and you. Please feel free to communicate as you feel by emailing .