Seva At Gurdwara

Humbleness and humility are very powerful divine weapons to kill our Haumai.  Death of Haumai brings Jivan Mukti to us.  We all as human beings are very fortunate to be blessed with the divine power to exercise this divine quality of humbleness and humility in our daily life.  By doing so, we keep on enhancing this divine quality and eventually our Hirda is filled with so much humility and humbleness that we are able to reach the door of the Dargah.  This is the reason why Jodyan Di Seva (wiping shoes of the Sangat) is given so much importance.  Cleaning the utensils of the Langar (Guru’s Kitchen) also is a Seva that brings humility inside our Hirda.  Doing Dandauth Bandhna at the Sat Charans of our SatGuru is another very important weapon to beat our ego and bring humility into our Hirda.  Therefore, whenever we meet our Guru and Sangat, please do Dandauth to them.  Whenever we go to the Gurdwara, do Dandauth to Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and also the Sangat sitting in there.  We are able to gain much more spiritually by doing Jodyan Di Seva, Langar Di  Seva and Dandauth to the SatGuru than by doing anything else, except focusing on Sat Naam Simran.